TrekCore is hosting a new Star Trek Online contest to celebrate the recent release of Season 14 — Emergence — with a chance for five lucky winners to receive a Tzenkethi Shuk Din Escort!

Our STO Tzenkethi Shuk Din Escort Giveway is over. The winners have been notified by email.

The Tzenkethi Shuk Din Escort is an extremely rare and powerful ship. As expected with Tzenkethi design, this ship (T6) is highly maneuverable, with immense shielding capabilities for its size.

It comes equipped with the latest in Tzenkethi shield technology, which allows the starship to massively increase defensive capabilities along all non-Forward shield facings. The forward array is tuned to offense, increasing the damage dealt by the ships’ weaponry against any foe within their forward-facing 90-degree arc.

In addition to the 5 Tzenkethi Shuk Din Escorts, 100 winners will receive an Accelerated Officer Training Pack. The Accelerated Officer Training Pack unlocks a retrofitted 23rd Century Constitution-class Cruiser (T1), a Large Experience Booster and free gear requisitions from Level 10 through 50 to keep captains and their starships up to date.

To enter the contest, just email us with your name by 11:59PM on October 24. We’ll then follow up with our selected winners on October 25 to receive the in-game redemption codes for each prize, with instructions how to add the ship to your Star Trek Online PC account.

Good luck to all!