For all you Star Trek Online gamers itching to have the ships and tech from Star Trek: Discovery join you on your digital missions, ArcGames announced today that a new Discovery Lock Box is up for grabs to enhance your gaming experience with all the newest Trek tech.

The new Discovery Lock Box will include the primary Federation and Klingon ships seen in the opening season, including the Crossfield-class Science Vanguard based on the USS Discovery.

The Crossfield Science Vanguard comes equipped with a Console – Universal – Mycelium Ambush. When this console’s power is activated, your starship’s weapons will be temporarily disabled as your ship instantaneously moves forwards to a destination some distance from your current position.

Upon arrival at your destination, a pulse of energy is discharged, impeding the engines of nearby ships while enhancing your own starship’s weapons for a brief period. After a few seconds, multiple payloads of torpedoes are released, and your starship’s weapons are briefly disabled again in order to instantaneously move backwards to your original position.

Also available is the Walker-class Light Exploration Cruiser, based on the USS Shenzhou, from the Lobi Store:

Light Exploration Cruisers come equipped with a Console – Universal – Obfuscation Screen. This unique suite of sensor screens succeeds in convincing nearby foes that your starship has been disabled, though it comes with the requirement of holding the ship in place and preventing all abilities from being activated. During this period of time, your ship’s hull and shields will rapidly replenish.

On the Klingon front, you’ll have access to the Sarcophagus Dreadnought Carrier, based upon T’Kuvma’s Ship of the Dead:

Sarcophagus Dreadnought Cruisers come equipped with a Console – Universal – Multi-Target Tractor Arrays. These tractor arrays were initially designed to facilitate the retrieval of fallen warriors, for preparation and storage aboard the Sarcophagus, but has since been weaponized to debilitate and damage foes in close-quarters ship combat.

When this console’s power is activated, specially mounted Tractor Beam Arrays capable of immobilizing and debilitating nearby foes will activate over a brief period of time.

Along with these new ships, you’ll also have access to gear from the new series, including the Mudd Outfit, the Starfleet phaser rifle, and the impressive Starfleet Environmental Suit for your characters as well.

The new Discovery Lock Box, and the new Discovery Lobi Store items, will go live on Star Trek Online begining January 23.

SOURCEStar Trek Online Blog