Paramount Home Entertainment’s German website has revealed the bonus features which are due to be included in the sampler disc “Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Next Level”, being released at the end of this month:

  • TNG Season 1 Blu-Ray Trailer

This differs from the bonus features described for the Region A North American release described on

It’s not clear whether these are regional differences (the German listing would appear to be describing a Region B European release) or whether one of the websites is inaccurate. However, from the information that’s been released, it’s apparent that the sampler disc won’t be containing any behind-the-scenes documentaries regarding the remastering process or unseen deleted scenes or gag-reels. Hopefully CBS/Paramount will include a wider range of special features with the Season 1 Blu-Ray release later this year.

UPDATE: January 11 – We have now received clarification on the bonus features included on the sampler disc. The listing is – for the most part – correct. Here are the bonus features as described on the disc itself:

The Season One Blu-Ray Trailer will be the only new feature included on the disc, promoting the 2012 release of the complete first season on Blu-Ray. We are advised that the third feature is actually the first promo released by CBS at on Sep 28 (see our coverage here) without the live action footage. Please note that these features are only confirmed for the North American Region A release. At present, the only feature confirmed for Region B (Europe, Australasia) is the new Season One Trailer.

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