Two of this past year’s big Star Trek projects each got a spotlight shown on them this week, with both Star Trek: Discovery and 2017’s Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken comic named as contenders for notable industry awards.

Costume designer Gersha Phillips discusses the new Terran Empire uniforms. (CBS)

Star Trek: Discovery costume designer Gersha Phillips was recognized for her work creating the new wardrobe for the freshman Trek series.

Nominated by the Costume Designers Guild in the category of Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Television, Phillips is going up in competition against Game of Thrones (HBO), Once Upon a Time (ABC), Sleepy Hollow (FOX), and coincidentally, the “USS Calister” episode of Black Mirror (Netflix).

In addition, IDW Publishing comic series Star Trek: The Next Generation — Mirror Broken picked up two nominations from the 2017 Diamond Gem Awards, which are selected by comic book specialty retailers and celebrated within the comic book industry as an important award honoring sales success.

Written by Scott and David Tipton with art by J.K. Woodwardthe debut issue released in May was nominated for “2017 Best Free Comic Book Day Book,” and Mirror Broken #1 has been nominated as “2017 Comic Book of the Year” for issues priced under $3.99.

Speaking of both Discovery and the Mirror Universe — here’s a new video detailing the behind-the-scenes process into developing this new iteration of Terran Empire garb.

  • SpaceCadet

    Congrats to them! Now I wonder if Discovery will get much Emmy love? Probably for the technical categories but acting, writing, series, I’m guessing no.

    • AmiRami

      I may be mistaken on this but I believe TNG was the first ever first run syndication show to get a nomination for best drama or whatever its called. Sometimes the award shows can surprise you.

      • SpaceCadet

        That is correct, and that was great but TNG was at its height of mainstream popularity. And the 7th season for which it was nominated, was hardly its best season. Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner should have racked up acting nominations and even won, but that never happened which is a travesty, as is the fact that the writing and acting on DS9 was always ignored. But yeah, maybe we’ll be surprised. I think in particular Martin-Green, Isaacs, and Jones should get recognition.

        • AmiRami

          I guess my point is this. The stigma around non-broadcast shows no longer exists. These days House of Cards or Game of Thrones is more likely to get a nomination then, say, CSI enter city here. An actor like Jason Isaacs would never had signed on to a show like Trek back in the day because back in the day it was considered low bar. IMHO JJ’s Trek trilogy changed all that when it made an A list celebrity out of Chris Pine. So I think DIS has a better chance at a nomination than any other Trek series before it did. Just my $0.02.

          • SpaceCadet

            Well, I certainly hope so. The Emmys regularly honor Game of Thrones but that is a massively popular show and considered a prestige drama so it can’t be ignored. But then the Emmys also ignored other quality shows like The Good Fight also on CBS All Access and Legion on FX so they’re just very inconsistent.

          • AmiRami

            Welp time will tell!!!

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            “An actor like Jason Isaacs would never had signed on to a show like Trek back in the day…”

            Scott Bakula and Avery Brooks just called to say, hello!

            Whoops! 😉

    • Nowhereman10

      Unfortunately, the sci-fi, horror. and fantasy genre series still face a great deal of prejudice in the industry, even though they have raked in billions of dollars over the decades and produced a great many critically acclaimed stories.

      Star Wars got that treatment by sweeping seven academy awards, but was dissed for the Best Picture award at the Oscars. It wasn’t until the final Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movie “The Return of the King” that a movie of those genre categories finally won Best Picture.

      Star Trek has been given lip service nods at the Oscars for decades, a number of nominations, but no wins until Star Trek 2009. And then it was for a technical award for best make up.

      • SpaceCadet

        Right. Sadly genre productions (and comedies too) getting recognition are the exception and not the norm.

      • Victorinox

        ST Beyond should’ve won Best Makeup. They gave it to Suicide Squad…. WTF was that about? 🙁

        • Nowhereman10

          You got me. There was nothing there interesting or as elaborate as the makeup and the associated practical effects seen in Beyond.

          • Kirksdeadjim

            I dunno about that.The makeup fx for Killer Croc was very elaborate and all done without cgi.

      • Leonard Nimoy was nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for all three years that he was on TOS. He didn’t win, but for a science fiction actor even to be nominated in 1966 was a very big deal.

        Shatner wasn’t nominated for anything, and reports are that he was Not Amused. 🙂