Trek Artifacts 1967 Leaf Trading Card Set


PUBLISHED: Nov 13, 2006
AUTHOR: Greg Jones

We continue our look at the Leaf Trading Card set with cards 47 to 54. For the original article containing information on the card set and images of the packaging, click here.

Another difficult to identify shot, probably from "Shore Leave", with a silly caption. A non-episode synopsis. They just keep getting sillier.
Another one of my favorites; the picture looks like it's from "The Galileo Seven", but it's the caption that puts this one over the top. A decidedly non-sensical, non-episode synopsis.
Another shot from "Where No Man Has Gone Before" with a caption that is at once generic, yet appropriate for a photo from the second pilot--the beginning of Star Trek as we know it. A non-episode synopsis. Sometimes I wonder if these were written by 7-year olds.
Hilarious photo & caption combo, especially since McCoy looks wide awake! Shot could be from a variety of episodes, possibly "The Man Trap". A non-episode synopsis, and a gibberish-laden one at that.
Nice promo shot of Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, no doubt from an early episode--probably "The Corbomite Maneuver"--due to her lighter-toned gold uniform. This shot is definetely not from "Shore Leave". The Enterprise as a "helpless planet"? Never saw it...since it never happened.
Cool publicity still taken on the set of "The Naked Time" (see card #1) with an improvised caption. A non-episode synopsis.
A bizarre shot from "The Alternative Factor". A non-episode synopsis.
Another weird photo & caption combo. I have no idea what episode this might be from; the lighting suggests an oddly posed publicity still. Another "painful" non-episode synopsis.

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