We continue our look at the Eaglemoss Official Starship Collection special releases today with one of the more unique entries in their model series: the S.S. Enterprise, original NX-01 designer Doug Drexler’s take on a refit of the starship featured in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Meant to evolve the look of the NX-01 towards the two-section configuration of the classic Enterprise NCC-1701 seen in the Original Series, Drexler began to tease his work on this design to fans in early 2010, and finally debuted the finished redesign in the 2011 Ships of the Line annual Star Trek calendar. 2014’s revised Star Trek: Ships of the Line hardcover also features graphics depicting the NX-01’s extensive refit.

Drexler did clarify in 2010 that as far as use in Star Trek: Enterprise, there were “no official plans to refit the ship” but that this refit was “something that [he] would have liked to have seen” as an evolution of the NX-class.

While this model itself is about 3 inches longer that Eaglemoss’ subscription-size Enterprise NX-01, there are number of notable modifications to the ship itself in Drexler’s design that are immediately noticeable – the largest of which is the addition of a secondary hull, which is to contain a larger, more powerful warp engine.

The existing warp module (mounted on the NX-01 between the nacelles) has moved to that secondary section, and the nacelle struts have been extended to reach; the nacelle caps also now have spires, a similar design element later seen on “The Cage” version of the Enterprise NCC-1701.

The entire ship has also received a light blue wash, slightly changing the tone of the ship, save for the underside of the hull addition and the new plating on the outer sides of the warp nacelles – though it’s unclear why the bottom of the ship is still silver.

Both the secondary hull and warp nacelles now also carry the classic Starfleet gold-and-red markings, along with a stylized S.S. Enterprise tag on the side of the new engineering section.

One disappointing part of the upgrade is the new deflector dish, an untextured piece of molded plastic which almost seems to have been an afterthought; Drexler’s concept graphics for the ship seen in the 2001 Ships of the Line calendar, along with the Eaglemoss magazine for this release, show the deflector having the same ridged detail later seen on the Constitution-class Enterprise.

A final note on this release; the display stand for the NX-refit finally holds this design in place in a sturdy and stable manner. Unlike the original NX-01 model, the NX-refit is grasped by its stand on the outside of the nacelle mounts, finally keeping the ship in place for display.

Overall, the NX-Refit model is a nice, interesting part of Eaglemoss’ growing line of “non-canon” Star Trek ship models, along with the Titan and Aventine from the literary Star Trek line – and with more expected to follow, as Eaglemoss’ Ben Robinson told us back in August – and you can order your own edition at their web shop.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more of our Official Starships Collection reviews, including looks at the large-scale XL Enterprise-D Enterprise-E, and Enterprise NX-01 starships, space stations Deep Space 9 and K-7, another round of shuttlecraft releases, and more!

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  • Vortex

    ENT-TOS Evolution, show me where Discovery does that, …. sorry sir I can’t, it doesn’t fit one bit. Should have been seeing ships with the look above at the timepoint where Discovery is set. Makes me laugh so hard when people bash Enterprise with the excuse it was the Akira prise and then say Discovery is totally fine, lol. Discovery is faketrek simple. All the episodes currently broadcast have not changed my views on DSC one bit.

    • AdAstraPerAspera

      Not entirely sure what trolling Discovery has to do with a review of the NX-01 refit Eaglemoss model.

      • prometheus59650

        It has nothing to do with it.

        Just, “Must…trash…DSC.”

        • AdAstraPerAspera

          I feel nothing but pity for those “fans” who hate the show so much they have to decry it at every available opportunity. They really ought to step away from their computer and go outside for once.

          • KitchUK

            I’m loving Discovery.

          • Nowhereman10

            U.S.S. Discovery makes a great evolutionary step between the TOS-era nacelles and technology and that of the TMP-era, Given that the Constitution-class is well over 11 years old by 2256 and the launch of Discovery, it makes great sense that we’d be seeing that evolution just a mere 14 years before TMP.

    • Victorinox

      The model above was never part of ENT, and was never used to show any ENT-TOS evolution. It is just a concept created by Dough Drexler. It makes me laugh so far when haters try to find reasons to bash DSC but fail.

    • James

      Take a read of Bernd’s excellent ex astris scientia website. You’ll find a lengthy article on how terrible the NX01 design is and how it doesn’t fit with TOS. To some extent, design choices are dictated by current technology and a aesthetics. No way would the original ship hold up today, or even way back in 2002!

    • prometheus59650



      Are you 13 with parents who taught you nothing?

    • NX-01 and Discovery are both experimental starships, so if you need some extra reason to allow them into your personal canon, there you go. Discovery is intentionally an aberrant ship design, it’s not like the producers accidentally made it look different from other ships. Enterprise, the show, was a visual re-boot of Star Trek, and Discovery is a sequel to that visual language. You don’t have to like it, but it definitely makes sense. Also, there are plenty of Trek fans who don’t like the things that you like about Trek, but they are well-adjusted enough to be civil about it.

    • mr joyce

      eyerape? bit of an extreme use of words dont you think?

  • Archer

    It’s a beautiful model, and very well made, too. It takes pride of place only shelf – ironic, considering it was never seen on screen. It’s a fascinating “what could have been”, though, and I think the natural evolution of the NX class.

  • October_1985

    It’s a very good design. An elegant way of bridging the NX-10 with future Federation ships. I wish we could have seen it on the show.

    • DC Forever

      It’s a horrid looking almalgamation of different Trek eras. It’s fan pandering taken to a ridiculous extreme.

      • Keith Melton

        Well aren’t you a bucket of sunshine. Here is a little tip for you, it is ok for someone to like something you don’t.

        • DC Forever

          That works both ways, cupcake.

        • The Science Fiction Oracle

          Except that this ship is an abomination of Trek canon.

          • Keith Melton

            So glad you get to be the end all source of what is canon. Look asshole, this is a fan created ship. A neat “what if” thing that clearly enough people like that they made a model out of. Please kindly shut it.

          • DC Forever

            Just reported you to Trekcore for your personal attack. There is no place for cussing people out here.

          • Keith Melton

            Report away I care not. Assholes like him and you are why I don’t bother coming here anymore all that much. You guys give Trek fans a bad name. They should really look into the abusive and bullying tactics used by you guys more than someone calling it out.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle
          • DC Forever

            Just reported you again. Your belligerent, cussing people out, personal attacks, have no place here, sir

        • DC Forever

          Trekcore, thanks for taking care of this.

  • Victorinox

    I never really liked this ship. The refit makes it look too similar to the TOS style ships. It is too soon for that. We still have to way 100 years to see a Connie. I rather see more ships without the secondary hull, and then slowly, over the next 100 years we arrive to the Constitution style.

    • James

      It’s a bit fussy. I’d like to see simplified forms to better match TOS. As a concept though, I like it.

    • Thomas Elkins

      “The refit makes it look too similar to the TOS style ships.”

      I’m sure that was the point though. It would begin to bridge the gap between the two eras and probably would have led into the creation of the Daedalus-class.


      • Victorinox

        In my view it doesn’t begin to bridge the gap, it gets there in one step. This is basically a TOS ship. The secondary hull, the nacelles, the red stripes. This is not a bridge, this takes us directly to TOS. It is too similar to be a bridge.

        • AdAstraPerAspera

          Hmmm… I think it’s look significantly less advanced than TOS. The original ENT aesthetic is clearly present, it’s less streamlined and bulkier than a TOS era model.

          • I will never understand this argument. To me this ship is clearily newer and more advanced in design and form than TOS.

            The forms are simply decades ahead of TOS.

    • TUP

      I agree. I do like it as a go-between between Ent and TOS but as a refit, it seems implausible. As another, later Class of ship, sure, why not.

      • I agree, it works as a new class but not as a “refit”. Really, I am not sure it works at all with the DSC ships. We only know of one double hull ship and she is a 2240s design.

  • Thomas Elkins

    They might as well make it canon if they keep officially licencing the design. They also made it playable in Star Trek Online. What they should do is have a character give Captain Lorca this model as a gift. It could be the Discovery NX-03 and he can keep it on his shelf or have another display set up for it.

    • AdAstraPerAspera

      I believe it is a playable ship in STO!

  • Snap

    After looking at the slideshow, I finally realized why the look doesn’t work for me, the secondary hull is far too small in proportion to the saucer and, due to the shape of the NX class itself, the nacelle struts form too wide of an angle.

    That is just personal aesthetic preference, as I know the nacelle struts are similar in their angle to the Sovereign class, but I’ve never really been fond of that class either.

    • FightingMongooses

      I think that would work perfectly in-universe. The original NX section still contains most of the hardware for life support, sensors, power generation, etc. So the new engineering section needs only to contain the new warp core, deflector, and support systems.

      The Constitution Class engineering section also contains the shuttle bay, cargo deck, and more support systems so of course it’ll be proportionally larger.

    • This is just a bad and illogical design.

    • DC Forever


  • Vger64

    I am so depressed at all the haters out there. good lordy almighty. Happy thanksgiving and freakin happy holidays

    • DC Forever

      Relax dude. The NX-01 refit is a piece of shit. I say that without hate. It is what it is.

      Stop taking this so seriously. Big deal…the design was a Trek brain fart…deal with it and move on…so what?

  • Shadowknight1

    I love this model, but I will caution people. Don’t drop it too hard, those “spikes” on the bussards are fragile.

    • prometheus59650

      They’re all pretty fragile.

      And the cradles on the stands are generally painfully inadequate.

  • Keith Melton

    I totally dig it myself. I just don’t understand why eaglemoss can’t get their window divot to paint to match up. This is unacceptable.

  • TG1701

    I like it but no its not perfect either. Something about it still looks a bit awkward. But its still 10 times better than that butt ugly Discovery ship (and I think the show is OK).

    • The issue is it looks like a cheap kitbash. They have wielded two ships togather and it looks like that.

      I love the NX design, but this is just fugly and illogical.

  • Dwight Williams

    Why not UES Enterprise? It’s more specific to the state of Earth, easier to defend as a trademark…