A few new surprises from the TNG-Remastered project emerged yesterday as Creation Entertainment’s famous official Star Trek convention continued in Las Vegas. Fans were treated to a special panel hosted by the official site, StarTrek.com, who had invited Mike & Denise Okuda alongside filmmakers Roger Lay Jr. and Robert Meyer Burnett to talk about the remastering process behind the recent Star Trek: TNG Season 1 blu-ray release.

Back in July when I had the pleasure of speaking to Mike and Denise Okuda, they advised that everyone at CBS were trying their hardest to make an extended cut of the season two classic “The Measure of a Man” possible (read the original interview here). Yesterday the team finally announced that all their hard work had paid off and “The Measure of a Man” is indeed being remastered to be presented as an extended cut. Furthermore, the team confirmed that the episode is being reconstructed as if it’s a new episode and will be presented in full HD. Even more exciting is that CBS will be producing “a couple of new visual effects” for the extended footage to allow the new footage to be seemlessly integrated into the existing episode.

CBS have also confirmed that both the extended version and the original “network” cut of the episode will be included in the Season 2 Blu-Ray boxset.

It is such a thrilling prospect to hear that CBS have managed to pull this project off. The original extended scenes previously existed only as a rough-cut VHS tape kept over the years by original writer Melinda Snodgrass. The fact that CBS have been able to locate the original film of these scenes and integrate them into the episode (including new visual effects) is a marvellous accomplishment. We can’t wait to see the full extended episode – brand new material from a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode that aired over 20 years ago!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-Ray today!

  • Matt Littledyke

    Excellent can’t wait

  • Jaro Stun

    it is great to see such an enthusiasm on CBS side for this remastering project. I will honor each season with immediate purchase when it is out and indeed S2 cannot come fast enough.

    BUT…S3 is where the meat starts.
    I’m dreaming of extended version of Yesterdays Enterprise .. lol I know won’t happen, but I can dream (just a short time ago nobody knew there is additional footage for Measure of the Man)

    • trekcore

      Yes! I’m so excited for Season 2, and this just makes the set even more desirable. Plus Robert Meyer Burnett’s awesome round-table discussion with the whole cast should be out of this world!

    • Frank B.

      I’m dreaming of a VFX viewing option (similar to TOS-R) for “Yesterday’s Enterprise” where I could alternately watch the original Ambassador Class design by Andrew Probert displayed on the conference lounge’s sculpture wall (just a short time ago I didn’t know a professional CGI version existed).

      • trekcore

        Yes, I’d LOVE to see some extra special treatment for Yesterday’s Enterprise … it’s arguably one of the best third season episodes, so it deserves the best presentation

        • alfredodedarc

          I’d like to see some extra footage for Best of Both Worlds as well; I’d actually like to see both parts with deleted scenes edited into a movie.
          How cool would THAT be?

  • Quinn

    I’m anxious to find out of Diana Muldaur was interviewed for the Season 2 set. The only interviews on the old DVDs was from when she joined the cast in 1988… she was at the Vegas con, surprisingly – so maybe they got her?

    • trekcore

      A new Diana Muldaur interview would be wonderful. I know CBS will try their hardest to interview her, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

      • alfredodedarc

        Yes, they got an interview with her.

  • That’s very cool. I’m generally not a fan of these types of episodes, as I like the “actioners” the most, but “Measure” was probably one of the better episodes of the first two seasons.

  • Riker

    Extended or not, I own it 🙂 But this is really great!!

  • Trekker38

    Hope this continues, especially with the 5th Season Episode “Inner Light.” Interviews at that time stated “we lost some of the light” when editing for content (broadcast time). Crossing my fingers.

    • trekcore

      Reading Larry Nemecek’s TNG companion I saw so many mentions of deleted scenes which were cut for time from episodes. It’s such a shame that they don’t have the ability to discover more of these – they are sure to be gems!

      • Frank B.

        I’m confused, they have proven their ability to discover deleted footage. Or do you mean video tapes with the raw edit to guide them in the re-editing process?

        • trekcore

          Well for the case of Measure of a Man, they used the original videotape that Melinda Snodgrass had to guide them in the reconstruction of the episode. Check out my interview with the Okudas to read all the details of how it came about. (Part 2)

    • Uhurababe

      Good for the english version, but a desaster for all foreign language versions. Most of the former dubbing speakers sound to old today. So all the fans in France, Germany, South America, etc. must listen to new voices in the middle of the episode. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to it.

  • ThunderBlade

    This is so cool. More of that!

  • ltarex

    I know I’m in a minority, but I like the second season better than the third, fourth, fifth. The crew already got together unlike in season one, and yet the best aspects of the first season – the wonderful cinematography, the great music and directing, etc. are still there. These were all gone or became limited when Rick Berman and his branch completely took over and watered down the series.

  • Dave Amaral

    Why not do this for every (good) episode?

    • archer923

      Because this was one of the rare happen stance that the person held onto a extended cut of the episode, for 25 years. Other episodes would have no basic outline of what was removed. Which would require someone checking all the raw footage. And slowing down the releases.

      • Dave Amaral

        What’s the difference? I think it’d be worth it. They’ve waited this long.

        • alfredodedarc

          They found deleted footage for other episodes as well, but decided they added nothing to the episodes and didn’t alter them. That is one reason deleted footage is usually just deleted footage.

  • Mkhael


  • Rob G

    Does full HD mean 16:9?