Sunday brings us the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, but before the show wraps up for the year there’s still another week of news to cover!

Several of the Discovery cast made appearances on video this week as we approach the end of the season, starting with Anthony Rapp who appeared on CBS’s The Talk today to talk about his role on the show.

Here’s a preview of that interview released by CBS today:

Sonequa Martin-Green also stopped by local Los Angeles news station KTLA to talk about the series, and the recent adventures in the Mirror Universe.

SPOILER ALERT! This interview with Martin-Green includes a look ahead to this Sunday’s “The War Without, The War Within,” so if you’re trying to avoid any previews of this next episode, keep on reading down this article!

Shazad Latif (Tyler/Voq) spent time with The Hollywood Reporter, discussing his challenges with Klingon makeup and learning how to speak the language of the warrior race.

This interview was filmed before the reveal of Lorca’s true nature — that he’s from the Mirror Universe — so watch for Latif to deftly sidestep the “theory” when brought up by the reporter.

An officer of two ships called Shenzhou, actor Sam Vartholomeos (Danby Connor) released this behind-the-scenes clip of fight rehearsal from “The Wolf Inside,” as he and Martin-Green prepared to battle to the death in the ISS Shenzhou‘s turbolift.

Finally, both Martin-Green and Mary Chieffo (L’Rell) stopped by CBS’s official Star Trek: Discovery Facebook page this evening to answer questions about the last few Mirror Universe episodes.

Unfortunately we’re not able to embed the video here — click on the preview image to jump to the Star Trek: Discovery Facebook Live video.

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The second Star Trek: Discovery prequel novel, “Drastic Measures,” arrives this coming Tuesday from longtime Trek author Dayton Ward.

Set ten years before the Battle of the Binary Stars, the tale finds then-Commander Georgiou and then-Lt. Commander Lorca working to battle the devastating work of Kodos the Executioner on Tarsus IV, a situation first described in the Original Series episode “The Conscience of the King.”

You can lock in your order at Amazon now, and watch for our review next week!

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Filming on Season 1 of Discovery concluded back in October, but all the way back in January 2017, Toronto’s International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local #873 revealed this past year’s filming window, and once again, the IATSE site has a slot open for Discovery — aka “Green Harvest” — targeting a start in April 2018.

In addition, Canada-based, which tracks filming schedules for production in Vancouver and Toronto, has also noted the upcoming production with an April 16 kick-off in their tracker.

With producers hoping for an early 2019 launch of the second year of the show, an eight-month window from filming to debut would mirror Discovery Season 1 almost identically, which started filming January 2017 and debuted in September of last year.

TrekCore has not yet independently verified this information, but with the lengthy post-production timeline needed for Discovery episodes, and with Season 2 development in progress since mid-November — and the track record from IATSE’s site last year — it seems like a reasonable estimate.

We’ll continue to follow all looks ahead to Season 2 throughout the next few months.

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Composer Jeff Russo’s “Season 1, Chapter 1” Discovery soundtrack, which debuted as a digital download back in December — check out our review if you missed it! — is now available as a physical release on CD from Lakeshore Records.

Once Discovery Season 1 has concluded, a second digital release will arrive featuring music from the second half of the season; a special vinyl release with selections from all of Discovery Season 1 will follow later in 2018.

If you’re an avid Trek soundtrack collector like us, you can pick up a copy for yourself using the links below.

S1 Soundtrack:
Chapter 1 (MP3)

S1 Soundtrack:
Chapter 1 (CD)