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Jolene Blalock was the beautiful Vulcan who graced Starship Enterprise NX-01. She appeared as Commander T'pol in the four years of Enterprise. She has been a recurring character in "Stargate SG-1". She also performed in the popular shows "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "JAG". In 2005, she was an attractive assistant district attorney in the movie "Slow Burn".

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LAST WEEK'S ANSWER: Jill Sayre was Mardah, A Bajoran Dabo girl at Quark's, whom Jake dated for a time. She was four years older than him. They broke up when she was accepted to the science academy on Regulus II, "Abandoned" (DS9).

NEW QUESTION: What actress appeared in Voyager as an alien, and whose mother appeared in the original Star Trek as a Yeoman?