Star Trek: Discovery won’t be back until early January, but today promotion for the series continues as several new photos from the filming of “Chapter 1” arrive, as well as a preview of composer Jeff Russo’s first soundtrack release which becomes available tomorrow.

Over at Entertainment Weekly, a series of ten behind-the-scenes photos spanning production from “The Vulcan Hello” through “Into the Forest I Go” debuted (though one or two have been seen previously via Discovery team social media):

In addition, Lakeshore Records has put out their first preview of Jeff Russo’s “Chapter 1” soundtrack, available for digital download tomorrow.

We’ll have our review of the soundtrack in the coming weeks, and of course will continue our coverage of Star Trek: Discovery as news breaks!

S1 Soundtrack:
Chapter 1 (MP3)

S1 Soundtrack:
Chapter 1 (CD)

  • Fiery Little One

    hehehe. I love the behind the scenes pics.

    • Starshipdown

      I love them because it lets us see that the cast for the most part is having fun with what they are doing.

      • Fiery Little One

        Exactly. I always hate hearing when a cast, just in general terms, isn’t getting along. The fact that these people are getting along so soon into this is a good sign.

  • MattR

    Cool. Didn’t realize Lee Rose was a woman. It seems like there haven’t been too many female directors for Star Trek.

    Just checked: there have only been 5 female directors prior to Discovery and two were cast members (McFadden and Dawson).

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  • DataMat

    I still believe Jerry Goldsmith and James Horners contributions to Trek are the best listens.
    And I’ve always liked the Generations soundtrack.

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