Leonard Nimoy’s classic LP Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space, the actor’s first musical release which debuted all the way back in 1967, is heading back to independent record stores this month as one of label Varèse Sarabande Records’ annual Record Store Day exclusive titles.

Limited to 1800 copies nationally, Nimoy’s album will hit record stores in the United States on Friday, November 24 as a 12″ vinyl release; the album was previously re-released in 1973 and 1995 – but has been long out of print.

Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock was unquestionably the most popular character on the original Star Trek series. His first record album, Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space, was originally released in June 1967 on Dot Records.

This entertaining and campy album has long been out of print on vinyl, and is a cult classic favorite for all Star Trek aficionados and lovers of Space in general. Varèse Sarabande is re-releasing this amazing piece of mondo bizarro for RSD Black Friday.

Pick up this great release on Black Friday and May The Force…wait, that’s not right…Live Long and Prosper!

You can learn more about the release at Varèse Sarabande’s site, and find a copy at a local independent record store near you.

  • DC Forever

    Reminds my of my all-time favorite Nimoy song:


    • Ian Fleming

      This video must be the most Sixties thing ever.

      • It IS very 60’s, isn’t it? 🙂

        • Starshipdown

          Despite the 60s cheese factor, I’d love to see this video digitally restored and remastered.

  • I’ve had this album since the early 70’s but haven’t listened to it in eons; I should dig it out and give it a whirl.

  • Don’t know if it’s this album or another one he did, but he has a version of “Sunny” he does that I’ve long said is a great arrangement and background track. The backing vocals, the arrangement itself, really well done. I’ve long thought it was so good that it couldn’t have been done just for Nimoy,….was sitting on the shelf for Tom Jones or Mel Torme to do, or someone….I may be wrong. At any rate, Nimoy’s vocals on it, although not Torme, is still very endearing and I love his version of “Sunny”. I used to drive around listening to it an studying it. Lotta fun.

    • “Sunny” is on Leonard Nimoy’s The Way I Feel.

  • Starshipdown

    That cover is one of the best views you can find in color of the 3 foot model, the original and first model of the Enterprise ever built, and what a tragedy it is that it was lost back in the late 1970s after Gene Roddenberry allegedly loaned it out.

    • Nowhereman10

      Indeed. That model by all rights should be sitting with its younger and much larger sibling in the Smithsonian Institution instead of Lord only knows where. Depending on you you ask it has been claimed that Roddenberry loaned it out to Robert Abel and Associates, Magicam, or Brick Price for use as a reference in building their model of the refitted Enterprise that at that time was to be used for the Phase II TV series.

      I do hope that if it is sitting on someone’s coffee place and mantle somewhere and not in a landfill, and that some day that person will return it or a family member who may have inherited it after a relative passed away.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Would it really hurt for them to put this out on CD? I refuse to do the silly retro vinyl. I prefer CD sound over vinyl.