While we await the pending arrival of this Sunday’s newest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Madness to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad,” there’s been a number of ancillary material released from CBS sharing behind-the-scenes secrets of makeup design, production, and filming from this past week’s After Trek.

First up, a look at the makeup process behind “augmented human” officer Lt. Commander Airam, that robot-looking officer on the USS Discovery‘s bridge, played by actress Sara Mitich.

The weekly aftershow also teased out some of the work that went into the “Lethe” scenes of holographic phaser training and corridor jogging from last week’s episode.

An additional behind-the-scenes video was released by CBS today, showcasing the incredible production design and construction process that went into building the Klingon sarcophagus ship on stage in Toronto.

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  • Dwight Williams

    “This video is not available”.

    • Kf

      Yeah, I’d love to see it. Unfortunately not available for Canadians

      • robjoh

        Just search for it on YT,it IS out there for EVERYone,lol! I’ll give you a hint….Ace of Trailers.

      • Dwight Williams

        Maybe on Space Channel’s site?

        • robjoh

          Or the one on YT I mentioned in the above post.

  • BenjiTheWalrus

    It’s “Magic to make the sanest man go mad”

    Missed opportunity for “Magic to make the sanest man go Mudd”

    • Ian Fleming

      Ooooh! So close.

  • pittrek

    “The video is not available”. Damn you CBS.

    • Quintillion Tesla

      NAcion Trek on youtube are usually very good ( though these vids haven’t been uploaded to their channel yet ). Still, someone on youtube will have them hopefully.

      • robjoh

        See my above post.

  • Yeah, for real. What is their problem? What advantage do they get by pissing off half the english world, tantalizing them with videos and then not allowing them to watch them because they live behind an invisible magic line? I’m from Canada, I speak english, I love star trek, I will PAY YOU my money to let me partake. Why must you hide the videos from us?

    • robjoh

      They’re not hidden though. Just go on YT and search for them,and choose the one that has Ace of Trailers as their channel. They’re all there! Like I’ve said so many times before,there are ALWAYS ways to watch this stuff,lol!

      • LOL, yeah just jump through hoops and go off to some other site and do things that are completely unintuitive. What a bunch of idiots we are for wanting to just use this website the same way americans do.

        It’s like CBS doesn’t want us to see their content. What are they doing, sitting around in a board room somewhere saying, “Let’s put a bunch of promotional material up online, but oh, hey, I’ve got the BEST idea, let’s prevent everyone outside the states from actually SEEING that content.” Isn’t that just Brilliant??!

        • robjoh

          I’m as annoyed as you are,it really does not make any logical sense,but I’m just saying it IS out there for EVERYONE to see,s’all.


      How’s the weather? Snowing yet?

    • CBS is only allowed to market to the United States. Netflix has the contractual marketing rights to all non-US, non-Canadian markets, which is why the videos are region-locked.