Trek Artifacts 1967 Leaf Trading Card Set


PUBLISHED: Sept 25, 2006
AUTHOR: Greg Jones

We continue our look at the 1967 Leaf Trading Cards with cards 19 through 28.  The introductory article to these artifacts can be read here. For a listing of all our Artifacts articles, visit our Specials Index.

This looks like either a posed publicity still or an outtake-style shot from "The Galileo Seven". The oversized ax prop was never actually seen in the episode. Non-episode plot synopsis, no doubt indspired by the photo.
This shot almost looks like it's from the second season (?). Might be from "The Man Trap" or a posed publicity still. A non-episode plot synopsis, although it describes plot elements similar to "The Man Trap" and the 3rd season episode "The Lights Of Zetar", which wasn't made until two years after this card was produced.
This looks like a posed publicity still taken on the set of either "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" or "The Devil In The Dark". A non-episode plot synopsis. How does one fight light with their bare hands?!
An action shot from "Where No Man Has Gone Before" with an inappropriate caption. A non-episode (but...creative) plot synopsis.
My favorite card of the set. Looks like either an outtake or the cast fooling around between takes on the set of "The Galileo Seven". mean you never saw this episode? That's because it never happened. Although it might have been done on "Lost In Space".
This shot could be from any number of episodes; your guess is as good as mine. A non-episode synopsis that uses elements from "The Naked Time" and "Tomorrow Is Yesterday".
No...we're not! A shot from "Mudd's Women". A rare case of a real episode synopsis to go with the proper episode depicted on the front; although the women are inaccurately describes as "prisoners" and Harry Mudd is referred to incorrectly as "Dr. Mudd".
This is proabably a publicity stll from "Where No Man Has Gone Before". A non-episode plot synopsis that describes plot elements similar to those later used in the 3rd season episode "The Mark Of Gideon".
This is likely a shot from "The Alternative Factor". A non-episode synopsis, although the "burning tunnel" sounds similar to the Horta's tunnel from "The Devil In The Dark".
Looks like another posed publicity still from "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Note Spock's gold collar and Sulu's blue uniform (or a greyscale version of it). A non-episode synopsis with plot elements similar to those in "The Enemy Within" and "What Are Little Girls Made Of?".

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