Star Trek: Deep Space Nine celebrates its 25th Anniversary in less than a month, and to celebrate the space station’s silver anniversary, we’ve teamed up with our friends at FanSets to get one lucky reader a full set of their DS9 crew pin collection!

All current members of the current Deep Space 9 character collection — Sisko, Kira, Jadzia Dax, Odo, Quark, Gul Dukat, a Jem’Hadar, and their brand new Garak — will also beam down to your sector to help commemorate the milestone.

In addition, FanSets will also include their special Deep Space 9 and USS Defiant pins, along with the series’ classic logo — bringing this to a full eleven-pin collection!

To enter for your chance to win this Star Trek: Deep Space Nine prize package is to think about the wide range of characters we met over the seven years of the series, and answer the following in our comments below:

From Admiral Ross to Kai Winn, dozens of memorable characters made their way through the corridors of Deep Space 9, and we want know who you rank at the top of your list!

Sound off in the comments below — and then watch your email for one of our winner notifications on December 23, with shipment planned to the winner for around January 1.

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  • Brandon A. Cowles

    It is hard to name a favorite character on DS9 but I have to go with the Sisko. I think I like him the best because of his leadership.

  • Chelle

    The best character on DS9 is Nog. If you have to ask why, look no further than Heart of Stone. That heartbreaking confession to Sisko, “I don’t want to be like my Father!”

    From that moment, I was stunned. Then listening to him pour his heart out to Sisko (who is hands down one of the best TV father figures of all time, Rom is up there too). I suddenly stopped thinking of him as an annoying child who was the product of his culture but as a boy who wanted to do more.

    He grew, he proved he could be tenacious about Starfleet as a Ferengi can be about profit. He risked everything to become a Cadet and proudly wore that uniform. Even though it cost him a limb, he still bravely continued to serve.

    Honorary mention will always be the underrated Tora Ziyal, a character who moved me so much that I named my dearly departed daughter in her honor. She showed the compassion and strength beyond her years.

  • Jim Lange

    Nog – great character growth from childhood friend of Jake Sisko to adult Star Fleet soldier who suffered from war wounds.

  • mrserling

    Garak — always surprising, sinister, humorous — and fascinatingly well acted.

  • Regina Bowie

    Odo–The reason I choose him as my favorite DS9 character because he has the ability to shape-shift into anything he wants. He is also so well versed as Chief of Security, acting father to the two babies of the show he dealt with. He is a friend to most of the characters of the show, a family man to some family members of his race, works very well with his co-workers, did some very impressive skills while in the space crafts he rode in, admitted well when the mistakes of his past came to pass, a very impressive love for Kira as her lover, and he was there most of the time when his friends needed him. To me he was the DS9 Character whom I relate to the best. He is a good character of all the aspects of the show as well. He had some difficulties too which he rose above them all to improve his life and those he was around with.

  • chris van hooser

    Jadzia Dax. Smart and funny, and a fierce warrior as well. And her spots you know go allll the way down 🙂

  • Morgan Binnix

    My favorite character is Kira. By this century, humans seemed to have adopted an attitude that they had developed beyond the need for religion or faith. While I understood why humans felt that way, as a person of faith myself, it was a bit unsettling. Kira was the one who challenged that mindset. She is an excellent example of how to live a life guided by faith, but without it being a crutch, or using it as an excuse when life doesn’t go as expected. Kira’s faith in the Prophets made her better and stronger, and thus she is an inspiration for me.

  • Sarah

    Kira….tough as nails with a hidden soft side. A character a girl can look up to and know that being a badass is just fine. She fought for the good, to help her people, shouldered the wounds of war, and still had faith. Complex and amazing.

  • Cameron Alvarez

    My favorite character has always been Odo. I loved his sense of justice and the need to do what’s right. In addition, I love the complexity of his character and his conflicting emotions he had between his friends on DS9 and his people, the Founders.

  • Ted Snork

    Miles O’brien humble engineer and family man. Nuff said.

  • Tribble8572

    Kira. ( But I could’ve easily picked a dozen others!) Her dry humor, her faith & simple, honest ways & opinions about life despite her years of war and fighting all make her a complex character. The fiesty, underdog resistance fighter who rose to the rank of Colonel. Duet. Necessary Evil. Being a surrogate mother. Complicated relationships with various Cardassians. She also had several serious relationships during the series – each man representing different parts of her life, until Odo who was her soul mate. (awww). She wore many hats & wore them well! (also, a shoutout to the Intendant!)

  • Aaron M G

    Rom. He was discounted in the beginning. He has been tossed around by life but he keeps going (he had to be near rock bottom when DS9 started). He thinks for himself, going against all his species precepts do do what he thinks is right. He doesn’t hesitate to take the advice of others and integrate it into his world view. He tackles problems head on and comes up with creative solutions. He supports his son and family even if their views are not the same as his. He has the love of a wonderful woman and gets to be the leader and the reformer of the Ferengi Alliance. Its been one hell of a ride for him. (its also fun to watch episodes with him in them)

  • NJW

    Jadzia Dax. She is wise, mischievous, intelligent, funny, sarcastic, sassy, fierce, flirty, loving, adventurous, sexy, and sorely missed.

  • Locutus

    Garak, because he is no ordinary tailor. I loved his backstory, his relationship with Bashir, and the perspective he lent in his observations of the Federation.

  • Jake Black

    Martok because he’s a noble Klingon warrior and leader, but is possibly the most human Klingon, aside from Worf, in all of ST. (This was the hardest question you guys have ever done, PS…)

  • prk

    She’s not a major character, but have to give a shout-out to Lwaxana Troi. How could you not be thrilled seeing Majel Barrett in another Star Trek role?

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  • I watched DS9 when it first aired, as a teen struggling with what turned out to be gender dysphoria. Dax was so inspiring and relatable, but I didn’t know or understand why at the time. Jadzia’s struggle with reconciling her own self with Dax’s previous hosts strongly resonates with me even today, as a transgender adult who has a complicated relationship to her childhood and pre-transition life.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      That is an inspiring story. If I was awarding this, I’d give this to you, hands-down. LLAP

      • Awwwwh, thanks. 🙂

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  • Daved

    Jadzia Dax has to be my favourite because of the complexity of the character and the amazing job Terry Farrell did portraying that complexity and bringing out the odd quirks of a being that old, with multiple life experiences and of both sexes. Really enjoyed episodes that focused on Dax.

  • Patrick Sweeney

    Garak is so devious. I love the way he always has a secret!

    • Mikassa

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  • frank j Zbink

    I like Qurk because he a very good balding money and other things

  • Mike Thurlow

    I’m conflicted about who to choose. I love DS9! I love a lot of the characters – they were the most complex and well-developed of most of the Star Trek series. My favorite of the show, since I must choose, is Jadzia Dax. I loved Terry Ferrell from her first scene with Julian all the way through her death in Season 6 (which left me crushed and devastated at the time). She’s playful, highly intelligent, and beautiful. She’s got a great back story with so many lives and I love the connection that she and Sisko have. If I had to choose a runner-up, it would be Major Kira. The representation of women in this series is so strong. Perhaps that is why I am really loving Discovery!

  • Matt Rudawsky

    Garak is always interesting and you never know how true the lies are!

  • Wayne Hicks

    Commander/Captain Sisko.
    Around the same time DS9 began, I became a single father of a 1 year old son. Within 6 months, I was appointed to the Programming Director position (in a town hours away from any family) for 2 radio stations in need of a refurb/rebrand.
    I think I connected most with Sisko because I felt I was on such a similar track, trying to balance being a good dad (by myself) and being a good leader, all far away from familiar, potential support structures.
    Every week I got to see an inspiring leader whose commitment to the people he commanded and love for his son was never in doubt. Despite the conflicts and difficulty of his assignment, he found career success, personal growth, and deep relationships.
    *Bonus truth-is-stranger-than-fiction / “hanging with the prophets” parallel: I have since transitioned from the radio/entertainment world into spiritual/theological graduate work and a career in ministry.
    My love for Star Trek (especially DS9) continues to serve as inspiration for what I do personally and professionally.

    • Mikassa

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  • pat leonhardt

    Odo is a quiet and humble being who knows his own limits and takes care of his body in a rigorous and nearly spiritual manner. He shows all of us that to survive we should be on a singular level of conscience combined with a bodily awareness of the limits and tangible abilities each living being possesses. If he goes too far, tragedy befalls him and he loses out on a vital, enlightening trek of his own. If he maintains his mortal & physical codes of honor we see him rewarded with talents, skills and perceptions that could make or break the situation at hand. ?

  • muldfeld

    I think the real question is what President Trump thinks of “Deep Space Nine” (His favorite characters are Zek, Quark, and Dukat; he HATES Sisko.):

  • fiveislessthan3

    That’s a hard decision to make, but I’ll go with Garak. I just love the mystery of his character and his story. He’s a liar and yet you want to believe him. His stories tickle your ears and make you wonder. He’s seems like a nice guy with good intentions, but really though, I’m not sure. Maybe he just wants to cause chaos and get you to doubt everything you already know. I’m not sure. He is the embodiment of what Deep Space Nine represents to me.

    • Mike Mercereau

      Agreed, and well written.

  • Jeje

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  • Bret Lonsway

    Jadzia Daz; so many facets to her character!

  • Tim Astrike

    I grew up watching Quark’s antics and found them to be very entertaining. Bringing light to a very serious series was very important. He’s my fav!

  • Mike Mercereau

    Heart wrenching question, but gotta go with Garak. No other character has the depth, complexity and sheer brilliance as Elim Garak “My dear Doctor, they’re all true…Especially the lies”

  • Jazmin Zane

    Kira. Her character arc is epic. Initially, we meet this angry post-terrorist, whose love for Bajor compels her to work with Starfleet despite her misgivings. In the season 1 episode “Duet,” we receive a taste of how her fire/passion can manifest as deep compassion, including compassion for Cardassians. She forms a profound relationship with her Cardassian “foster father,” to the point where she is with him during the last stages of his terminal illness. She even fights for Cardassia’s freedom. In addition, she stays true to her values and faith, without being preachy or pushy. She is a wonderful example of what it means to not only survive, but thrive despite the most trying circumstances. I can’t imagine DS9 without Kira nor a stronger example of integrity and perseverance.

  • Heather Barker

    Jadzia Dax. She’s a woman to look up to – confident, empowering, sexual, compassionate. She’s the only Star Trek character before Discovery that I’ve truly identified with.

  • Zedd Wordd

    I really like ODO. I like how he’s a directive and always gets who he’s looking for!

  • Kendall Hasenjaeger

    My favorite will always be Jadzia Dax. She was strong, smart, persistent, and just an incredibly fun character. My favorite part about the character though is her gender identity and sexuallity. I’m a lesbian with a trans brother and both of us love her character for her openness towards others and herself. The host has given her ability to “live” like a man. And the fact that she would of broke Trill law to be with Lenara Khan (another Trill woman) that she felt love for. Seeing the kiss between the two on tv made me cry. It was so nice to have the sort representation in that episode and even the entire series. That is why Jadzia Dax will forever be my favorite DS9 and overall Star Trek character.