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Susanna Thompson is a women for all seasons. She was the Borg Queen in Voyager’s “Unimatrix Zero" and “Dark Frontier", she was the trill “Lenara Kahn” in DS9's “Rejoined”, the inmate “Jaya” in The Next Generation’s episode “Frame of Mind” and the Romulan “Varel” in “The Next Phase” (TNG). She has had recurring roles in "NCIS”, “The Book of Daniel”, “Medical Investigation”, “Still Life”, and “Once and Again”. Her movies included “American Pastime (2007)”, “The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005)” and “Dragonfly (2002)”. Susanna also appeared in "Without a Trace", "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation","Jake in Progress", and "Law & Order: Special”.

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