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Denise Crosby was born in Hollywood, California, in November 24, 1957. She is the granddaughter of the famous Bing Crosby. She posed for Playboy magazine in March 1979. Denise originally tried out for Deanna Troi, but the producers decided she would be a better Tasha Yar. She quit after playing Security officer Tasha Yar in season one (The Next Generation, 1987). She repeated the role of Tasha in an alterative universe in "Yesterday's Enterprise" (1990) and in the final episode "All Good Things..."(1994). She also played Tashas' daughter "Commander Sela" in "Unification" (1991). Denise had many TV appearances, including recurring roles in "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman", "NYPD Blue", and "The District". She also twice appeared in the "Red Shoe Diaries" and was an Executive Producer of the "Trekkies" (1997) and "Trekkies 2" (2004) movies. (A personal note - she is even more attractive in person than she in TV, I met and talked with her at a Star Trek convention).

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