Long-closed toy company Mego is returning to business this month, and as we reported last week, they’re bringing their 1970s-styled Star Trek action figure toys back to market as well.

We already showed you their new Lt. Sulu figure earlier this week, and today the company has announced the rest of the classic Trek characters that will be part of the first wave of retro figures hitting Target stores: Captain Kirk in his Mirror Universe uniform, Mirror Spock, and Ensign Chekov.

Mirror Universe Star Trek, The bridge crew from one of the most significant sci-fi series of all time aims to keep the peace in the universe, and this box set will include Captain Kirk and his first officer, Spock.

They will be wearing their Star Trek Mirror Universe outfits—and you certainly can’t have one without the other!

Mr. Chekov, a classic character from Star Trek: The Original Series, is featured wearing his distinct federation uniform.

Not only navigator of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Chekov also comes equipped with a Phaser and tricorder to help keep the iconic spaceship on course.

Sulu, originally portrayed by George Takei, in Star Trek: The Original Series is featured wearing his classic federation uniform. Sulu is known for bringing peace to the intergalactic universe as helmsman of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

His new action figure comes equipped with a to-scale Phaser, as Sulu is always ready for more Star Trek action.

These first three Star Trek releases will be available exclusively at Target stores in the United States beginning July 29, where they will be limited in quantity to 10,000 units each.

The Sulu and Chekov figures will be priced at $19.99, while the Mirror Universe two-pack will sell for $29.99. Additional figures from the Mego Star Trek line will follow in October and November of this year.

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