During STLV week at the beginning of August, longtime Star Trek model company Eaglemoss had not only the next few special releases on display at their convention booth in Las Vegas, but they also looked ahead to the next several months of special releases with new announcements from Trek television and film properties across the franchise.

Before we get into the early-look ships we checked out on site in Las Vegas, let’s first look ahead to some of Eaglemoss’ new announcements from the convention, starting with the long-awaited Earth Spacedock model fans have been waiting for months to hear about.

While there was no prototype yet available to view, Eaglemoss’ Ben Robinson told us that the space station model, once completed, will be about “as tall as the XL Voyager is long” — putting it at about 10 inches — and will have a central base display stand (similar to the K-7 Station).

Next up is the first Star Trek Kelvin Timeline shuttle set, featuring four shuttlecraft from the recent big-screen films — including the USS Kelvin medical shuttle, the Starfleet Academy transport shuttle, the USS Enterprise passenger shuttle (all three from the 2009 film), and the shuttlecraft Warrant from Star Trek Into Darkness.

The next four subscriber-sized ships have also been announced, including Dala’s freighter from “Live Fast and Prosper” (#135), the Keldon-class Cardassian ship from “Defiant” (#136), the Enterprise-era Xindi-Primate vessel from “E²,” and the Miranda-class USS Lantree destroyed in “Unnatural Selection” (#138).

In the Star Trek: Discovery line, the company announced that the fifth release would be Gabriel Lorca’s Yeager-class USS Buran (seen in “What’s Past is Prologue”), followed by the Klingon Qugh-class destroyer seen in “Battle at the Binary Stars,” among other episodes. Plans were also mentioned for Discovery-era Starbase One, and of course, the new USS Enterprise starship as well.

Both the Buran and Qugh-class ships are still in the early prototype phase, but reader James Keane was able to snag a few snaps of the early-development models from Eaglemoss’ presentation in Las Vegas.

In addition to these previously-unannounced Star Trek models, we also got a hands-on look at several of Eaglemoss’ soon-to-arrive releases from across their Trek line of ships, starting with the next two XL-sized starships, the Excelsior-class Enterprise-B and the Miranda-class Reliant.

We also got to check out a few of more upcoming ships, including the Vulcan cruiser and USS Europa from Discovery, the Trek ’09 USS Kobayashi Maru, the Rick Sternbach-designed USS Voyager prototype, and the convention-exclusive Crossfield-class USS Glenn.

Finally, we also got a good look at some upcoming exclusive gifts which will be going out to subscribers to the Star Trek: Discovery model program, including a four-inch Ripper the Tardigrade statuette, and dedication plaques for both the USS Shenzhou and USS Discovery.

Phew — that’s a lot of stuff coming in the next several months, and that’s not even taking into account whatever new ships will follow in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, additional unannounced XL-sized starships, more monthly subscription ships….

We’ve seen that early subscribers are already starting to receive the XL Enterprise-B and the Sternbach Voyager prototype ships over in the UK, and we’ll have our own XL Enterprise-B review here at TrekCore soon!