Following in the footsteps of literary sister ship USS Titan, the novel-only Federation starship Aventine (NCC-82602) warps into collectors’ hands this week as the newest special release in the Eaglemoss Official Starships Collection line of Star Trek spacecraft models.

Following a long few years of development after a fan petition rocketed the two ships to the Eaglemoss production line, the Titan debuted earlier this month — see our review here! — and now the Vesta-class USS Aventine joins the fleet as a New York Comic Con exclusive here in the United States. (Don’t worry, it’s coming to the Eaglemoss web shop later.)

Dr. Julian Bashir, Captain Ezri Dax, and the USS Aventine. (“Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game”)

Designed by illustrator Mark Rademaker, the Vesta-class line of starships is named after the Roman goddess of hearth and home; individual vessels share the names of the seven hills of Rome: Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal and Viminal have been named to date.

The Aventine fell under the command of Captain Ezri Dax in 2381 (as of the events of the 2008 novel Gods of Night), and serves as a testbed for a variety of new technologies including slipstream warp capabilities remains one of the fastest ships in the current Federation fleet.

We’ll say this up front: even though it’s 5.5″ long, this model is tiny, especially compared to the other members Eaglemoss line — and that’s to be expected with a starship as lithe as the Aventine. From its pencil-thin warp nacelles to its just-over-an-inch-wide saucer section, this robin-egg-blue ship looks like it is meant to fly as fast as a hummingbird (given the special warp drive the ship carries).

That’s not to say the Aventine doesn’t have some charm to it, but if there was ever a pocket-sized starship, this is it. The primary and secondary hull of the ship are as solid as Eaglemoss’ other offerings, but the nacelles’ spindly struts give us a little pause in terms of long-term durability; definitely handle this one with care.

Despite the size, however, this model has a ton of detail squeezed onto its hull — from the microscopic Starfleet labeling and sharp red-and-yellow thruster and sensor nodules to the finely-detailed texturing all over the starship.

A render of the Aventine deflector compared to the Eaglemoss model.

While the nacelles’ bussard collectors are the only site of translucent plastic on this ship, the main deflector dish is the one main deficiency we can point to on the Aventine — unlike the ‘real’ starship, the deflector on this vessel is a glossy blue oval with just the barest hint of raised detail, without any of the additional coloring expected on this part of the ship.

Still, despite those few tiny quirks, we’re happy to see the “beta-canon” fleet expand with the Aventine, and we hope it’s not the last time Eaglemoss’ collection expands into the secondary Star Trek sector.

If you can’t make it to New York Comic Con, you can keep an eye on Eaglemoss’ web store for the ship to leave spacedock in your sector.

In Eaglemoss’ US store, TrekCore readers can use promo code TREKCORE at checkout for 10% off any ‘Star Trek’ collectible purchase $50 or greater (Starships, Plaques, Binders, Graphic Novels).

  • Shadowknight1

    Sad to say, the deflector being that poorly done is a deal-breaker for me. The deflector dish is one of the coolest aspects of the Aventine and a painted blue oval doesn’t do it justice. The outer section should’ve been done in grey plastic while the bulk of the dish should’ve been translucent plastic.

    • DangerousDac

      It really shouldn’t be. This is one of the best models Eaglemoss have produced, and on the stand you won’t be seeing the Deflector anyway. Its really the only negative point on this model.

    • DC Forever

      You could easily custom modify that yourself.

    • Grant Kerr

      To me it simply looks unfinished. If Eaglemoss could confirm that it just wasn’t polished for the con display, it would help to sell it.

  • Edgar Pinecone

    The size plus that deflector…yikes! I’ll be picking her up though ’cause I’ve really been waiting for it, but I can’t lie. It’s disappointing.

    • DangerousDac

      Those pale in comparison to the quality of the rest of model. Really, this is arguably the best Eaglemoss have made.

  • Nice model

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Looks like its ready to battle the Cylons.

    • DC Forever

      This and the Voyager are obviously influenced by the Battlestar Galactica. Take off the nacelles, and they essentially look like modified Battlestars in terms of appearance from a distance.

      Moreover, these “busy,” overly designed ships with out of control tiling have no business being in the Trek univserse. Another epic fail by Berman and his team. Gene R would have canned these designs.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        There is so much contrast in the tiling that it just looks implausible and silly.

        Tiling is supposed to result from slight differences in source steel or steel from different plants. The key word here being “slight”. If this were the real world, the contractor supplied steel would be rejected for being way off design spec.

  • mr joyce

    cool looking ship.. but captain ezri dax? lol, i cant take that one seriously.. each to their own i guess

    • It is years later though.

      • AmiRami

        Ya but going from Counselor to Captain? That should take a while experience wise.

        • The Science Fiction Oracle

          Look who’s President.

          • AmiRami

            Fair point. And also, I need to go drink now….

        • Its star trek, and she is trill. Unlike other races she has hundreads of years of memories. Not defending her to captain. But IIRC, she switched to command, became a 1st officer and got bumped after the captain died in battle.

          • AmiRami

            well true. I forgot her symbiote used to be in Jadzia and has a lot of war time command experience. Excellent point! I stand corrected

          • Also, she was never trained to be joined. You can see her being, well assimilated by the combined moght she was never trained to handle.

            Of all the hosts, I think her persona was the one most lost and altered.

          • AmiRami

            Well I can totally see your point…. But she was the first host of the last three that didn’t like the Klingon culture. That made me believe that perhaps the lack of joining training left more of Ezra and less of Dax.

          • Yet, if you rewatch ot hpu can see her being more and more like dax as it goes on. Even her mother noticed IIRC

          • AmiRami

            True, her mother did notice. And she did fall for Bashir who Jadzia did have a secret crush on. But still… no Gagh? Not ok!!! lol. I’ll admit something to you that I have never told anyone b4. Sometimes when I eat lo mein from a chinese restaurant I pretend its Gagh hahahahahahahaha

          • Well, Trill are often picked for personalities with Match the symbote. She did not match Dax, at all. But you can watch her becoming more and more Dax like, more commanding and more Sure of herself. The Ezra from the start is little like the one at the shows end.

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