As we reported last week, long-defunct toy company Mego is returning to market this summer, with a series of retro character figures in the style of their classic 1970s design.

The company will be debuting their new wares at San Diego Comic Con this Friday, where much more information about the revived Star Trek line, including details on the planned characters the company will be releasing.

While the first figures won’t hit Target stores — the exclusive US retailer for Mego’s revival — until July 29, we’ve got the first member of the new Mego Trek line here at TrekCore HQ: classic Trek’s Lt. Sulu, a character not part of the original Mego Trek lineup.

The 8″ figure is constructed in the same manner as the classic Trek Mego characters, with multiple points of articulation, fabric uniform tunics and pants, and a set of Starfleet landing party gear on a plastic belt.

The clothing is removable, and the uniform shirt (with rank stripes) fastens in place via a Velcro clasp in the back of the figure.

The Type II phaser, communicator, and tricorder are all a pale blue-green color, with decent detailing for their small sizes. The phaser and communicator can be mounted in a removable utility belt which clips around the waist of the figure, and can be held in the character’s hand as well.

The tricorder can be removed from the shoulder position with a lift of the arm, though it’s a bit too large to be gripped by the figures’ molded hands.

Unlike some other action figure releases, the Mego Trek figures have enough articulation points to let the character sit in a relatively “comfortable” position, without having to bend any part of the figure to widely-splayed or strangely angled states.

Here’s several additional photos of the new Lt. Sulu figure for your review:

The new Star Trek Mego figures hit Target stores on July 29 — and while the Sulu card notes additional characters like the Gorn and Romulan Commander, we expect a number of additional Trek releases to be announced at this Friday’s Comic Con panel.

We’ll bring you all the Trek news from Mego as it breaks — until then, here’s our homemade recreation of a famous Sulu scene from “The Naked Time.” Turns out this Sulu figure works out!

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