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From the Narada to Yorktown Station, and from Officer 0718 to Krall and Jaylah, the Kelvin Timeline Star Trek films have been full of visual wonders from digital landscapes and space sequences down to the incredible makeup effects of Joel Harlow from last year’s Star Trek Beyond.

Tell us your favorite starship, best-loved alien design, visual effects sequence, or anything else you love about the look of the Kelvin Timeline films!

Good news for our international readers, as this contest is open to residents in the United States, Canada, and the UK — so sound off in the comments below, and watch your email for the winner notification on December 11!

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  • Zedd Wordd

    I really like the design of the Kelvin and the franklin.

  • frelling_cute

    Love the scene in the last movie where the Enterprise is ripped apart by those tiny ships. Visuslly stunning.

  • brian pitts

    I loved how the enterprise was redesigned for beyond also like the enterprise a

  • Neil Smith

    I really liked the uniform designs in Beyond. Really great looks.

  • The visualization of warp travel in Beyond.

  • Du H

    I like the bridge design of the USS Kelvin, USS Vengeance and USS Franklin…sorry Enterprise.

  • bitflydesign

    I thought the most visually interesting but least practical was the way the replaced the view screen on the bridge with a large window. Really puts the scale of everything into perspective.

  • Bill Simmerly

    I love the Kelvin and the whole opening sequence of the first film. The music playing while everything else was silent was beautiful. I especially love the view of her from the side where we see party of her hull rip away as she’s taken in on a collision course.

  • Chrissy Killian

    As someone who loves any kind of trek, the Kelvin line is great!

  • Brian Crick

    I love the Enterprise flying under the city streets in Beyond. It’s the sort of visual that really makes me wonder what it would be like to see it in person.

  • greenfelt22

    My favorite visual was the saucer of the Enterprise crashing in Beyond through the view of Kirk’s Kelvin pod. Kirk’s expression perfectly mirrored Shatner’s regret in Star Trek III where he watches the Enterprise plummet to the Genesis planet, burning in the atmosphere. In both moments he experiences heartache, regret, and determination that he is going to make that hefty sacrifice worth every bit of it.


    The fast track creation of the NCC1701-A complete with TMP floodlights at the end of Beyond

  • Matt Turner

    I liked the uniforms .

  • Grant Kerr

    Favorite moment was Star Trek Beyond when Enterprise docks with Yorktown.

  • Paul

    I always love the enterprise, but I’ll go with Spock’s jellyfish from the first, the Klingon birds of prey from into darkness, and the Yorktown from beyond.

  • Jonathan Mark

    The Starfleet armada dispatched to Vulcan was my favorite visual component of the Kelvin Timeline. It was fun seeing all the new starship designs compared to the Enterprise and they all had a good look to them.

    • Spyros Spyrou

      Me too. And that’s why I bought this book, only to find out there is ZERO content on ANY of those ships, except the Kelvin.

      • Much of that can be found in the first “Art of Star Trek” book released as a companion to the 2009 film.

        • Spyros Spyrou

          True, and I also have that book, but I was still hoping for some more content regarding the concepts and development for the various ship designs. It would have also been nice to have seen some more of the unused concept work for both the 2009 Enterprise, and the 1701-A, instead of the (mostly) finalized ideas for the ships. I’m not at all regretting buying the book… I just wish there was more content, as well as more new content.

  • mrserling

    I honestly love the Kelvin timeline’s take on the Enterprise — especially the refit seen at the end of Beyond. The vertical nacelle struts are such a wonderful TOS throwback, and I think the only time we’ve seen that design feature since.

  • Sean O’Rourke

    The look of Section 31 under San Francisco was amazing.

  • Pam Hartland

    Karl Urban – McCoy was my favorite, and he does such a good job with the charact.

    • April

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  • CaliburnCY

    The Yorktown space station in Star Trek: Beyond would be my pick. It’s a lovely design, and the docking sequence where it’s revealed has an old-school Star Trek sensibility that captures a sense of wonder, pride in our scientific accomplishments, and optimism for our future. When I saw Beyond in the theater, this moment more than any other sold me on the film.

  • Corey

    I thought the design of the Fibonan chamber at the start of Star Trek Beyond was great and the way the scale gag was pulled off was very well executed. I also really liked look of Beyond’s posters that paid homage to the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture posters.

  • Aaron

    You see it on screen for only a few seconds, but my favorite vfx sequence of all the kelvin movies is the warp effect seen in Beyond. It was the first visual representation that “accurately” depicted how the warp drive works (well as accurately as you can based on fictional piece of technology). It also just looked damn cool!

    • Alisha

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    • Nancy

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  • Susan Peter-Thompson

    I liked the design of the Yorktown Starbase and the way it messes with the idea of “which way is up.” When I first saw it on screen on opening night, I got a touch of motion sickness; fortunately, it passed without incident a moment later. I also liked the sequences from Into Darkness in which the Enterprise seemed to stretch out for for a moment just as the warp drive engaged, then left behind those blue “spaghetti lines” in its wake.

  • FightingMongooses

    The general look and feel of Beyond. The uniforms are great, the bridge looks fantastic (really wish we could have seen more of it), but the absolute best artistic moment in the Kelvin series is the warp speed visualization!

  • Sudhir Sood

    Battle squence in first movie uss kelvin vs nero’s massive ship. Seeing org Spock (L Nimroy) meet his younger self. Best moments out of the new movies.

  • James

    Still no Australia?????

    • Hi James, any region restrictions on our contests are set by the publisher or company providing the prize. Sorry Australia isn’t eligible for this one!

  • October_1985

    Between so many great things, I think I gotta go with the Enterprise arriving to Yorktown. Is a great sci-fi moment, beautifully rendered, and reminded me a bit of the solemnity and pause of the Enterprise in space dock in TMP. Kelvin battle with the Narada also has great visuals and it was great to establish the look and feel of the rest of the movie. Also, the alien designs on Beyond were stunning (clearly robbed at the Oscars), with Krall and Syl being standouts.

  • DarrenPaulCarnall

    My absolute favourite sequence from the Kelvin films (and there are lots) was when the primitive inhabitants of the planet that the Enterprise crew saved at the start of Into Darkness drew a picture of the Enterprise on the ground, and the falling ash moving sideways slowly morphed into stars and the drawing outline turned into the actual ship. It was such a beautiful sequence both in it’s conception and in how well they pulled it off. I love it every time. ❤️

  • Aaron Garfield

    What impressed me the most was what the production designer Scott Chambliss and the rest of the team did was give a bright and sleek design the Enterprise ship, piratically the bridge set.

  • Matt Rudawsky

    I’ll second Karl Urban. His character feels the most like the original, and he has some great lines!

  • Thierry Soucie

    I’d say that all the visual aspects were pretty much spot on. A good homage to the original series without looking outdated. I love all the new ships the most, though. All the aliens for Beyond is one amazing feat, too!

  • D H

    The design of the Kelvin bridge is my favourite – it really nailed the feel of star Trek for me

  • Tristan

    The Kelvin blew me away the first time I saw it. A truly beautiful ship that looks like a perfect blend of more advanced than NX-01 but less advanced than 1701.

  • Eric Cheung

    I’d say, probably the closing credits sequence for Star Trek Beyond. It follows a similar pattern as the other two films, but it’s just much prettier. Plus, they use a font similar to the credits font for Star Trek II, and the music has much more bongos, like the TOS theme. As with the rest of the film, it demonstrates the execution of the CGI models. As much as I’d rather have designs that look closer to TOS, as with the props in DSC and the USS Biddeford in the Into Darkness deleted scene, Star Trek (2009) was maybe the first movie I’d seen where CG ship models looked as good as practical models.

  • Jesse Booth

    One of my favorite ship moments is in “Into Darkness” when the Enterprise is at warp trying to get back to Earth, with Khan in the brig. Then the Vengeance creeps up, and at warp we see that giant ship completely dwarf the Enterprise. So freaky!

  • Bret Lonsway

    The destruction of the Enterprise in “Beyond” was incredibly well-done and heartbreaking!

  • Tom Valkos

    Looking forward to this book. The Kelvin sequence at the beginning of the first film was perfect. The blend of dialog, action, music, etc. GREAT!

  • Admiral SnackBar

    The USS Kelvin itself. It’s the very first thing we see in the 2009 movie and it’s a ship unlike any Starfleet ships we’ve seen before (at least as far as I can recall).

  • MIKK89

    I loved the Franklin from last year’s Star Trek Beyond, it was nice to see the films show where the turning point was for NX-Class ships in Enterprise and just where designs spun-off in the universe prior to the Narada arriving in Star Trek… Plus I loved the noises and the shouting… 😎

  • Chris Blau

    Loved the Franklin and Yorktown from Beyond, great bit of visual storytelling, showing how far humanity and the Federation had come. Beyond had a lot of great visual, come to think of it. The uniforms were greatly improved and the new ship sets were great, such as the saucer separation area. The painting that Ryan Church did of the new Enterprise that is on the cover is a great redesign of the ship, I wish they followed a little more closely with the final design. The colors felt a little more in line with the original model.

  • James O’Brien

    I always liked the new Kelvin Klingon my hope is to see them in more movies

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  • Sarah

    I really liked the set design for the transporter room in the first two and it’s booth nod to the Motion Picture. I also liked the design for the Franklin’s bridge with it’s green mono screens.

  • Michael Wong

    Enterprise rising from Titan’s atmosphere in the 2009 film. What a brilliant and beautiful scene, inspired by real-life Cassini spacecraft imagery.

  • James Cook

    The shot of the Enterprise coming out of the water at the beginning of into darkness is probably my favorite. The aliens in the foreground with the deflector dish behind them…. Gives you a scale of the aliens and the ship is just fantastic.

  • Ian Dillon

    The Vengeance catching up with the Enterprise in Darkness and then opening fire is my standout moment, the sound alone as it approaches is brilliant.

  • Captain Lorca, Section 31

    I would rather win a can of puke than win anything from the nuTrek universe

  • ¡zer0!

    My favourite thing in all of the Kelvin movies was the Uss Vengeance crash scene. I *love* big crash scenes like that in movies. You never get the scale of these ships on film as they’re only seen against space. When it piledrived into the ground and tore through buildings – it was so epic on the big screen. And it only lasted 30 seconds.. ( hitting Alcatraz to coming to rest = 30 seconds ). I also liked the look of The Vengeance. Plus I fully support the look of the Kelvin Enterprise. It was a good happy medium between the TOS and the TOS refits we all know.
    Finally Kirk and Chekov’s survival jackets from Beyond looked so cool and comfy as hell.

  • Brandon A. Cowles

    Looks like a good book.

  • I think although Into Darkness is the film I enjoy the least out of the three planet Nibiru is most definitely a stand out !

  • Michael Williams

    My favorite design from the Kelvin timeline has to be the new Enterprise-A from Star Trek Beyond.Sean Hargreaves designed one of the best Enterprises yet. The time lapsed footage was a nice touch and hope to see it in the sequel to beyond in Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek movie.

  • Samantha Alexis

    All the Kelvin movies are so visually pleasing to look at, so it’s hard to choose just one! But I think I have to go with the bridge of the Enterprise. Star Trek 2009 was my first introduction to Star Trek (and sci-fi in general, really) but the bridge is always something that stuck with me. All the tech there looked great and I know that a lot of people are against the lens flares, but I didn’t mind them. It really made me feel like the ship was brand new, that it was something worth getting excited about. That was 8 years ago, and I’ve loved the franchise ever since 🙂

  • Sean

    The long-distance shots in the Kelvin Timeline films are fantastic. I love how Justin Lin described instructing his team to make some shots in Beyond look like b-team shots. Going from deep inside the debris field in the 2009 movie to the long shot is amazing. So is the wide shot of the Enterprise taking out the torpedos from the Narada as Spock turns the Jellyfish toward the Narada is such a beautifully composed shot.

  • The Chadwick

    I do love the overall look of the Kelvin fims, a modern take and 60’s and early 70’s designs. Favorite Kelvin VFX sequence is the Enterprise rising out of the water in Into Darkness. It truly makes the ship look massive and epic. We trek fans love those shots when the ships actually look epic and massive showing their true size and grandeur. Like the beauty shots in TMP space dock.

  • Spocks

    My favourite ship design of KTL movies is definitely the Jellyfish piloted by Ambassador Spock. Even though it does not look like anything else we’ve seen on screen in the franchise, it is a unique beauty, and well, to be honest, there is nothing like that in the franchise. I love how the pilot seat and window form the vulcan symbol IDIC, very clever and subtle. As for alien species, my fav design is actually Syl from STB, sadly we don’t get to see her that much or know anything about her species. The “facehugger” head is quite original, and I can’t help wondering what made the species that way, they can’t really be using that for hoarding right?

  • Benjamin Yoon

    USS Franklin and everything that acknowledged the lineage to “Star Trek: Enterprise.” It’s given that there would be references to TOS but seeing things that connected to ENT was so good and a testament to how underrated that series is.