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From Andorians to the Zakdorn, the Star Trek universe is home to a wide variety of alien species, and we want to hear about your galactic favorites!

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  • Diana Lyons

    My favourite Star Trek race is the Gorn – because they’re here today and Gorn tomorrow!

  • Matt Rudawsky

    I’m all about the Klingons… and behind the scenes gems that I’m sure to find in this book!

  • Andorians. No questions asked.

    Not only has ENT brought us an amazing Jeffrey Combs performance as well as strong female soldiers but the entire race simply feels more real than any others.

    They are completely alien. Blue, antennae, blue blood and yet are completely relatable. They have their own “race” issues on their planet and feel a varied range of emotions just like us. They respect their old traditions but still understand the importance of growth and advancement.

    I wish we would get to see more of these amazing people.

  • jchapes

    I would say the Horta. “The Devil in the Dark” is probably the quintessential Star Trek episode. The episode gave us a truly alien race, but one with understandable wants and needs. It showed that can be the basis to ending conflict and making new friends. I always have a good time watching this episode.

  • OnlyManWhoCan

    I’ve always loved the design of the Cardassians but it was DS9 that really shed some light on the tragedy of them: they were not always warlike and fascistic – they too had art and culture akin to the more peaceful species in Star Trek.

    They became a perfect reflection of some of the worst periods of human’s history: of our often imperialistic past (and present) coupled with a deep-seated sense of superiority that justified (to themselves) their terrible crimes.

    But despite this the Cadassians were not one-note villains: in fact, I think we saw more variety in personality than in any other species in Star Trek – more so even than the Klingons.

    Be they war mongers, spies, or housekeepers, you got a sense that they had lives beyond their jobs, with loved ones, friends and families. Meet a Ferengi, Vulcan or practically any other Trek alien and your assumption of what you’re getting won’t be too far off. But one Cardassian can be very different from the next; like real people.

    (But also, ain’t the design great?! Those necks! And of course their ships and other production design that defined the look of DS9!)

  • Brian

    Klingons; despite changing over the years, their look is iconic.

  • Brandon A. Cowles

    That is a hard question. If I have to pick one I will pick the Vulcans because they are longtime friends.

  • Darren Pickles

    The Bajorans. They had a culture and religion that DS9 really explored, in a way that other Trek shows couldn’t due to the format of their series. Kira was a fascinating character in her own right, with a rich backstory and interesting relationships with the other characters on DS9.

  • mr joyce

    orions, particularly the women, i’d never get bored if one was my ‘lady friend’ if you get what i mean 😉

    by the way, you guys REALLY need to check this out, just discovered it today, and somewhat relevant to the kelvin-verse theme of this thread;


  • Gregory Paul Stamper

    Vulcans, because they are the logical choice.

  • Tom Valkos

    Vulcans. It’s only logical! 🙂

  • Bret Lonsway

    The Gorn was always my favorite; so fun to see him make a (more or less) return in Disco!

  • Reed

    I always thought that the otherworldly angles of the Tholians make for a cool alien.

  • mrserling

    Always loved Vulcans and Romulans. I’m fascinated by their duality, and there’s a sexiness to them too.

  • Michael Wong

    The Q! *snap*

  • JSpaced

    I still, after all these years, get a thrill out of seeing the Borg. The attention to detail, even in their earliest appearance, created an interesting look. An asymmetric aesthetic, monochrome but with flashes of colour to create a technological gleam. I remember their first appearance on screen in First Contact sent shivers down my young spine: their pallid, pale flesh, cybernetic components digging into their skin, probing lasers stabbing through the gloom.
    They were dead, relentless space zombies, and yet there is something noble, almost beautiful about their goals. They want harmony, for the universe to be the best. They are not prejudiced, racist or sexist: they will assimilate traits, technologies and people from any species they can, in a bid to unify the universe. Perhaps it’s our own fear of death and the loss of identity that makes them seem so ghastly?
    I was particularly impressed by First Contact’s multi-species Borg, the horrible tubes, pipes and skin stretching attachments twisted into Klingons, Bolians and Romulans.
    Since then they’ve been re imagined by the computer games, creating more diversity and playing to the horror element: stick thin, walking cadaver Borg, or bulky, armoured tactical drones. It’s like a horror take on the Vulcan ideology of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.
    Yep, the Borg have still got that relentless bad guy thing going, even thirty years on, made all the worse by the fact they think they’re the good guys!

  • Victorinox

    The Cardassians! Their makeup was really interesting, and they also had the best villain: Gul Dukat!

    • BreezyBree

      But Seska!

      • Victorinox

        Nobody’s perfect lol

  • CaliburnCY

    I’m partial to the Tamarians / Children of Tama from the episode Darmok. It would be interesting to learn more about them.

  • Sarah

    Such a hard question to answer. I’m a big fan of all of Mr. Westmore’s work. But I think that the Andorians from Enterprise are going to win. I like the updated coloring plus the great addition of the moving antennas just really gave them more to communicate with. Plus Jeffery Combs is just amazing! The backstory we got on the Andorians and Vulcans in Enterprise just added to cannon and served well for Journey to Babel. It’s had to pull off a prequel story that really set up something filmed 40 some years before.

  • Ramon Urkiza

    For my all time I love the Klingons since I begin to see tv series and movies, and their evolution, and the we have worf at the fleet,the enemies in our files LOL / I have and address in US if I win thanks


    the Melkotians because of their fantastically eerie spooky haunted twilight zone version of Tombstone

  • BreezyBree

    Good question! I certainly have a special appreciation for the new aliens to honor Trek’s 50th in Beyond. But I LOVED getting to know the Talaxian species when we met Neelix. There was something about seeing his bare feet when they were on the beach setting in the holodeck. Or maybe the mention of his whiskers… HAHAHA – but I would have loved to hear more about his people overall. His look though was so much fun, it went well with his personal taste in clothing.

  • Du H

    Ferengi…. they can annoying and ugly but they bring the most interesting characters to Star Trek.

  • Michael Williams

    Vulcans are my favorite. Living without emotion would be living life radically different.

  • Thierry Soucie

    The Borg. Because their origin is so… troubling? We don’t know officially how they began, but I’m thinking of the civilization that created them, their good intentions (I’m guessing) and the dramatic turn of events when their cyborgs began assimilating everything and destroying what they didn’t need. The story is amazing in my head anyway!

  • Liam Dillon

    It’s got to be the Klingons! How many iterations of the race has there been?! Leading up to the current Discovery version. Though I have fond memories of their first appearance way back in TOS!

  • Andrew Roberts

    The Talosians from The Cage/Menagerie used to give me nightmares as a kid. It was by far the greatest makeup on TOS, complete with pulsing veins and everything.

  • Eric Cheung

    If we’re going in terms of the makeup, as implied by this book, then the Klingons would probably be mine. The sheer volume of different types of Klingons, particularly in Discovery, has been a constant challenge for the designers, appliers, and wearers of the makeup over the past 50 years.

    But technically stunning makeup has been with Trek since the Talosians first pulsing brain veins in The Cage, through the current Klingons on Discovery and the well-deserved Oscar-nominated work in Star Trek Beyond. Particular stand-outs include the creatures in “Genesis,” the Son’a, and various Changeling afflictions.

  • Medie

    Has to be the Vulcans. I mean the Trill almost edge them out, but I fell in love with those pointy eared pains in the butt when I was a little girl and it hasn’t slowed down yet.