ThinkGeek is back with their next set of Star Trek Geeki Tikis from Beeline Creative, and this time they’re jumping ahead to the 24th Century with the first wave of Star Trek: The Next Generation releases.

We reviewed their Original Series set back in September, and like that first release, the initial Next Generation tiki set is a selection of Enterprise crew and alien enemies — Picard, Worf, and Geordi, along with a Borg drone, a Cardassian soldier, and one profit-seeking Ferengi.

Unlike the TOS collection, this set only has two choices with similar bright colors — Picard in red, and the Ferengi in a vibrant orange. The rest of this set are a little muted in color, compared to greens and blues of the Original Series options.

Even the yellow La Forge design is a bit underwhelming; a nice blue Crusher, purple-hued Troi, or green Romulan tiki would work nicely to spice up the color palette. The interiors of the tikis do add a little bit of flair, with an appropriate green for the Borg and a nice blue for the Cardassian.

And speaking of Troi and Crusher, this is the second Trek tiki set to exclude the female characters; while we know Beeline Creative is planning additional TOS and TNG tiki releases, we hope that they’ll be adding the ladies to the line-up next time around.

Captain Picard.
Borg drone.
Lieutenant Worf.
Cardassian soldier.
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge
A Ferengi trader.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation tiki set can be picked up at ThinkGeek now.

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…and thanks to our friends at ThinkGeek, we’re giving away a set of both the Original Series and Next Generation tikis to our readers!

One lucky winner will receive all six Original Series Star Trek tikis — and a second winner will receive the set of Next Generation tikis — and one of those winners could be you by simply answering the question below in our comments:

From an Andorian Ale to a Samarian Sunset, the Star Trek universe is home to a wide variety of galactic beverages — so sound off in the comments below and look for our email once the contest window has closed.

Be sure to note if you prefer TOS or TNG tikis in your post!


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  • James Seals

    Without a doubt, I would like to try the First Federation’s Tranya. Seems like it would by playfully citrus flavored.

  • Chris Blau

    Toss up between Romulan Ale or Klingon Blood wine!

  • Brandon Shea

    Andorian Ale in a TNG Tiki!

  • mr joyce

    romulan ale for sure, looks like it wouldn’t take much to blow your head off… both sets of tikis look good to me, although id go more for tng because that borg tiki looks really cool

  • Let The Orioles Win

    Plain old agua in a TNG tiki!

  • Matt Rudawsky

    I’d like to try the evaporating Tzartak aperitif!

  • CW Rudawsky

    I would love a warp core breach

  • Tweetermf

    How about an iced Irish Raktajino in a TOS tiki. 🖖

  • Rob

    Romulan ale in TOS tiki mugs for me.

  • Michelle

    Earl Gray tea just like Captain Picard. I like TNG tikis.

  • Elizabeth Roberts

    TNG no brainer

  • Aaron M G

    TOS for some Aldebaran whiskey

  • Sarah

    TOS (but TNG is cool too) for a Cardassian Sunrise

  • Tribble8572

    Well, considering I was randomly thinking about the Samarian Sunset a couple days ago, that’s my choice. What a cool drink that would be, if just for the spectacle. I wonder what it would taste like? -TNG Tikis!

  • Khan’sMagicBlood

    Kanar might be worth a try, or maybe that root beer that Nog is always talking about. I like the look of the TNG tikis!

  • John Riberdy

    Klingon Blood wine in the TOS mugs. Qapla!!!