Trek Artifacts 1967 Leaf Trading Card Set


PUBLISHED: Nov 2, 2006
AUTHOR: Greg Jones

We continue our look at the 1967 Leaf Trading Cards with cards 40 through 46.  For the original article containing information on the card set and images of the packaging, click here.

A shot from "Shore Leave"; look closely between the heads of Kirk and Spock and you can see the head of Yoeman Barrows with the medieval princess headdress on. Another goofy non-episode synopsis. Why would the Enterprise crew take such a voyage if they'll remember nothing and make no record of it?
A shot from "The Galileo Seven" with a somewhat accurate caption. I almost wish this had been an episode. What a big joker Spock is!
Phis shot could be from any number of episodes--probably from "Shore Leave" or "This Side Of Paradise". A non-episode synopsis for TOS, but this idea was actually used in a Voyager episode with the The Doctor's personality inhabiting 7 of 9.
A shot from "The City On The Edge Of Forever" with, ironically, an appropriate caption. A non-episode synopsis that touches on plot elements from "The City On The Edge Of Forever" which is depicted in the front photo.
A shot from "The Galileo Seven" with an erroneous caption. A non-episode synopsis which at least mentions the name of the Galileo 7 shuttlecraft.
I guess Spock really is a big joker! A follow-up to card #41, this is also a shot from "The Galileo Seven" with an oddball caption. One of my favorites. A non-episode synopsis follow up to card #41. That Spock...what a rib-tickler!
This shot could be from a variety of episodes. If I had to guess I'd saw "The Enemy Within" or "The Naked Time". At least the caption's appropriate. A non-episode synopsis...and a pretty lame one at that.

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