Emperor Georgiou of the Terran Empire has a number of weapons at her disposal, from the dagger on her hip to the ‘fidget spinner of death’ concealed in her royal throne — but perhaps the coolest piece in her arsenal is the royal sword the carries, ready to slay her enemies at a moment’s notice.

On the January 14 companion episode of After Trek, writer/producer Ted Sullivan shared that Michelle Yeoh herself had input on the design of the sword — and to create the custom weapon for her Star Trek: Discovery character, CBS turned to Gary and Suzy Zahradka of the Minnesota-based Omega Artworks, who has created custom swords and weapons for productions like Heroes Reborn (NBC), The Strain (FX), Secret Circle (The CW) and more to craft Georgiou’s deadly blade.

The hilt of Georgiou’s sword, featuring the Terran Empire logo. (Photo provided to TrekCore by Omega Artworks.)

Created based upon plans supplied by CBS, the pommel and crosspiece are hollow bronze castings. The handle is carved wood with red lambskin inset with bronze banding, and the silver blade is hand-ground aluminum for stunt fighting, but with a mirror polish.

Finally, the sheath Georgiou carries on her belt is hand-carved wood with a bronze inlay.

The royal sword and wooden sheath.(Photo provided to TrekCore by Omega Artworks.)

This impressive piece of craftsmanship made its debut in “The Wolf Inside,” and has been a mainstay of the emperor since her first appearance. But as we look ahead at photos from this Sunday’s “What’s Past is Prologue,” it looks like the sword may find itself wielded by another…

Emperor Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) of the Terran Empire. (CBS)

Omega Artworks unfortunately is not able to produce or sell duplicates of this screen-used prop, as the design is owned by CBS, but hopefully there will be some nice replicas available from licenced Star Trek vendors sometime down the line – like the Discovery phaser coming from Anovos – for those of you already preparing your Emperor Georgiou cosplay outfits.

Here’s some more images of the sword, from Omega Artwork’s gallery:

Various angles of Georgiou’s sword. (Photos: Omega Artworks.)
The original sword design cast in resin, deemed unusuable for stunt work due to the long handle and backswept hilt. (Photo: Omega Artworks.)

Star Trek: Discovery returns this weekend with “What’s Past is Prologue.”