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Shauna appeared as “Omag's Woman” in “Unification 1 & 2” (TNG). She was known as “Stevie Jean” when she appeared as the Penthouse Pet of the Month in January 1992. Her movies included two movie series “Bare Wench” and “Emmanuelle”. She also appeared in the following movies, “Scandal: The Big Turn On” (2000), “The Mistress Club” (1999), and “Black Widow Escort” (1998).

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LAST WEEK'S ANSWER: Jill Jacobson, was “Chalan Aroya” in DS9’s “Broken Link”, and Vanessa in TNG’s “The Royale”.

NEW QUESTION: In Q's anti-time future, “Jessel” was the elderly, cantankerous housekeeper working for Data while he taught at Cambridge University. Who was the actress who played “Jessel”? Hint: she also played “Mrs. Carmichael”.