Eaglemoss has been rolling out their ongoing Official Starships Collection miniature Trek spacecraft models for several years, and this year they expanded the line — in more than one sense — with their oversized Official Star Trek Starships XL Edition series.

So far three of the classic Trek starships have made the leap to XL status, and today we’ve got a great look at Matt Jefferies’ original Constitution-class Enterprise in its large-scale glory.

Measuring nearly 10 inches in length — about twice the length of the standard Eaglemoss Enterprise — this expanded ship definitely has the heft you’d expect: the entire top of the saucer section, as well as the upper half of the secondary hull is crafted from Eaglemoss’ traditional die-cast metal, adding to the weight of the ship.

The larger surface area also allows for better application of paint and hull markings compared to the 5″ version, with the bold USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 markings sharp on the upper hull.

That being said, it’s a little disappointing to see that even on a larger model such as this, the application of window markings to sculpted windows are still not always properly aligned.

The Enterprise deflector and nacelle caps are a set of brilliant orange detailing that really pop on the model, though one must be cautions to not bump against the deflector antenna, as it bends easily under slight pressure.

The standard display stand gets its own upgrade as well, larger and sturdier to carry the weight of the larger Enterprise, and the increase size adds to the stability of the model. One thing we’ve noticed about the smaller Eaglemoss ships is their tendency to slip off of their display stand; no chance of that with this larger version.

The Eaglemoss Official Star Trek Starships XL Edition releases can be purchased individually at the official store, or by subscription at ST-StarshipsXL.com.

Be on the lookout for our next Eaglemoss starships review in the coming weeks, and be sure to check out our preview of their upcoming releases from New York Comic Con!

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