A few months ago, we brought you our review of Eaglemoss’ USS Franklin starship model, warping off the screen from last year’s film Star Trek Beyond — and now, it’s time to take a look at the other two Beyond special releases from the Official Starships Collection line.

First up is the first Kelvin Timeline starship dedication plaque from Eaglemoss’ collection, following the DefiantVoyager, and all of the starships Enterprise (save for the -C and -D).

Measuring about 6.5″ by 8.5″, this solid ‘polyresin’ wall piece faithfully recreates the screen-seen plaque aboard the USS Franklin, complete with slight kerning irregularities as seen on the film. Our edition also has some slight surface wear on it; intentional or not it certainly adds to the look of the plaque compared to the on-screen version.

It would be nice if these plaques came with some sort of display stand for those who don’t want to wall-mount the item, the rear of the plaque has two mounting points for displaying.

While the original film prop lives on in the hands of Beyond director Justin Lin — after all, the ship was named for his father Frank — this black-and-gold piece is a neat addition to any Kelvin Timeline fan’s collection.

The USS Franklin plaque can be found at Eaglemoss’ store for $24.95.

Also from Star Trek Beyond is the Altamid swarm ship, one of the thousands of small craft manned by the Altamid automated drones of Krall’s army. These deadly two-man vessels, networked together by a cyberpathic data connection, were responsible for the destruction of the USS Enterprise in coordinated attack above Altamid.

Measuring about 7.5″ long, the model’s central core has a base of die-cast metal, textured and detailed like the digital swarm ship; the top of the center section, along with the wings are molded plastic with highlights of tan and black paint.

While the wings don’t retract, the swarm ship model is nearly as dangerous as its on-screen counterpart; the six pointy tines on the front and rear of the model are solid and sharp, and while it may not be able to penetrate the hull of a starship, it certainly has the potential to damage skin or clothing if you’re not careful.

Krall’s advanced swarm vessel, seen near the end of the film.

That being said, the detail on this model is quite something, and it definitely carries the threatening nature of this ship from film to fact as an enemy vessel — though we’re hoping that Krall’s advanced ship may make its way to model form to complete the Kelvin Timeline bad-guy series.

The Altamid swarm ship can be found at Eaglemoss’ store for $44.95.

*   *   *

In addition to these two expansions of Eaglemoss’ Kelvin Timeline collection, the third release of their Designing Starships hardcover reference books has been slated for an early 2018 release — see our review of Volume 1 and 2 here — focusing exclusively on the KT films, and the starships that have sprung to life from the Bad Robot productions.

We’ll be sure to bring you our take on this next chapter of starship design when it arrives!

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