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Jennifer Barlow served on the USS Enterprise-D, as Ensign Gibson, the Flight Control Officer, in "Dauphin" (TNG). She is credited as appearing in "Creep Tales" (2004), and "Dance of Desire" (1996). Her television credits include "Beverly Hills, 90210","The Golden Palace", "The Facts of Life" and "Days of Our Lives".

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  • Alyce Andrece, "Alice" Android in "I Mudd" (TOS).

  • Rhae Andrece, "Alice" Android in "I Mudd" (TOS).

  • Kay Elliot, "Stella Mudd" Android, Mudd's wife, in "I Mudd" (TOS).

  • Maureen Thornton, "Barbara" Android in "I Mudd" (TOS).

  • Colleen, Thornton, "Barbara" Android, in "I Mudd" (TOS).

  • Star Wilson, "Maisie" Android, in "I Mudd" (TOS).

  • Tamara Wilson, "Maisie" Android, in "I Mudd" (TOS).

  • Fionnula Flanigan, "Julianna Odonnell Song Tainer", an android copy of a human scientist that helped created Data, in "Inheritance" (TNG)

  • Hallie Todd, "Lal", A Soong-type android constructed by Data in "Offspring" (TNG).
    Louise Sorel, "Rayna Kapec", an android built by Flint, an immortal, in "Requiem For Methuselah" (TOS)

  • Sherry Jackson, "Andrea", an android built by archaeologist Roger Korby on Exo III, in "What Are Little Girls Made Of? (TOS).

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