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In High School, she was a year round athlete participating in soccer, basketball, and track. She graduated with honors from UCLA in sociology. She appeared in the “Deep Space Nine" episode “Sons and Daughters” as the Klingon “N'Garen”. Her other appearances included  "Night Stalker", “The Honeymooners” movie (2005), “Bad Boys II” movie (2003), “Bring It On” movie (2000), and "7th Heaven".

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LAST WEEK'S ANSWER: Julie Cobb played "Yeoman Thompson" in the episode: "By Any Other Name" in the Original Star Trek. She is the daughter of Lee J. Cobb and the ex-daughter-in-law of Harry Morgan. She was married to James Cromwell (Star Trek: First Contact), her daughter is Rosemary Morgan, who played "Piri" in the Voyager episode "The Chute".

NEW QUESTION: What actress played a member of the Maquis, A Klingon general’s wife, and a member of Romulan Senate?