Our friends at FanSets, the pin design company who has been releasing Star Trek character and ship pins for the last few years — including a popular series of Star Trek: Discovery pins — has revealed a few upcoming new designs coming over the next two months, including one teased since last fall.

First up is a new Original Series design coming February 15, familiar to anyone who grew up watching classic Star Trek over the air, long before the days of Netflix or Blu-rays.

At the end of February, the company finally makes its first foray into the Star Trek Kelvin Timeline with their long-awaited Jaylah character pin, first teased all the way back in September.

In March, the Delta Quadrant’s favorite Talaxian joins the FanSets Star Trek: Voyager roster, as their first Neelix pin goes up for sale on March 15.

Later in March, the company will also be debuting the first official Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 25th Anniversary pin, which will be officially unveiled in the next few weeks. They also produced last year’s TNG 30 badge.

We expect it to be based upon the DS9 25 logo, rendered here as a flat graphic:

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, FanSets has already teased on social media that ship pins based upon the USS Franklin from Star Trek Beyond, the Constitution-class Enterprise from Star Trek (2009), and the refit USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture will be coming:

No word yet on availability plans for the Star Trek Beyond Jim Kirk pin teased last fall, but the company has also confirmed that pin designs based on Deep Space Nine’s Vorta villain Weyoun, Voyager pilot Tom Paris, Enterprise‘s Denobulan doctor Phlox, and the Kelvin Timeline Pavel Chekov (based upon Anton Yelchin) are all on the way as well.

Regarding additional Discovery characters, plans are already in motion for renders of Admiral Cornwell, Emperor Georgiou, and the Mirror Universe versions of Danby Connor and Sylvia Tilly (aka “Captain Killy”).

If any of your favorite Trek regulars are still missing from the FanSets lineup, the company vowed on Twitter last week that all main characters from the Trek shows will be produced before the Trek line concludes.

Overall, FanSets has plans for at least 20+ characters from the pre-Discovery films and television shows, along with three more waves of Discovery pins in their plans, according to a January 1 tweet — along with their remaining Discovery “episode pins” — so for you collectors, your Star Trek pin sets are only going to keep growing!

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