We’re continuing our coverage of Toy Fair 2018 here in New York City by checking out Round2 Corp. — parent company to perennial Star Trek model lines AMT and Polar Lights — and what they’ve got on the docket for the upcoming year.

First up is a set of AMT starship kits which have recently debuted, the 1:1400-scale Vor’cha-class Klingon battle cruiser and 1:750-scale Galor-class Cardassian vessel, a pair of glue-together model kits which each measure over a foot long when assembled.

Each of these two AMT models includes appropriate decal labels and a species-themed metal stand for display.

In addition, packaging for an upcoming Star Trek: The Motion Picture-era Constitution-class USS Enterprise was on display — set to debut in March — measuring a whopping 22″ at 1:537-scale. Included with the starship will be a shuttlecraft with variant label options.

Also debuting at the Round2 display is a pair of snap-together model kits from their Polar Lights line. The new USS Defiant and USS Grissom + Klingon Bird-of-Prey models are each set at 1:1000-scale, and will also include pennants, labels, and other appropriate hull markings.

Note that these two products’ box artwork is still in the prototype phase and is not finalized for production — the Oberth-class ship featured is not the USS Oberth, but in fact the USS Grissom from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. This will certainly be corrected by release.

The Defiant model is due out first, coming this April, with the Grissom / Bird-of-Prey set for a May 2018 release.

These two Polar Lights releases are some of the first Star Trek products to wear the new 2018 Trek packaging design, featuring the sharp white and solid-color styling and including an artists’ rendition of the series’ lead character in the corner.

We also saw some other Trek toys wearing these new box designs at Toy Fair, which we’ll note as we continue our coverage of the trade show this weekend!