The second wave of Star Trek: Discovery pins from collectible manufacturer FanSets debuted in their web store yesterday, expanding their line of Discovery merchandise by six new options.

First up is the starship Discovery itself, as the Crossfield-class vessel gets a feature pin for the newest hero ship in the Star Trek fleet.

Three new characters from the USS Discovery crew also join the pin collection, with Captain Gabriel Lorca, Lt. Paul Stamets, and Cadet Sylvia Tilly beaming aboard.

In addition, the first character variant pins have arrived, with Michael Burnham’s new hairstyle and silver, no-insignia sciences uniform, and Commander Saru in his new gold command uniform.

LEFT: Wave 1 “Shenzhou” Burnham; RIGHT: Wave 2 “Discovery” Burnham
LEFT: Wave 1 “Shenzhou” Saru; RIGHT: Wave 2 “Discovery” Saru

The new pins are in FanSet’s web store this morning for $5.95 each, along with all the previously-released Star Trek: Discovery pins in their collection.

You can also sign up for FanSets’ specialty Discovery “episode pins” at

  • AmiRami

    I like the ship pin. The character pins not so much.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      Yea, they are creepy and stunted looking.

  • The ship pin is nice, those characters look like they should be on an xmass tree