The 30th Anniversary year of Star Trek: The Next Generation is coming to a close, but before 2017 wraps up, our friends at FanSets are giving TrekCore readers a chance to win a fantastic Next Generation 30th Anniversary prize set to celebrate the series!

This contest has ended. Congratulations to winner Linda H.!

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From the main bridge down to main engineering, there’s 1,014 members of the Enterprise-D crew to choose from, so make your pick and tell us about why they top your list –then watch your email for our winner notification on December 8!


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  • Contest runs through 11:59 PM Eastern on Thursday, December 7.
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  • Jake Black

    Worf because of his mixed identity, striving to find his authentic self—wanting to be a warrior but accepting the humanity that has developed within him.

  • Michael Williams

    Data and his quest to be human. So much like us and in many ways not. To dream to be better than ones own self, is a human characterization, that Noonian Soong built in to Data’s core programming.

  • It was always Riker – because he’s cool, fun, and would be just like the older brother you could go to when you needed help.

  • Neo Cortex

    Barclay. He showed that even in the Utopian future, not everybody is perfect.

  • Jesse M Oquendo

    It has to be Guinan. I just find her so mysterious and wise. I wish she was around when I needed direction!

  • Dot Fahn

    They’re all so great. But I hafta go with Picard. He went through another life, was Locutus, learned an alien language, dealt with Q, and on and on. He’s by far the best captain in Starfleet!

  • Alexandra Douglas

    Guinan will always have a special place in my heart. She’s full of mystery, being the first El-Aurian to appear in the franchise — she plays her cards close to her chest, revealing information about her life only as necessary. Her 800+ years of experience, wisdom, and compassion made her an excellent advocate for Captain Picard, as well as for much of the crew. She played a vital role in several episodes AND a movie yet maintained her humble position as ship’s bartender (and unofficial counselor).

  • Patty_Toler

    I have always admired Guinan. She is smart, cunning when need be and she really knows how to do her job not just as a bartender, but being El-Aurian (a “Listener”) she doesn’t just listen to the words that are being said but the feelings behind them. I also like the comradare of the crew. No matter what they are always there for one another. That’s what makes up a great crew.

  • Valentine Chhann

    Beverly Crusher for me- she was always nurturing and caring to her patients and friends, fierce to her enemies and she didn’t always fall in line with Starfleet(or even Picard) if she thought they were wrong. She also brought her creativity aboard the ship, whether it was theatre or dancing.

  • Matt Fuller

    PIcard was my role model growing up. His strength of character, empathy, and compassion when deserved worked to cement what has become my moral compass.

  • CorcraAurora

    Jean-Luc Picard, because he was compassionate, thoughtful, decisive, intelligent, and just an all around great role model.

  • John Tenuto

    I love Geordi LaForge. He is uses his unique talents to help others. He is inspirational, caring, and we love his friendship with Data, teaching him about humanity’s best qualities.

  • Moriah Baca

    My favorite character in TNG is Data because he represents the way humans should be. Even though he feels that he could never achieve humanity, to me he is the most human of all the characters.

  • Shant Yeretzian

    My favorite member of the Enterprise-D was Ensign Ro Laren. First, because she was a very honest character in that she wore her heart on her sleeve and wasn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs. Second, because all the episodes with her are very enjoyable to watch or they have a deeper meaning to them that keeps you thinking.

  • Linda Holcombe

    My favorite would have to be Deanna Troi. She is so calm and giving. Always trying to see both sides of everything. But then she trips you up and you see that she is very human. Yes I know she is Betezoid, but as Kirk said to Spock once. “You want to know something? We’re all human.”

  • Robert Wood

    My pick would be nooian soong…data’s father he saw the good in technology and the ever expanding view of the human experience.

  • Lisa Palmer

    Data is always my favorite character on the show. He would always try to figure out & imitate the best qualities he saw in humankind. When he got his emotion chip we saw his struggles with coping with them. He saved the day too many times to count & he also had some of the funniest moments on the show. His movie death was heart wrenching & I believe a reason we never saw TNG on the big screen again. Lastly he had a cat!

  • Gregory Gross

    Deanna was always my favorite. She showed us the importance of human emotions even in the midst of incredibly advanced technology. We could benefit from this learning today.

  • My most favorite is Guinan, because she’s kick-a$$! Thanks for hosting such a rad & generous giveaway. Cheers!

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  • Laura Perkins

    My favourite had always been Reginald Barclay. He’s one of the more human characters; not superhuman and flawless like the bridge crew tend to come across as, but fallible. I find him quite relatable.

  • wry observer of folly

    Lt. Barclay. He was a mess, as many of us are. When he was first introduced, I was as he; introverted, shy and so forth. But seeing his being encouraged to come out of his shell with the Enterprise crew and becoming one of the team was very heartening and encouraging.

    On a side note, it was nice to see in Voyager that he was still somewhat shy, but he knew it. I would have been disappointed to see him cured.

  • Locutus

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard. It’s rare to find a real “role model” on TV, but our dear Captain was just that!

    • Amanda

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  • Tom Valkos

    My favorite is definitely Jean-Luc Picard. He shows character and dignity at all times.

  • Jeffrey Walker

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He exemplifies duty and honor. He appears closed off but in reality he cares deeply about his crew. His personality appears stuffy but he is a man of deep interests and passions. He is an exemplary Starfleet officer.

  • Jenny

    I think Lt. Worf is my favorite character because he shows an amazing capacity to grow and learn. His devotion to his Klingon ways is balanced by his Starfleet side.

  • Dinos Alex

    Captain Jean Luc Picard!!! The epitome of Starfleet Ideals!

  • Brian Usher

    I would say Commander Riker. I like how the Enterprise felt the few times he was captain or acting captain. So different than with Picard in command. Though that also says a lot about the character of Picard; it felt so different not just because Riker was in command, but just as much because of Picard’s absence.

  • Charmed Ship Plutonia

    I would have to say Thomas Riker. It is not often you get to see who you would have been had you made different decisions in life, to see a different reaction to the same events you undergo. And, in the end, just what we can be capable of whether for right or wrong.

  • Bret Lonsway

    I have to say Jean-Luc Picard; he exemplifies everything that humanity can be-intelligent, deliberative, sensitive, and decisive. The ideal role model.

  • Haw256

    Lt. Worf because no matter the situation or others opinions he always does the honorable thing. He is a great representation of the person I hope I am and can teach my sons to be as they grow up. His self defined sense of honor always guides him even when it is not easy to do the correct thing. He does not allow popular opinion or peer pressure to cause him to deviate from the honorable course.

  • D.J. Ammons

    Captain Picard. A man of principle and deep convictions. One who seeks a peaceful and just solution to every conflict first but is willing to use whatever force is necessary to insure the right outcome.

  • Sky J

    I’ve always like Beverly Crusher the most. I remember watching as a kid and always loved how she was a woman of power. She could work medical magic on anyone, balanced work/life with her son, and could (and did) take command if needed.

    I feel they always included her on away missions because they knew they would need her expertise and she wasn’t afraid to get into the action and help!

  • mrserling

    Captain Picard, definitely! From my first viewing of Encounter of Farpoint when I was 13, I singled him out as someone to watch. He never disappointed. He was almost Spock-like in his ability to be so restrained most of the time, which made the rare glimpses of warmth or sensitivity even more captivating.

  • Simamah Mah Lah

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  • Mike Thurlow

    Tasha Yar was my favorite. And I always wanted to be Wesley. I was about the same age as him and wanted to live aboard the Enterprise rather than in cold, but beautiful, Maine.

  • jonwes

    Mine has to be Doctor Crusher. I was always drawn to her, and wished she was featured in more stories. Season 2, it has to be said, was rough for me.

  • Eric Saakian

    Captain Picard is by far my favorite. He never reacted to a situation. His actions were deliberate and thoughtful. He always sought a peaceful resolution whenever possible but did not shy away from using force when necessary.

  • Bonnie Heim T’Bonz Malmat

    Data. He was the most interesting character on the show.

  • D G.

    Data. from child/teen/adult regarding emotions..he was the most human of the crew

  • Spin-El

    I grew up watching TNG, so my favorite characters changed as my age did. In the end, Data is my favorite character. His character created some of the best stories in any Star Trek series. It is such an amazing way to explore humanity through a non-human character. I loved how hard he tried to experience human emotions, yet was oblivious to the fact that he was already being human without needing those emotions he strived for. It gave him a child-like innocence that was impossible to dislike.

  • penemio

    I liked the Starfleet because of Worf. I think his character was the most complex because of his struggles between his cultural background and his new culture on the enterprise. He came to truly assimilate and strike a balance between two very different worlds.

  • Aaron M G

    My favorite Enterprise D crew member would be data. I grew up watching Star Trek the Next Generation and looked to him as a bit of a role model. I was always in to engineering and he was an apt engineer. He was consistently moral and strived to be the best person he could be.

  • Tribble8572

    It’s tough to choose, but I’d say Guinan. She tends bar & she listens. Plus she can sense a temporal anomaly from a mile away.

    • April

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  • frank j Zbink

    it a hard call to make with some many good ones to choice from. I would have to Worf mostly because his charter had changed a lot over the years but still remained Klingon.

  • Daniel Buckley

    Data. Because he strives to understand humanity. Much like we all do.

  • Paul Young

    I would have to say Lt. Worf. Throughout the seven years of the series, his character had developed in many ways. From being under the guide of Lt. Yar, where in the episode “11001001”, she mentioned that he is beginning to develop a sense of humor, to becoming a father and learning the ins and outs of raising his son in both human and Klingon ways. He gained authority as security chief aboard the Enterprise. He also learned more about both his Klingon family as well as his human family, thus further developing his own character. He still maintained his Klingon beliefs even after his name was scorned and tarnished by the empire.

  • Zedd Wordd

    I don’t think theres any doubt that Data is the best TNG character of all time.

  • CarlWonders

    Captain Picard: diplomat, philosopher, artist, archaeologist, Cha’DIch, warrior…..and a role model

  • Anne Rogers

    Data is my favorite! He’s an amazing character in many ways. He’s smart, funny, and talented but is always still a starving to be more human. He see things in a innocent but truthful way and questions the core nature of understanding what and why it means to be a human and to have a welcoming nature and expectise makes him more human then we are.