While we may have never met the “real” Terran Empire Sylvia Tilly in Star Trek: Discovery’s journey to the Mirror Universe last season, Mary Wiseman’s alternate counterpart – nicknamed ‘Captain Killy’ by her enemies’ – is landing in Star Trek Online in a new expansion coming this month.

‘Captain Killy’ as seen in “Despite Yourself.”

Here’s today’s announcement from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment about “Mirror of Discovery,” landing for PC players on January 23.

Star Trek Online will continue its journey into the Star Trek: Discovery universe with Mirror of Discovery, a new update launching on PC January 23 and later on consoles. This month marks nine years since Cryptic Studios released the free-to-play MMORPG, inviting Captains from around the world to explore the iconic Star Trek universe from within.

The dev team celebrates this milestone with the next chapter in Age of Discovery, a continuing saga based on the CBS television series, Star Trek: Discovery. When Mirror of Discovery launches later this month, fans will come face-to-face with Captain Killy (voiced by Mary Wiseman from the show), the ruthless leader of the Terran Empire’s I.S.S. Discovery and mirror version of everyone’s favorite Starfleet Cadet, Sylvia Tilly.

Players will finally learn what happened to Killy and her crew after their Terran starship crossed into the Prime Universe while exploring new content, including two new Discovery-themed featured episodes, anniversary challenges and an update to the game’s Endeavors System.

They’ve also dropped a new teaser trailer featuring the ISS Discovery and her intimidating captain.

This is Mary Wiseman’s second role in the online game, following her first contribution as Cadet Sylvia Tilly in this past summer’s “Age of Discovery” expansion.

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