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From “Amok Time” to “Lethe,” we’ve had 50 years of Star Trek stories about our logical friends from 40 Eridani, and we want to hear about your favorites!

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  • Zedd Wordd

    My favorite is reunification. Spock is a bad ass in that episode

  • mrserling

    Amok Time is a classic, of course. But I also love ENT’s 4th-season Vulcan trilogy for showing us more of Vulcan than ever before or since!

  • thecapn

    Vulcan-centric, hrm…Would “This Side of Paradise” count? Watching Spock handle his emotions after a face-full of spores never gets old.

    • “For the first time in my life, I was happy.”

  • Charlie

    Yesteryear… the first time we really saw much of Vulcan itself (beyond the arena in Amok Time), and I love the fact that the visual of the Vulcan city was incorporated into the remastered TOS.

  • Matthew

    “Home” from Enterprise for showing us something we hadn’t seen before!

  • Scott Kardel

    Journey to Babel.

  • John Tenuto

    Kir’shara was a favorite! Thanks!

  • Aaron

    Sarek from TNG. The acting of both Mark Lenard and Patrick Stewart in that episode were phenomenal. It was fascinating to see just how powerful Vulcan emotions are, and it really drove home that Vulcans aren’t emotionless beings, just that they have made a conscious decision to follow logic vs. emotions.

  • Locutus

    “This Side of Paradise.” I love Spock’s statement:

    “I am what I am, Leila. If there are self-made purgatories, then we all have to live in them. Mine can be no worse than someone else’s.”

  • Keith Blumenfeld

    I’ll go with the classic: Amok Time.

  • David McDonald

    Balance of Terror with the Romulan/Vulcan connections being made.

  • Bassman

    Amok Time!

  • Brian Usher

    Definitely Reunification II. Love the Data and Spock scene.

  • Doctorossi

    Amok Time is all you need.

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Mentat Tir

    Spock’s Brain. “Brain and brain! What is brain?!”

  • mr joyce

    unification part 1 and part 2

  • Chromejob

    OOh, that looks FUN. >:) My favorite is still “Journey To Babel.” Sarek uber alles.

  • Sarah

    Journey to Babel….hands down.

  • Matt Rudawsky

    Have to go with “Amok Time”

  • Tribble8572

    Amok Time was obviously my first thought, but I’m going to say Enterprise’s “Stigma” – We got many new layers to Vulcans in Enterprise from how they treated the Humans, their rules, closed-mindedness etc, as well as the character arc for Soval. In Stigma, not only did it touch on that era’s idea about ‘deviant’ mind melds & the near-draconian methods of the ‘logical’ Vulcans, but it did so using an example of an actual mild-meld violation. Really interesting, and you can see how the incident made them talk about melds and normalize it by the time Spock comes along. (I bet the whole Archer-Katra episodes in Season 4 also softened their positions)

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    “Yesteryear.” Fun episode that gives some great insight into Spock.

  • Georgia Schill-Hartswick

    “Yesteryear”. Expanding off the “teddy-bear” conversation in “Journey To Babel” , this really added depth to Spock, his family and Vulcan culture.

  • “Amok Time,” for our first-ever visit to Vulcan, for the stately elegance that is T’Pau, for Kirk’s willingness to sacrifice his career to save Spock’s life, for Spock’s embarrassed-but-dignified explanation of pon farr, for the iconic fight between Kirk and Spock on the sands of Vulcan, and for Spock’s blinding smile at the end.

    As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t get better than “Amok Time” … though “Journey to Babel” comes close. 🙂

  • AdmNaismith

    The Enterprise eps that set up the antagonism between the Vulcans and the Andorians.

  • Eric Laranjo

    Toss up between Amok Time and Journey to Babel and Sarek. I will have go with Journey to Babel.

  • Bret Lonsway

    Amok Time.