The surprising news that writer-director Quentin Tarantino was working to pitch a Star Trek sequel film story broke on Monday evening, and today there’s more detail known about the status of this still-stunning development out of Hollywood.

Following up on his scoop from earlier this week, Deadline‘s Mike Fleming, Jr. reports today that not only is the Trek 4 development kicking along quickly, but that Tarantino has already “met for hours in a writers room” with writers Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation), Lindsey Beer, and apparent “frontrunner” Mark L. Smith (The Revenant).

In addition, the biggest jaw-dropper of this story is that Tarantino has “required” that his Trek take be an R-rated endeavor, and both producer J.J. Abrams and studio Paramount Pictures have signed on with that rating.

From the Deadline report:

The film will most certainly go where no Star Trek has gone before: Tarantino has required it to be R rated, and Paramount and Abrams agreed to that condition.

Most mega budget tent poles restrict the film to a PG-13 rating in an effort to maximize the audience… the exception to this rule was Fox’s Deadpool, but that film started out with modest ambitions before it caught on and became the biggest R rated film ever.

That rating was crucially important to Tarantino, who hopes to direct this Star Trek and who has helmed R rated films his entire career.

Tarantino certainly is no stranger to violence and other R-rated elements from his past films like Resevoir DogsPulp FictionInglorious BasterdsThe Hateful Eight, and Kill Bill — but what of that adults-only tone would he bring to a Star Trek film?

We’ll have to wait and see if his story moves past the scripting stage to find out.