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A woman of many talents, Aside from acting the part of Yeoman Martha Landon in the original Star Trek episode "The Apple”, she has been very successful in a variety of fields: modeling, acting, talent management, commercial real estate, cat breeding, and as a speaker/lecturer. She is an adjunct professor of nutrition at the Pacific Western University. Her film credits include A New Kind of Love (1963), The Nutty Professor (1963), The Face of Eve (1968), as Ellen, in the Elvis Presley movie "A Little Less Conversation".

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LAST WEEK'S ANSWER: Tracee Lee Cocco, appeared in Star Trek Generations, TNG episodes: Descent Part I, Disaster, Inheritance, Lower Decks, Parallels, Rascals, Redemption Part I, Reunion, Schisms, and Unification Part 1 and Part 2.

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