After nearly a year of waiting, La-La Land Records has finally announced their long-desired Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Volume 2 soundtrack collection, another four-disc collection from the masters of Trek television soundtracks!

Arriving for sale next week — the collection will be available next Tuesday at 12PM PT — this set adds another huge swath of Deep Space Nine soundtrack music for us to love, sure to be a great follow-up to their 2013 first DS9 release.




What better way to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek Deep Space 9 than with the announcement of our Volume 2 cd release! This CD goes on sale next Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 12 pm PST.

The first 200 or so folks who purchase the CD through the website will receive a signed front tray card by composer Dennis McCarthy at no extra charge. First come, first served. There are no guarantees.

Here’s the full track listing, made available today:

Disc One: Music by Dennis McCarthy

1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (Seasons 4–7) (1:55) (Dennis McCarthy)

Q-Less #407
2. Q and V (2:05)

Battle Lines #413
3. Kai’s Wild Ride/The Kai Krashes/No Seatbelt (4:53)

Melora #426
4. Air Kiss (1:46)
5. Delvok Vulcan Etude (2:21)

The Wire #442
6. Mumblin’ Along/Psychobattle/Forgiving (6:53)

The Jem’Hadar #446
7. Cosmic Bullies (4:29)
8. These Guys Are Nasty/Kamikaze (5:31)

Past Tense, Part I #457
9. Sanctuary/Gabriel Bell (4:26)
10. Nom de Plume (2:29)

Hard Time #491
11. The Prisoner (2:00)
12. Assault/Ee’char’s Goodbye/The Hug (5:50)

For the Uniform #511
13. Ancient Technology (2:58)
14. No Javert, Me (4:40)

Blaze of Glory #521
15. The Mighty Bong (2:16)
16. Body Count (3:34)
17. Sacrifice/Ten Years (4:10)`

A Time to Stand #525
18. Rocky Start (1:22)
19. Be Very Careful (2:32)
20. Warpless (2:58)

Extreme Measures #573
21. Killer Tan (0:56)
22. Into the Light (2:30)
23. Curiosity Kills/Odo Defoliated/Bullseye (5:22)

Total Time – Disc One: 78:59

Disc Two: Music by Jay Chattaway

Past Prologue #404
1. On Screen* (1:25)
2. We’ll Be Waiting* (3:23)
3. Sisko and O’Brien Pursue* (4:53)

If Wishes Were Horses #416
4. Quark Locked Up (0:57)
5. Preparation for the Worst*/Rift Explodes?*/We Were Watching* (8:06)

Cardassians #425
6. He’s Bajoran/First Meeting (2:42)
7. Dukat Splits/Rugal Away*/So Long Garak (1:59)

The Maquis, Part I #440
8. Bomb Planter*/Confession Video (2:02)
9. Et Tu, Hudson?* (2:24)

Family Business #469
10. Ferengi Rumble (1:46)

The Adversary #472
11. Captain Sisko*/Scan Me Tender (2:22)
12. Look Down (2:19)
13. Phaser Sweep/Morphin’ Wall Banger/It’s Eddington? (7:25)

Rejoined #478
14. That Was My Wife/Lost in the Past (3:29)
15. The Big Experiment (2:36)
16. Swept Away (1:15)
17. All the Way (3:49)
18. Long Goodbye (1:34)

Tears of the Prophets #550
19. Point Man (1:24)
20. New Man/The Prophet Zone (2:34)
21. Old Red Eyes/Marching to Cardassia (1:37)
22. Let the Battles Begin (3:39)
23. Path of Destruction (3:12)
24. Tables Are Turned* (2:30)
25. Sad Homecoming/Goodbye Old Soldier (7:30)

Total Time – Disc Two: 77:57

Disc Three: Music by David Bell, Paul Baillargeon and Gregory Smith

Past Tense, Part II #458 (David Bell)
1. Recap Part 1 (1:35)
2. Troop Assault/Tell People the Truth/Sisko’s Quarters (3:35)

The Quickening #495 (David Bell)
3. See Picture of Your Baby/I Cancelled My Death for You (1:49)
4. Shut Everything Down! (2:52)
5. Baby Is Born/Trevean to Make Vaccine/Bashir Silent and Thoughtful (3:25)

Treachery, Faith and the Great River #556 (David Bell)
6. Get Above Them (1:59)
7. Last of Your Kind (3:43)
8. Weyoun Terminates Himself/I’m Going to Lose (3:07)

‘Til Death Do Us Part #568 (David Bell)
9. Umbra Teaser–Recap (1:37)
10. I Want to Marry You (Really)/With This Ring (3:51)

The Dogs of War #574 (David Bell)
11. Brunt Kisses Quark’s Hand/Zek Gives Staff to Rom/We’re Going to Have a Baby (4:41)

Shakaar #470 (Paul Baillargeon)
12. Shakaar’s Farm (1:25)
13. Sisko Refuses to Help (2:37)
14. The Ambush/The Phaser Shot/Sleep Well (4:34)

The Muse #493 (Paul Baillargeon)
15. Stories (1:34)
16. Quite a Kick (2:12)
17. Good Hands/You Should Rest (2:38)
18. Odo’s Vows (4:07)
19. I Need You/Time to Finish (1:52)
20. Onaya Escapes/By Jake Sisko* (3:54)

When It Rains… #571 (Paul Baillargeon)
21. Evil Text/Know Thine Enemies (4:22)

Honor Among Thieves #539 (Gregory Smith)
22. Farius Blues/Alley Alley in Free (2:34)
23. Alley Babble/Witness This (3:54)
24. Bank Shot (1:33)
25. S’Nuff of Flith/Mohammed Alley Punch (4:25)
26. Bye Bye Bilby/Litter Box O’Brien (3:53)

Total Time – Disc Three: 78:56

Disc Four: The Dark Side, Holo-Fantasies & Odds and Ends

Through the Looking Glass #466 (Jay Chattaway)
1. I Dream of Jennifer (Flute) (1:47)
2. Sisko Abducted (1:09)
3. Photographic Memory/Believe Me/Sisko Gets Lucky/Rom Squeals/Surrounded* (3:48)
4. The Great Escape (3:40)
5. The Big Shootout*/No Bluff (5:13)
6. I Dream of Jennifer (Oboe) (1:49)

Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang #566 (Jay Chattaway)
7. Get to Work/Ice Pack, Anyone? (1:00)
8. Black Widow (4:37)
9. Deal Me In/Greenback Galore*/After You, Sweetheart*/Poker Face*/Sisko Helps (1:34)
10. Nize Eyes Caper (2:53)
11. Last Minute Practice* (1:33)
12. Nize Eyes (2:19)
13. Best Laid Plans*/Caper Source/Time Running Out* (4:00)
14. Sly/Sly Zeemo Arrives (3:17)
15. Nog Cracker*/Strip Search*/Hologram’s Best Friend*/Frankie Goes Badda Bing (6:51)

Bonus Tracks

Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang #566 (Jay Chattaway)
16. Nize Eyes Caper (Alternate) (2:27)
17. Sly Zeemo Arrives (Alt Mix) (1:00)
18. Sly Zeemo Arrives (Alt Intro) (1:19)
19. Badda Bing Sweetener (Alt A) (0:51)
20. Badda Bing Sweetener (0:50)
21. Hologram’s Best Friend (Reprise)* (0:54)

Past Tense, Part II #458 (David Bell)
22. Speakeasy Source (1:10)

His Way #544 (Jay Chattaway)
23. Various Drum Hits (0:19)

Past Tense, Part 1 #457 (Dennis McCarthy)
24. Piano Sonata in C Major K. 545 (Andante) (Mozart) (3:16)

Melora #426 (Dennis McCarthy)
25. Delvok Vulcan Etude (Alt A) (2:14)

For the Uniform #511 (Dennis McCarthy)
26. Breen Nursery Rhyme (0:30)

Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places #501 (David Bell)
27. Japanese Flute Source With Koto (2:05)

Let He Who Is Without Sin… #505 (Paul Baillargeon)
28. Risian Harp (0:40)

Waltz #535 (Paul Baillargeon)
29. Ancients (1:55)

The Muse #493 (Paul Baillargeon)
30. Onaya’s Source (4:59)

31. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine End Credits (Seasons 4–7) (1:05) (Dennis McCarthy)

Total Time – Disc Four: 72:13

Next Tuesday, be sure to jump over to La-La Land’s website to place your order for this sure-to-be-a-hit Deep Space Nine collection, and watch for our review later this month as we venture back to the Gamma Quadrant with this new release!

  • Edgar Pinecone

    Suh-weet! Been looking forward to this one for a while. Day one purchase for sure.

  • Vger64

    I love me some La-La Land Soundtracks. What a fantastic job they have done. To bad it’s coming to an end. I believe the Last of the series is going to be the next Voyager set due out this year sometime. Anyone out there that doesn’t have any of these soundtracks needs to go to the La-La Land web site asap. STTNG Volume 1 is about gone along with DS9 Volume 1 close behind. These will be expensive to get on line after they are gone.

    • Johnny Five

      I think they said there may be an “Odds and Ends” type release later on with unreleased bits from a bunch of different Treks. Or am I remembering wrong?

      • Vger64

        Yesss… thank you!

  • Simon

    Was hoping for some more SACRIFICE OF ANGELS…needs a Volume 3!

    • zillabeast

      Wow, I’m shocked we get zero new tracks from the greatest hour of the series. Especially the moment in Ops when Dukat, staring at the view screen, realizes it’s all over and melts down. Big dissapointment!

      • Simon

        Good choice. Also, when Sisko charges the opening is my favorite riff on Holst’s “THE PLANETS – Mars God of War”. When Sisko confronts the Prophets and when the Dominion fleet vanishes, and the triumphant return of the crew to DS9. All are tracks I would love to have.

  • Jamie Thomas

    Hot on the heels of the 25th Anniversary of “Emissary” it’s great to see La La Land releasing another soundtrack set.
    I’ve bought all of their ENT, TNG, VOY and DS9 sets to date.
    I skipped the 50th anniversary set as I felt it was misjudged and contained some poor choices that, as a long term Trek fan didn’t represent the Star Trek universe, namely TNG-ENT. Although it was an interesting choice to put the Star Trek Borg score on a disc in the set, I really felt it should have been a solo disc release and a wasted opportunity in the set.
    La La Land even asked fans to submit suggestions for the 50th collection, some people posted a fantastic selection from all 5 series and not 1 track was included.

    I commend the team at La La Land for their hard work bringing us these collections, but I feel they still aren’t listening to the fans who buy these expensive sets.
    How many times do we need to request the “Azati Prime” score?

    Thank you

    • Edgar Pinecone

      I’d say we’re very likely to see some “Must have” tracks on the Odds and Ends release mentioned below. You have to try and make each release attractive, and if it was really just a “Here’s the leftover crap” sales wouldn’t be as strong. Same deal with putting Borg on the 50th, more sales than if it had been its own CD.


      • Muldfeld

        Yeah, but, realistically, there’s only so much they can and will fit onto one disc, so a better job needs to be done with each release. There’s absolutely no reason to include alternative tracks when literally ANY RANDOM PIECE OF COMPOSED MUSIC from the series will be preferable. Also, there’s a whole 5 minutes unused on the last disc that could’ve perfectly fit the end music from “Favor the Bold.” This is basic stuff.

    • Terrmal

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  • Filmeonkel

    It is a nice collection, overall maybe even more interesting than the first DS9 set.

    My only problem: In every collection so far, McCarthy and Chattaway have gotten a disc of their own. That’s really more than enough – and here, again, some tracks on disc 1 and 2 feel like they were scrounging for material. At the same time, David Bell – who has really done a lot of outstanding work on Trek – only gets a fraction of a disc. He should have gotten an entire disc this time around. At least we get the phenomenal “The Quickening”, but his early work on “Improbable Cause” was great as well and deserves release.

  • Christian Gomez

    Still no Anthem of the United Federation of Planets as composed by David Bell for the episode “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” :

  • Edgar Pinecone

    Looking again, I love the cover art but whoever slapped the DS9 logo on it is a lazy ass. Look at how they just lasso-cut it out in photoshop, accidentally removing several of the darker parts and didn’t bother to fix it. Damn son, you gettin’ overpaid.

  • Muldfeld

    How about the music that ends “Favor the Bold”? Ditto “Sacrifice of Angels” music. There was a really nice bit of music I heard when Kira recalls her dad dying in “Ties of Blood and Water”. Sometimes the subtler pieces are nicer than the loud stuff. I hope it has that foreboding music used in the last 10 episodes of the series, including when Odo tells Sisko off in “Dogs of War” about the Federation being okay with genocide, but something tells me that’s missing.

    Why take up space with silly background tracks? They could’ve fit that easily on Disc 4, which has nearly 6 minutes of empty space and that’s INCLUDING the nonsense nobody wants like “Various Drum Hits” or alternative takes. I’m grateful to have this release, but Thaxton kinda messed this opportunity up.