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Amy Michelle Earhart appeared as a Vulcan delegate in the ST: Enterprise episodes "Demons" and "Terra Prime". She also appeared in the following movies: Return of Pink Five (2006), Sith Apprentice (2005), Quest for the Yeti (2004), Pink Five Strikes Back (2004), and the Hooves of Destiny (2003).

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LAST TIME'S ANSWER: In the Enterprise episode "Cogenitor" the actresses were: Larissa Laskin as Calla, Stacie Lynn Renna as Traistana, Laura Stepp as Veylo, and Becky Wahlstrom as the Cogenitor.

NEW QUESTION: What actress during, the battle with the Duras sisters in Star Trek Generations, was hit by debris, requiring Deanna Troi to take the conn? She returned to bridge just as saucer section began its descent towards Veridian III.


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