I’d been looking to purchase a new lamp for my Star Trek-themed office for some time, and it was nearly miraculous that I stumbled upon a product that was exactly what I needed, ThinkGeek’s Star Trek: The Next Generation “bridge set” lamp, complete with a tiny recreation of the Enterprise-D’s command center at its base – is this even real?

The lamp is shipped compactly in a box you can plan on keeping for future moves, but don’t be deceived upon opening – while the lamp initially looks smaller than what’s shown on the box and online, that’s only because it’s packed with the shade upside down!

The lamp is easily put together (once you’ve read the directions and realize the shade is upside down!) Measuring 18″ high and 8″ wide, this lamp fits easily nearly anywhere in the home. Just add a light bulb, find a spot on your table or desk, and you’re ready to pick up the latest Star Trek novel or get to work on revising your fan fiction!

But first, take a few moments to admire the detail of the TNG bridge, straight out of the Galaxy-class starship. The captain’s chair is flanked to the left by the chair of the First Officer, and the Counselor’s seat on its right. Conn and Ops sit at the front, and all have appropriate workstations where expected.

The five duty station consoles have the traditional LCARS system labeling in place to mimic the look of the original set, though the displays here aren’t the green-and-blue tones used during filming but rather features the purple-orange Voyager-era display color scheme.

There may be minimal discrepancies in the paint on this product, but there’s nothing too distracting except for a big product trademark stamped on the back of the lamp, which I didn’t notice right away. It would have been nice if this was placed on the underside of the lamp, as it’s pretty noticeable if you don’t have it up against the wall to hide the marking.

The lamp calls for a 40w or smaller type A bulb, and plugs into the wall via a 60inch cord (approximately) with a built-in switch (non-dimming), and while LEGO doesn’t make Star Trek figures, ThinkGeek specifically notes in their product description that mini figs will fit perfectly, so similar products from other companies are likely to as well!

Overall, I am thrilled with this lamp! It’s made a unique and wonderful addition to my personal Trek cave and provides the perfect amount of ambient light. Guests are delighted when they see the lamp, and so far everyone who has seen it in my home has asked me where I found it.

The Star Trek: TNG Bridge Set lamp – along with the companion Original Series bridge lamp — is a ThinkGeek exclusive and currently retails for $49.99.

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