After first announcing their forthcoming Star Trek: Discovery special line of starship models back in September, Eaglemoss has now officially revealed the first twelve ships to be part of the larger-scale line.

We’ve known of course, that the Walker-class Shenzhou and Crossfield-class Discovery would be included since the program was announced, and even checked out the prototype designs of each ship at New York Comic Con in October. In November, revealed some more details on the ships at the Battle of the Binary Stars, and now the full first wave of models has been detailed.

The collection includes seven ships from the Federation Starfleet:

Images of the first two releases’ magazine covers and models are already detailed on the Eaglemoss UK site, with the Shenzhou arriving as Issue #1:

In addition to the seven Federation ships, there are also five Klingon vessels set to join the first Discovery Official Starships Collection as well, including the new Klingon Bird-of-Prey design (which will be Issue #4) and Qugh-class destroyers, seen as part of the Binary Stars battle fleet:

Surprisingly, T’Kuvma’s “Ship of the Dead” — also known as the Klingon Sarcophagus ship — is not part of this series; like the Narada from Star Trek ’09, its intricate design may be difficult to accurately reproduce using the current Eaglemoss production methods.

As Eaglemoss’ Ben Robinson put it, the Sarcophagus ship is “insanely more detailed” than seen on television:

Each ship will be available for individual purchase — the Discovery and Shenzhou can each be preordered now (US or UK) — or for those interested, the Discovery Official Starships Collection is also available as a subscription program to collect all the releases.

Watch for our review of these ships as they arrive throughout 2018!