IDW Publishing’s first run of Star Trek: Discovery comics is ongoing now — check out our review of Discovery #1 if you missed it! — and today they announced that this spring, a special 48-page Annual release will be coming, centered around the backstories of Lt. Paul Stamets and Dr. Hugh Culber.

From 13th Dimension, who broke the news today:

Star Trek Discovery Annual 2018
Cover A: Angel Hernandez; Cover B: George Caltsoudas

Kirsten Beyer & Mike Johnson (w) • Angel Hernandez (a & c)

The U.S.S. Discovery is a ship unlike any the galaxy’s ever seen, developing tech based on an unstable mycelial network… and it is all in the hands of Science Officer Lt. Stamets, tasked with perfecting it to win the war against the Klingons.

FC • 48 pages • $7.99 / Expected in-store date: 3/28/18

Who is Stamets, and how did he, with his old partner, Straal, come to discover the mycelial network?P lus: Learn how Lt. Stamets met his significant other, Medical Officer Hugh Culber, and came to know fan-favorite Cadet Sylvia Tilly!

Here are the two covers, from longtime Trek comic contributors Angel Hernandez and George Caltsoudas:

13th Dimension also revealed the cover art and logline for March’s “series finale” of the ongoing Boldly Go Kelvin Timeline comic series, which concluded the current “I.D.I.C.” cross-dimensional storyline.

Star Trek: Boldly Go #18
Covers by Josh Hood and Eoin Marron (not yet available); variant cover by Yoshi Yoshitani
Mike Johnson (w) • Josh Hood (a & c)

“I.D.I.C.” Part 6 of 6! It’s the series finale of Star Trek: Boldly Go, and the climactic final chapter of the epic “I.D.I.C.” saga! James Tiberius Kirk faces the greatest challenge of his life… and the fate of infinite realities hangs in the balance!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Expected in-store date: 3/14/18

It’s a surprise to read that Boldly Go is concluding with this chapter, as editor Sarah Gaydos told viewers during a recent IDW livestream event that the comic series was projected out through next year and beyond — but the series may be simply moving to a new title after issue #18 arrives.


We reached out to Gaydos today to follow up on today’s news, and she told us that while Star Trek comics will certainly continue in various forms past March, she confirmed to TrekCore that Boldly Go #18 will be the conclusion of the Kelvin Timeline story at IDW —  and clarified that her comment during the IDW livestream (mentioned above) meant to reference writer Mike Johnson’s continuing involvement with Trek comics going into next year, not Boldly Go specifically.

As with all of their Star Trek tie-ins, if you’d like to see more of them in the future, be sure and reach out to IDW by email or on Twitter to let them know!

We’ll update you as we learn more about the ongoing Trek comic series!

  • MattR

    Restarting comics is all the rage, with all the major publishers doing it since they realize that something that says issue #1 has higher sales. You’re probably right that they’re just rebranding it or something.

    • We’ve confirmed BG 18 will conclude the Kelvin Timeline tale; see our update above.

  • Rass

    Why the Hell is IDW canceling such a great series? So they can churn out more stupid crossovers instead of telling actual Star Trek tales? Jesus Christ. IDW needs to get back to how it used to be when it comes to Star Trek–many titles, all 100 percent Star Trek, not diluted with characters from other franchises.

    • DC Forever

      Yea, they are probably working on a ST-Godzilla crossover instead.

      • prometheus59650


        Star Trek/Smurfs.

        Smurf, yeah!

    • Alejandro Sison

      They’re probably gonna relaunch it through another title.

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  • Sarah

    I’m totally bummed now. I really enjoy picking up my copy of Boldly Go every month. Why end it? At least they will finish this story line and not leave us guessing but still…this stinks.

    IDW has done some good stuff with Trek…Waypoint, Mirror Broken…I even enjoyed the Trek/Green Lantern crossover and the Academy story. I’d read more of that plus Boldly Go.

    I can only hope they give the Kelvin Timeline crew a new book but I’m not holding my breath.