Today marks 25 years since “Emissary” introduced us all to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine back in 1993, and we’ve got another great giveaway for our loyal readers to celebrate the silver anniversary of the Trek spin-off series!

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Two lucky winners will win the complete run of Deep Space Nine on DVD, featuring all seven seasons in the beautiful new packaging design that debuted in 2017 — it’s fine to watch Trek on the streaming service of your choice, but only the DVDs have the hours of special features and behind-the-scenes interviews to make your visits to the Bajoran sector the best they can be!

Maybe you have an old copy that’s worn out from too many views, or the 2003-era packaging is falling apart — or maybe you never brought the DS9 crew home at all — either way, it’s a great time to add this collection to your shelf.

Since it’s 2018, the year the Dax sybmiont was born on Trill, all you must do to enter is leave a comment below answering the following question:

We’re not just talking Jadzia or Ezri — you’ve got all eleven members of the Dax host line, from Lela to Curzon, including the short pairing with Verad and even the alternate timeline’s Yedrin to choose from. Anything involving a Dax host is fair game!

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  • dep1701

    My favorite Dax moment is from “Trials And Tribble-ations” ( actually, I love all of her scenes throughout the whole episode ) but her scene in the Enterprise hallway getting goo-goo eyes for Spock with Sisko ushering her away by the arm is a topper.

  • Thomas Linsley

    Favorite Dax moment, the entire episode of Facets; being able to see all of the previous hosts as pretty neat.

  • Eric Cheung

    Dax has a particularly astute line in “The Quickening,” when she tells Julian, “Maybe it was arrogant to think that. But it’s even more arrogant to think there isn’t a cure just because you couldn’t find it.”

    • Deledrius

      Definitely a shining moment of wisdom!

  • Alex Swigert

    When Dax is trying to get the approval of Martok’s wife and get tired of listening to the history of her line and goes off on her saying there is no way Martok’s wife is related to the nobles she claims she is.

  • Jesse Tee

    Favourite Dax moment was her reuniting with Worf just before Martok complained to Sisko about how much Worf was griping about the wedding. Also the party when she and Sirella went toe to toe.

  • When Dax watched Lenara Kahn walk into the airlock, knowing Lenara would never come back.

  • dvb

    One of my favorite Dax moments was in “Past Tense” — smoothly describing her lost communicator as a “brooch,” and accepting a compliment on her “tattoo.” Unruffled, calm, clear-headed, even after unexpected time travel.

    • Terrmal

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  • MC

    Going to go with Blood Oath with her chumming around with the TOS Klingons. Made for a good romp!

  • I would have to say the scenes with her and Worf sparing in the holodeck. To include any scene where is “Klingon”

  • Doctorossi

    I like the episode “Dax” as kind of a proof-of-concept/early exploration of the character.

    Thank you for the contest!

  • Bill Williams

    If I had to pick a single Dax moment that stands out in my mind above all others, it’s in “Trials and Tribble-ations” when she describes how she met Leonard McCoy at Ole Miss. “I knew he would become a doctor… He had the hands of a surgeon.” Not only does it open a fascinating look at their history, but as a native-born Mississippian it gives me a hilarious guffaw every time because of Ole Miss’ rivalry with Mississippi State! And just the sight of her on the bridge of the Enterprise is a sight to see!

  • Chris Tyler

    My most upsetting scene, last episode of season 6 when Dukat shot Dax with the moment of Worf at her side.

  • Zedd Wordd

    I think the best Dax moment was the wedding with Worf.

  • GarakjustGarak

    The entire episode “Facets” was brilliant. Odo embodying Curzon made for a really epic moment with Jadzia, but when Quark became Audrid for a little while has to be my favorite scene. Brushing her hair and talking about being a mother, it was grand.

  • Telly Coolong

    Best Dax moment was in “Facets” – Rene Auberjonois’ performance as Curzon was incredible. I felt like Curzon-Odo in that I didn’t want them to separate either.

  • Eric Extreme

    My favorite moment was anytime her joviality was expressed at the most inappropriate times.


    Kang, Kor, Koloth, and Dax going after The Albino.

  • Dominic Cloutier

    My fave Dax moments were the simple ones like when she was “old man”

  • Brian

    I’d go with Dax geeking out in “Trials and Tribble-ations”

  • lilahp42

    When she & Worf get married in DS9. That dress! That ceremony!

  • When Curzon and Odo combined into a new being fir a while.

  • Adam Ross

    Dax’s interactions with Quark were always fun.

  • Daric Apai

    My favorite moments of Dax was when it had to do with Klingons. When she hunted the Albino with the Legends of the Original Series, Kang, Koloth, and Kor and when she went through the complete torture or winning Lady Sirellas approval.

  • Stephen McMillan

    My favorite Dax moment occurs during Trials and Tribble-ations, as she and Sisko are walking down the hall discussing whether or not the other would like to meet Captain Kirk. The whole character of Dax is one of my all-time favorites.

  • Simon

    Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places – Worf and Dax FINALLY go where no TREK series has gone before: 2 main characters have a relationship that lasts (Riker & Troi didn’t get together until the films).

  • Christopher E. Otwell

    Jax & Odo joined/merged for the Kerzon/Odo unique character.

  • iguitaround

    From Trials and Tribble-ations when Jadzia is remembering meeting Dr. McCoy. “He had the hands of a surgeon…” The Dax character, overall, is a really great one.

  • rebelemissary

    When she took temporary command of the Defiant in Behind the Lines. I loved how she continued Sisko’s discharged power cell ritual and made it her own. It showed no matter what she was assigned she’d excel at that duty.

  • Jon X

    My favorite Dax moment is when she convinced Kang that she was willing and able to follow their quest of revenge against the Albino. She was showing she was willing to uphold her oath, but also as part of her character in the whole series, she demonstrated that she was open-minded to new experiences. Things she probably learned from various lifetimes.

  • Ghassan Bou-Safi

    DS9 did show a lot of station operations.

  • Sky J

    My favorite moments just include her being completely inclusive and non-discriminating against different cultures and individuals. She almost got with Morn, played Tongo with Quark, partook in Klingon rituals, married a different species, could have relationships with any gender, and just had an open mind when dealing with new situations. I always found her outlook to be something to strive for and her opinions refreshing and how we all should be. Maybe a little too rose-colored, but she played it well and it was apparent she lived many lifetimes to reach her non-judgement views.

  • The Artist

    The kiss between Dax & Dr. Lenara Kahn.

  • Christopher Reeder

    My favorite moment from Dax would be from Let he who is without sin. Worf is upset she had lunch with Captain Boday , a Gallamite with a transparent skull, and the fact that she can see his brains while eating doesn’t phase her a bit while Worf, the steadfast warrior, is bothered by it to no end. She was truly a character who didn’t give a damn about peoples differences and instead embraced them.

  • John

    When Jadzia honors Curzon’s oath to Kor, Kang and Koloth in hunting the Albino even though she didn’t have to. From “Blood Oath”.

  • TOM

    The best Dax moment for me was When she had to do all those tests to get married. Do funny at times ^^

  • Sean Quinn

    Dancing with Nog at her “bachelorette” party.

  • Den Dotson

    My favorite Dax moment was from “Tribbles and Tribulations” when she remembered meeting Leonard McCoy and his surgeon’s hands. The twinkle in Terry’s eye was priceless.

  • Elim Garak

    Jadzia I’m blood lust with Kang

  • thecaptainoutoftime

    I like that scene in “Facets” where Curzon Odo sneaks up on Quark and gives him one of those stern Odo yells, scaring Quark, and then goes back to being Curzon, relishing in the joke.

  • Kenny

    I think her whole history with Klingons lead to some great moments, from the hunting down the albino with Kang, Kor, and Koloth…to how it helped shape her relationship with Worf from the get go, to even smaller funny moments like in the Tribble episode when she just wants a moment to see Koloth.

    Or the dancing with Nog at her Bachelorette party. That was great too. Man Dax was the best.

  • Jeffrey Walker

    Favorite Dax Moment in “Trials and Tribble-ations” when Jadzia comes out in the Original Series Operations Red Skirt and says “and women wore less” among many of her great and funny lines in that episode. Another with her nostalgia about the classic Tricorder and its “Black Finish, Silver Highlights”

  • My favorite Dax moment, in the episodes of DS9 I have scene, was Jadzia Dax in the episode “Distant Voices.” The premise of the episode was fascinating and I liked the fact that Dax represented Bashir’s “confidence and sense of adventure.”

  • Nicholas Donati

    So many great moments to chose from. My pick: Jadzia going into battle with the legendary Klingon warriors Kor, Kang and Koloth. And then coming back to DS9 stoic and composed and returning to her station. A really epic episode.

  • Locutus

    The best thing about DS9 was its strong female leads. Dax certainly had it all!

    That said, I am going to be totally shallow here and admit that one of my favorite Dax moments was seeing her in that red TOS miniskirt in “Trials and Tribble-ations.” Legs for days!

  • Neil Bulk

    When they showed his strange feet wouldn’t fit in the gravity boots.

  • Euphoberger

    When Jadzia goes with the Klingon trio to fulfill her blood oath and eliminate the “albino”.

  • John Harmon

    It’s hard to pick just one, but my favorite Dax moment was when she was joking with Worf in the runabout and getting him to come out of his shell. She was the only one who could.

    It sounds like a strange moment to pick, but I loved Jadzia and Worf together. They felt like a real couple and honestly remind me of me and my wife. I’m a lot like Worf (reserved) and she’s a lot like Jadzia (more outgoing). So seeing them together meant a lot to me.

  • Jango Gaming

    This is hard to pick, there’s so many good moments, but I’m going to have to say Jadzia and Lenara’s interactions in Rejoined. The way it was handled where the gender didn’t even factor into anyone’s handling of the situation was amazing.

  • Martin Paternoster

    One of my favorite, fun moments with Jadzia Dax was when she fawned over Spock in Trials and Tribble-ations, and Ben Sisko thought she was talking about Kirk.

  • Jesse Booth

    I loved seeing her toughness when sparring with Worf. She was a really cool character. Still recovering from that finale in season 6… :'(

  • Ramon Urkiza

    Best Dax moment, when they visit the station k7 on trials and tribulations, she hook up with kirk, hey I have and address in US if I won, thanks

  • Leen D

    When Jadzia Dax recalls that Emony Dax had once met Dr. Leonard McCoy saying, “He had the hands of a surgeon.” OHHH MYYYYY.

  • Chado0911

    Jadzia’s nostalgia trip through the Original Enterprise in Trials and Tribble-Ations

  • Janelle Waz

    Best Dax moment: Jadzia walking down memory lane in the original Enterprise.

    “I’ve lived in this time and it’s hard for me not to want to be apart of it again.”

  • Michael Johnson

    Best Dax moment would be when she runs off with her old Klingon friends to battle their arch-enemy!

  • Josh Mace

    The episode Trials and Tribble-ations is great. I just love the interplay and comments from Jadzia Dax when she is fascinated by Kirk and the crew of TOS

  • Dani Ella

    My favorite is from Fascination (Season 3 Episode 10) Lwaxana Troi visits during the Bajorans Gratitude Festival and caused everyone on ds9 to bring out their secret desires. Vedek pursues Jadzia who is infactuated with Benjamin Sisko. Vedek looks for Jadzia and finds her with Sisko. Sisko tells him to cut it out or leave her alone and Jadzia goes “you tell him Benjamin” and it’s super sassy with a funny hand movement. It made me love Jadzia. The second is in Trials and Tribulations where she says “and women wore less” and does a little twirl.

  • Dustin Stauffer

    That is a tough one. She had a lot of great moments in the series. I’d probably have to go with the episode “You Are Cordially Invited” where she has to win over Martok’s Sirella to marry Worf. It was when she finally gets past her stubborn pride and apologizes to Sirella so she can marry worf. I think it was just the whole journey of her in that episode. A close second would be the blood oath episode.

  • Alexander Gates

    My favorite Dax moments are when she matches or surpasses Worf’s thirst for fighting! Such a fun relationship to watch.

  • Timothy Kimball

    My favorite Dax moment was seeing her playing tongo with the Ferengi and totally fitting in. Such a cool facet of her character to see.

  • x1up Girl

    So hard to pick one. I loved how Jadzia had this old soul to her and that she flirted with half the station all the time LOL. Also loved her relationship with everyone in the show: Sisko, Julian, Worf, etc. One of my fav characters in all of Trekdom.

  • Alex G

    Facets is my personal favorite, seeing all the past hosts for the Dax sybmionts, especially Curzon was awesome. It was kind of like a Multi-Doctor Story, but with less time travel.

  • Sarah

    So many to choose from! A deep and rich character who was loyal, strong, passionate, and vulnerable. But dang if “Facets” wasn’t just great…because Colm Meaning and Rene Auberjonis and Avery Brooks along with Terry Farrell just killed each of their respective Dax.

    Bonus: Anytime Jadzia used a bat’leth.

  • Charlie

    I loved Jadzia in “Trials and Tribble-ations,” in part just because you could tell how much fun Terry was having – her joy was infectious. Plus I got a kick out of her observations of Kirk & Co.

  • Jonathan Hamilton

    “Worf, we may NEVER see each other again.”

    That moment of really bringing home the reality of war and what it does to people. Such a simple line, but so effective.

  • One of the moments that I keep coming back to with Dax is in “Tacking Into the Wind,” during the scene she has with Worf regarding Gowron’s madness. The line, “The Klingon Empire is dying, and I think it deserves to die,” hit me on so many levels. On the surface, it’s pretty close to what Kirk said in Star Trek VI (“Jim…they are dying.” / “Let them die!”). But once you look into what Dax says later in the conversation (“I see a society that is in deep denial about itself…”), you realize that you’ve agreed with Dax all along, ever since K’mpec was murdered waaaaay back in TNG. At least I did. Still one of the most profound and metatextual moments regarding the Klingons in Trek history.

  • David Dennis

    “Facets” –best use of the character.

  • ADeweyan

    I love Dax in Trials and Tribble-ations — the way she is nostalgic for the TOS period they’re visiting “I love classic 23rd century design!”

  • Du H

    My favorite Dax moment is when Jadzia teams up with Kor, Koloth and Kang.

  • Ravenclaw_Klingon_theMusical

    Although it’s obviously tough it’s probably the moment Jadzia laughs that she clasps her hands behind her back and explains it’s a habit from one of her previous hosts. What I adore is you can see Ezri doing that as well- it’s a silent show of how she is the next Dax and gives a nod to all her previous hosts!

  • HowieML

    There are too many from which to choose. I think that the character is known as “Old man” sums it up perfectly.
    Watching the series again now, I’ve gained a new appreciation for Ezri. I liked how alt universe Ezri saved Quark & Co in Emperors New Cloak because she learned loyalty from Quark and Bring of all people. A certain irony

  • twelfth

    I’ll also have to say Trials … her joy is obviously channeling everyone watching that episode to see the original stuff again.

  • Brandon A. Cowles

    My best Dax moment is when Jadiza interacted with all the former hosts.

  • Logan

    My fave moment was in Tribbulations, when she recognizes McCoy and remembers where. . . and why.

  • Patricio Gonzalez Rojas

    Please don’t forget the international viewers…. put in there subtitles and other dubbed languages.

  • Ian Fleming

    Favourite Dax moment? Pretty much all of her interactions with Sisko. I just loved that Sisko/Old Man dynamic. Especially when that aforementioned “Old Man” was a beautiful young woman.

  • D.J. Ammons

    My favorite Dax moment is one I haven’t seen yet. I have watched every episode of every Star Trek tv series at least once and most more than once with the excpetion of DS9. According to social media my lack of love for it the first time around was very misguided and I would love the opportunity to watch every episode of every season to see why I should love it also and to find my favorite Dax moment!

  • Brian Jones

    Dax in Tribbleations talking about how “he” is better looking in person. Sisko assumes Kirk, but she is speaking of Spock.

  • John Tenuto

    Thank you for the contest. A favorite moment is the episode “Rules of Acquisition” which shows Dax’s belonging among the Ferengi.

  • iMike

    My favorite Dax moment would be from “Trials and Tribble-ations.” Watching Dax remark on Spock’s looks and expressing an affinity for 23rd Century technology.

  • zkopp

    Jadzia in trials and tribbulations! The whole juxtaposition of her in that era was hilarious.

  • I think my favorite Dax moments were the ones she showed she could talk so easily to just about everyone; easily interacting with Quark, serious conversations with Sisko—there were very few people she couldn’t find common ground with and I loved that so much about her.

  • THX

    Best Dax moment was her scenes in trials and tribbulatins!!

  • bill norris

    When her and Worf were together

  • Mark Andersen

    Favorite Dax moment is “you are cordially invited”, mainly because I got a picture with her in the Klingon wedding dress at the 2014 convention in Vegas.

  • Dax + bat’leth in “The Way of the Warrior” from Season 4, Episode 1.

  • NJW

    Favorite Dax moment, is from “Let He Who Is Without Sin” when she says “Interspecies romance isn’t without it’s danger. That’s part of the fun.”

  • Jessica Shaffalo

    I love this moment in “Trials and Tribble-ations” between Jadzia Dax and Sisko:
    – “I had no idea.”
    – “What?”
    – “He’s so much more handsome in person. Those eyes!”
    – “Kirk had quite the reputation as a ladies’ man.”
    – “Not him. Spock!”

    Agreed, Jadzia!

  • Tribble8572

    So many great choices… I think I’m going to go with Blood Oath. I like how Dax still felt the oath in her heart despite the time that passed & that Jadzia hadn’t committed to it herself. Plus, her Klingon apparel & tough fighting skills alongside the DaHar masters made it really memorable.

  • Alex

    My favorite Dax moment was the whole romance arc between Jadzia and Worf, culminating in their wedding. It was a great development for both characters.

  • Rainbird Yand

    Best Dax moment was between Jadzia and Worf in the episode Change of Heart, when she was wounded in the jungle and she told him to complete the mission. Since she left the show at the end of the season anyway, it would have been nice if she had passed in this episode, making her death more meaningful.

  • Charlotte

    Any moment where Jadzia plays tongo with Quark. The thrill of her possibly beating him at a ferengi game always made me smile

  • Thierry Soucie

    Dax in Trials and Tribble-ations, talking about the mini-skirt and different era, different mindset. The whole “nostalgic/geek” side of her in that episode was great!

  • Jamie Greene

    When Curzon joined with Odo in Season 3’s “Facets” – I wanted them to stay like that forever and ever.

  • Craig Gardner

    More than a moment, but I really enjoyed the play between two Daxes (Daxi?), Jadzia and Yedrin, in Children of Time. A great episode all around!

  • G Yarley

    I honestly love the show too much to pick out any one moment, but honestly it’s the fact that Dax can live forever with the knowledge and wisdom from all the previous lives that makes the character great. Would love to rewatch the entire series from end to end again. The acting and the writing were fantastic.
    Loved the performances of the actors that got to play “Dax”.
    I think the best moment was when Jadzia helped the Klingons in “Blood Oath”.

  • Matt Campbell

    Jadzia and Kira had one of the coolest and
    most genuine Female friendships on Star Trek. I think a good example of this is their brief exchange in The Way of the Warrior after the Arthurian Holosuite program.

  • Cindy H.

    I really liked when Jadzia and Worf joined the Klingons on their ship for a spell and Jadzia 1000% held her own.

  • Neville Smeda

    So hard to choose a favorite Dax moment because I have so many. But my favorite episode for Jadzia is season 6’s “Change of Heart”. Love the banter between Jadzia and Worf on the shuttlecraft, the continued sarcasm while she is critically wounded, and the pure heartfelt moments between the two after they are rescued. I was actually devastated when Jadzia was killed, because she had such a positive presence among the crew. When Worf, O’Brien, Quark and Bashir go into battle to ensure Jadzia’s place in Sto’vo’kor (“Shadows and Symbols”), it underlines the huge love and friendship they all had for each other.

  • Michael G

    My favorite Dax moment has to be from “Dax” (pretty much the entirety of episode, ihmo). It’s a rough, early episode, (like every Trek show has) but I think it was the perfect episode to really get across the premise of the symbiont and the Trill in general. But the best moment has to be the coda, and Jadzia’s best lines: “There’s much of Curzon that’s still a part of me, that still remembers what you had together. I felt it was important to keep that promise. The General’s memory is cherished by your people.” That she was willing to potentially take the blame for Curzon’s supposed crime to protect Enina and the General’s legacy was utterly brilliant.

  • Thomas Hutchison

    The preparations for her wedding with Worf!

  • Kevin Bramblett

    Best Dad moment would be the When Dax was crushing over Spock instead of Kirk in trials and tribble-ations

  • dylan2k18

    During the episode ‘Trials and Tribble-ations,’ the temporal investigators ask for Captain Sisko, and Kira directs them to his office. Before they go in, Dax makes a joke about how temporal investigators are always on time. But this elicits absolutely no response from the apparently humorless investigators, who then go into the captain’s office. I laughed out loud at that exchange between Dax and the investigators, and its still one of my favourite Star Trek/Dax moments.

  • Dartanion74

    Probably my favorite Dax moment was the kiss scene with her former female host. I forget the episode name but it brought it up feelings and ideology that resonates today as the world has shifted to being progressive on how we feel as people toward each other regardless of where we come from, sex, religious background etc. Though that episode dealt with having ANY relationship with a previous spouse from a previous host -it nonetheless struck a cord.

  • ds9dragon

    Favorite Dax moment: I can’t believe someone else noticed it too. When she and Nog are jumping around dancing at her bachelorette party.

  • Chris A.

    My favorite moment was in “Change of Heart” where Jadzia is wounded and she and Worf chooses to stay with her rather than complete the mission. She shares some of the best emotional scenes she has in the entire history of their relationship.

  • Crystal Pisano

    Watching Dax deal with the weirdness and sexism of the original series in “Trials and Tribbleations” was great. She and Worf had a lot of great moments together too, the conversations they had when they were alone, when Worf made himself more vulnerable, were beautiful.

  • mrserling

    Without a doubt, Trials and Tribblations! I loved that Dax got to be the TOS fangirl — the one allowed to comment on how cool everything was and REALLY enjoy being there. It’s what we all would have wanted.

  • Kevin Palm

    My favorite Dax moment was from “Trials and Tribble-ations”. Not a specific moment, really, just seeing the delight on her face while she walked the corridors of the TOS Enterprise!

  • Dustin Kitchens

    Hard to pick one…but I’ve always loved Jadzia coming to grips with Curzon’s blood oath with Kang. That’s was the start of her ties with Klingon culture and Jadzia starting to find herself within the Dax legacy.

  • Tristan

    Sisko possessed by Dax and changing his voice to be creepy. Slamming his head into the forcefield. Scared me as a kid.

  • Chris russo

    I enjoyed all of them

  • Chris russo

    The should do a contest for voyager too

  • Chris russo

    I enjoy the most is the one episode when the gone on Kirk’so on enterprise

  • Chris russo

    I also liked season 7

  • Chris russo

    I also liked pilot episode too

  • Markus McLaughlin

    Trials and Tribbleations AND Emissary will always be my faves! 😀

  • James K

    Best Dax moment was when Ezri took command of her own ship the USS Aventine.

  • Connor

    Favorite Dax moment is when Jadzia Dax and Lenara Kahn share a kiss of love in 4×06 “Rejoined.” It was such a standout moment for me because it showed the audience that love transcends time and physical form. And it is an excellent peek into Trill society and customs.

  • Brandon Moore

    So many goods one in this thread already. Terry Farrell’s performance in “Invasive Procedures” has always stayed with me – from the moment of discovery and slowly-building horror when she figures out Verad’s plan to that final moment of tragic empathy for him.

  • William Raymer

    Jadzia’s “geeking out” on the original Enterprise in Trials and Tribble-ations. ‘Nuff said.

  • Em

    My favorite Dax scene is Jadzia’s confrontation with Joran in “Facets.” Not only is it actually scary but it shows how much Jadzia has grown and become nuanced in the last three seasons.

  • CFarmer

    Trials and Tribble-ations when Jadzia comments that she knew McCoy would become a great surgeon. Loved that bit!

  • Christine M

    So many, but peeking around the corner with Worf to look at Grilka is hysterical every time.