A few weeks ago CBS invited TrekCore to talk with the CBS Digital team responsible for the wondrous restoration and remastering of Star Trek: The Next Generation in high definition. Craig Weiss and his team were very generous with their time and answered a huge number of questions, often very technical in nature. I hope you enjoy the resulting interview and leave with a greater understanding and appreciation for the monumental effort that this project represents, and of the wonderfully talented people who are working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make it happen. Feel free, as usual, to leave comments and questions below.

Mike & Denise Okuda

CBS Digital: TNG Remastered Interview, Part 5

Interviewed by Adam Walker for TrekCore.com


TrekCore: A lot of questions have commented on the different models of the Enterprise that have been used. The 4-foot model was brought in later on in the show and is quite maligned by fans. Fans are asking if you can replace the 4-foot, or if Sarah could conveniently lose the footage?!


Eric Bruno: There are actually three main models that they originally used. There’s obviously the 6-foot model which seems to be the popular one, the 4-foot model which is a little more stocky and has a lot more relief on it, and there’s also the 2-foot model which is used on several occasions as well. As Craig just mentioned, our goal is to stay as true to the original as possible even if the models don’t match each other 100 per cent. If the film is there, and it’s good, we’ll use it – there’s no reason to replace or edit it, it’s not the objective of this project.

Craig Weiss: So, maybe if the fans want it… when we go to 4K we’ll do that!

The much-maligned 4-foot model has already been seen in the blu-rays when Season 5’s ‘The Inner Light‘ was released on the sampler disc back in January 2012. As Eric Bruno explains, CBS Digital’s goal is to stay as “true to the original as possible”, which means we’ll be seeing a lot more of the 4-footer!

TrekCore: How much of the alterations or additions to the original film are known in advance from the notes that the Okudas provide for you? How much is decided during the actual process, spontaneously?

Craig Weiss: It happens kinda like this, the Okudas go through a lengthy break-down process. So, ahead of [each] episode they do a lengthy break-down – they break down each shot and give notes on each shot. And at that point, they’ll make notes in there whether something like… whether stars are going incorrectly for example, which they’d like to see fixed. There are some times when we’re in our review session where something might come up and we ask for it be addressed. For the most part, a lot of this happens in the break-downs before we start the work.

Eric Bruno: There are occasionally times when an individual artist will see something, will have a question, will ask that question – should we fix it, should we not fix it – and that answer will come from the Okudas.

TrekCore: Sarah and Wendy, do you sometimes stumble across deleted scenes or bloopers or outtakes when you’re going through the boxes, or has that material all been destroyed?

Wendy Ruiz: It’s not been destroyed. It’s just hard to identify it. There’s nothing really labelling it as an outtake or blooper. We have some notes, but not many, and when we do find notes for what we can clearly figure out to be a blooper or an outtake, we set them aside for the blu-rays.

TrekCore: So there is a chance that those will be coming on future sets?

Wendy Ruiz: That’s our hope, yes!

TrekCore: Can you tell us any more?

Wendy Ruiz: We’re barely starting our search now for Season 3 bloopers and outtakes. If we find stuff, and if it’s interesting enough, then we’ll use if hopefully.

TrekCore: Do you know if CBS are happy with the sales figures from Season 1? Is it giving them good grounds to consider remastering future Star Trek series?

Craig Weiss: We’re not privy to the sales numbers, but I know that the company has been very happy with the product and the response that they’ve got from people like you and all the different fans has been very supportive and you’re genuinely thrilled with the quality and the effort that the company has put in to making this happen. It took so many years to get this off the ground, because nobody thought that anybody could even put that amount of work in to make this happen. But [CBS] got behind it and decided that it’s such an important franchise that they had to find a way to do it. Overall it’s been a big success for everybody.

TrekCore: In the ‘Twilight Zone’ blu-rays, every episode was equipped with a separate isolated audio track for the score, the music. Is that something that is possible for you to do, or would you consider doing that in the future for TNG?

Craig Weiss: That’s interesting. Anything is possible, I don’t know what the plans would be in terms of specs or anything.

Wendy Ruiz: I haven’t heard anyone discuss it, but audio is one of the areas that we don’t really touch very much. But I’m sure if the fans started bringing up an interest, maybe we could… We’ll forward [the suggestion] on, and see if we can!

Craig Weiss: The one thing about Star Trek, and the company [CBS] is that they listen to the fans. [The Fans] also have a huge voice in this. So, they are very influential – so I’m sure if the fans … like, if the fans really wanted Deep Space Nine as a blu-ray release, the company would really look at that and take it into consideration. In this franchise, the fans really drive a lot of what happens.

TrekCore: I think that’s what’s more surprising. I know there was a large demand after Season 1 asking if future seasons were going to get audio commentaries, and now CBS are indeed doing those for Season 2. This is great to see – how much the feedback process is influencing the blu-rays, and how much CBS are taking on board.

Craig Weiss: Absolutely. That’s why the fans are so important. For future shows like Deep Space Nine, if [the fans] start lighting up those message boards that they’re so thrilled with this product and would love to see that, then the company starts to really listen to that.

If CBS are to take the plunge through the wormhole and green-light a Deep Space Nine remastering into HD, Craig Weiss urges fans to start lighting up the message boards to show our interest – that’s when CBS “starts to really listen”

TrekCore: Winding up with some questions for everybody. What have been your best and worst moments on the project so far?

Craig Weiss: Ahh. The best moment is when we said “Yes, we’ll do it” and the worst moment is when we said “Yes, we’ll do it”!


Craig Weiss: Honestly, for me, there’s been no real worst moment. Even with all the headaches and struggles, it’s such a joy. What makes this project unique is when you watched it 25 years ago… and everyone in this room grew up with standard definition television and before the digital era it was a snowy picture and bad colors, and then all of a sudden high-def came along and we thought ‘Wow, high-def is such a great picture’… and then we personally started scanning the film and seeing the results, it was really like seeing it again for the first time. So, whatever headaches we’ve encountered in terms of technical problems or hurdles we’ve had to go through – the finish line, and the picture, and what we’ve been working on makes that all go away and makes it all worth it and makes you want to keep going.

TrekCore: So what have been your biggest challenges?

Wendy Ruiz: Keeping it on schedule! It’s a very tight schedule, trying to get it delivered on time, and having the time to find these missing elements. We keep searching until the very last second until they tell us ‘send it down, you’ve gotta deliver this now’. So that’s the biggest challenge, trying to deliver on time.

Sarah Paul: Yes, finding the elements. My best moment was finding those 13 seconds [from ‘Sins of the Father’].

Eric Bruno: The challenging moments are when you come across a shot … like the opening title sequence of the show… 30 layers of an element and you have no idea how those 30 layers are supposed to go together. You just have to power through, and figure out in the end how those 30 layers were used. It is challenging, but when you watch the finished shot, when you watch it on the big screen – you realise you’re part of this iconic show. It doesn’t get much more satisfying than that.

A full breakdown of one of the most complicated visual effects shots from Season 1 – the Enterprise’s arrival at Starbase 74 from ‘11001001‘. A large number of different layers had to be assembled to produce the final shot and Eric Bruno and the CBS Digital team had to figure out how all the layers fit together.

TrekCore: So my only bone to pick with you guys is why you don’t credit yourselves in the end titles?

Craig Weiss: Oh I wish we could. I think it’s just a legal issue because … ya know, we would love to, but that’s why we reach out to people like you to spread the word and give us that due credit.

Eric Bruno: We wish we could have done with the Original Series too…

Craig Weiss: Yeah, we wish we could have done the Original. So, yeah – thank you I appreciate that, and we wish we could, but unfortunately we can’t.

TrekCore: The fan feedback we’ve been getting for this project is truly unprecedented. Hundreds of emails congratulating everyone on the amazing job you did with Season 1…

Craig Weiss: Well thank you. I know they have some really amazing stuff coming up. The one thing they are truly committed to is all the extras and VAM – the Value Added Material – when it comes out each season, they’ve got something planned. This blu-ray set will not disappoint for sure.

TrekCore: Can you tease us with any future developments in future seasons?

Craig Weiss: You know, I know that they’ve announced on Season 2 they’re doing the cast reunion. They got everybody together in the same room to talk about the show. That’s been talked about. Beyond that, I think they’re developing it as we speak. We get that information as we get closer to building the blu-ray discs. As of right now, I think you pretty much know what we know. That’s where we’re at!

TrekCore: Well I’d like to thank you all for your time, it’s been a pleasure to speak to everyone.

Bruce Golin: Thanks, Adam – come and visit us soon!

The CBS Digital team behind remastering Star Trek: The Next Generation (from left to right):
Tony Graf, Chris Payne, Loren Bivens, Eric Bruno, Niel Wray, Craig Weiss, Chris Tezber,
Max Gabl, Jimmy Berndt, Sarah Paul, Wendy Ruiz, Janice Lee, Mary Joy Macalintal

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  • First of all great job TrekCore for the interview, I enjoyed every bit of it. Second of all, I know what my own self Christmas present is this year 😀 (hint, it is a blu-ray re-release of one of my favorite Trek show remastered and it has a GOLD cover) Third of all, if this is what it takes, from today, everywhere where I get the chance I will ask for (especially) DS9 and than VOY and ENT for a HD blu-ray remaster and re-release on blu-ray ASAP :). So ONE for a Deep Space Nineremastered and ONE for Voyager and ONE for Enterprise

  • Savage Dragon

    Great interview. It’s nice to see how much consideration fan reaction is given. Maybe we’ll see a DS9 Blu-Ray release too!

  • Xavier_Storma

    We want it!!! Get rid of that ugly 4 foot model and replace it with CGI! Damn it, it’s not even that hard!!! Go to youtube and just look up footage fans (!!!) make with CGI ships!!!
    I urge you, get rid of that ugly piece of sh’t, that blows up all series continuity. It destroys the great design originally introduced to TNG.

    • Xavier_Storma

      “True to the original”. Then keep it true: The original was the 6 foot model. Now you have the opportunity to correct a big mistake done in 1989… you have the opportunity to make it original again!
      Forgive me the double and triple posts, but that’s an issue that has been bothering me for years. That’s why all the emotion! 😉

    • archer923

      I don’t want it. I want it the way it was shot. The 4 foot needs to be left alone. And it’s not easy. You’re talking about thousands of new effect shots done for the remaining seasons.

      • Data

        On the “next level” sampler the 4 food looks really realistic and beautiful! I see no reason to replace it with anything else, except shooting new scenes with the real physical 6 food model! But that’s unlikely. ..Just wait and see, I’m very confident people will be surprised how great it will actually look in hd! In standard def it looked dumpy. But in hd it will look like it was suppose to look!! Compare the 6 food in standard def with hd. There’s a big difference as well! It looks even much better now! As the 4 food will do!

    • Chris Jay

      While I agree, I prefer the 6 footer… replacing all the shots using the 4 foot model will require a lot of work…

  • Data

    Congratulations Adam, they’ve invited you to visit the studio?! Will you take me with you? I would come over from Germany 🙂 … I’m wondering about the 4k thing. Is it even possible to see a difference between 1080p HD and 4k WITH OUR HUMAN EYES? I say that, because I got a 60 Zoll, a very big 1080p HD TV and the sharpness of Full HD material in some scenes is SO HIGH that there can’t be reviled ANYMORE detail! It just can’t look sharper for my eyes because there’s nothing left thats not sharp you know!

    • archer923

      4K/8K are really the limit of the eyes can see. Anything bigger is for movie screens. Cause to utilize those huge resolutions correctly. The TV space would have to be 40 feet away.

    • Frank169

      I presume you mean 60 “inch” or ” when you use “Zoll”. 4K is mostly of interest for home theatres with front projectors (not “beamers”!). If we can expect a “special edition” of TNG in 4K (I take this interview as a hint…) it would be also interesting to see if sophisticated grain reduction technology has come to a price tag level, by then, to remove annoying grain without loss of picture detail (compare the remastered Blu-ray of ALIENS).

      P.S. Adam, I just said during the question submitting phase that I felt missing VFX footage of the 4-footer wouldn’t constitute a catastrophy. Or did other naughty boys actually suggest that Sarah should conveniently lose the footage 😉

      • Data

        I’m from Germany, sorry for Zoll 🙂 I mean 160 cm, do you know? ..So you say that 4 k for my TV size or smaller would make no sense cause it would make no visible difference? …I got the “Aliens” Blu Ray. With what shell I compare it?

        • Frank169

          No, I was merely trying to say that sophisticated grain removal will yield a better HD viewing experience than just the higher 4K resolution.

          • Data

            So with 4 k they could remove the grain from TNG?

    • David Erickson

      You can definitely see a difference, read a review of anyone who has watched native 4k footage on a large 4k TV at a reasonable viewing distance (not super far away). And if you have doubts, watch a 65+” TV on 1080p, it is trivial to see pixels.

  • Data

    The biggest challenge is to deliver on time? Why does CBS are cutting themselves? If this project is so important to them and the hardest thing is to hit the schedule, why don’t they give themselves more time?? Why are they is such a hurry? I know me and the other fans want to have it all released yesterday but I’m sure we don’t want it of cost of the quality!

    • archer923

      Time is money. Longer they do things, the more it costs. If it goes on for too long. The project won’t make it’s money back from BR sales. That’s what determines the time limit.

  • Out of interest do you happen to know if the Season 2 team have a different CGI Enterprise? I assume that’s an asset they share between them, but then in the TOS sets the Enterprise seemed to improve in quality every season.

    • trekcore

      The CGI Enterprise was only used when the original elements couldn’t be located, otherwise it’s always the models that are shown 🙂

      • but when it is needed do the season 2 team use the same CGI Enterprise as the season 1 team?

        • trekcore

          As far as I know, yes

          • I think they should make a cgi version of the 4 foot model just to annoy people.

          • make it as chunky and ungainly as technology will allow.

          • Ashley Williams

            oh god no. Although I would be ok with the CGI “6 foot” model having 10 forward included.

          • LOL, that’d be hilariously cruel.

    • Chris Jay

      The CG model is made by Tobias Richter of The Light Works… granted the CG model was altered from Tobias’ original look, to match the original look of 6 foot model, since Tobias was going after a Generations refurbishment look when he original modeled it…

      Here is the CG model before it was altered:

  • Esmeralda

    Please CBS Digital, replace ugly 4 foot model with CGI 6 foot model of Enterprise. 🙁

    • Chris Jay

      The only time CG will likely be used is if an element layer is not found for a particular shot…

  • Chris Jay

    The 4-footer is only nice looking from certain angles… unlike the 6-footer, which is nice from just about every conceivable angle… the 6-footer is more streamlined.

    Andrew Probert doesn’t care much for the 4 footer either, one for the overzealous paneling, we’ve had a few conversations about various things, like paint color information, moments where the VFX crew took liberties of where effects go… like in Season 2, the episode “The Emissary” where the tractor beam is emitted from a nav light…

    • archer923

      And that shot in Arsenal of Freedom. The Drive section phaser was being emitted from the side. And not the strip emitter.

      • Chris Jay

        Yea, I think they should of changed the origin to the emitter on the warp nacelle pylon, like we later seen in “The Best of Both Worlds.”

        Or the ventral phaser array…

        The target is likely out of phaser arc for the phaser array atop the cobra head.

        • archer923

          But I guess they wanted to keep it the original way. It still bugs me lol.

          • Chris Jay

            Well, they changed the location of the tractor beam in “The Battle.”

  • Peter

    Thank you TrekCore and CBS for the great Interview-Series and the work your doing on these sets. It’s kind of a dream come true for me. I would also buy any future sets of DS9, Voyager and Enterprise! Keep up the good work and Thank you.

    • trekcore

      Thanks very much Peter, it’s my pleasure! I’m really glad the interview has been so well received.

    • byronotron

      Absolutely. DS9 on Bluray!

  • ROThornhill

    Great interview, I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see the releases for the later seasons, and I really hope we get to see DS9 get the same loving remastering treatment. I think I agree with the decision to keep as many of the shots unchanged as possible, but its nice to see they are prepared to make some subtle improvements where they can. If there is a DS9 release, there’s only one change I want to see – new space battle scenes in ‘What You Leave Behind’. The recycled footage the used from Sacrifice of Angels, while spectacular, was disappointing considering this was the final showdown. I guess they just ran out of money at the end. Plus, I want to see Cardassia being destroyed block by block!

    • Yeah that and the time they just replayed the entire fight from Shattered Mirror.

    • I say get rid of that ugly kitbashed Intrepid class thingy orbiting DS9 in so many shots, LOL.

      I was always disappointed that the real Intrepid class only made one appearance in Deep Space Nine. Being as advanced as it supposedly was you’d think Starfleet would be more anxious to have those ships involved rather than sending out all that cannon fodder of Miranda class ships.

      I suppose Berman and Braga insisted on using the Intrepid class only for their show?

  • Daniel Shock

    I want Deep Space 9 so badly!!! Please do it!!! I’d buy Voyager and Enterprise too!!!

  • Oh yeah count me in for Wanting DS9

  • Esmeralda

    Voyager on Blu-Ray would be great.
    Voyager is my favorite star trek show.

  • Data

    I don’t liked the 4 food model in standard def. On the “Next Level” Blu Ray sampler I liked it very much! It looks very authentic also realistic and beautiful!!

    • Bjoernar Dohm

      Well, you have to consider that all those visible hight differences on the 4 footer would translate to REALLY large protrusions (probably a meter high, in some instances) on an object as large as the Enterprise D. Therefore I think the 6 footer’s the aztec pattern far more realistically represents subtle variations in the panelling.

  • This has been a great interview series. I’ve absolutely loved the remastered series so far and can’t wait to see future seasons in all their glory. I’m even going to say I actually love the 4-foot model they used in later seasons, it was just one of many ways they improved the overall look of the show as it progressed. I’d also like to strongly add my voice 100% to the vote for remastered DS9 and future series! I would so love to see what they could do with those, especially the later seasons of DS9 which were among the best in the whole of Trek. Many thanks and massive gratitude to the whole remastering team, from a long-time fan who was little when TNG first started and who never thought he’d come to love it or be excited like that again!

  • Ashley Williams

    Yes give me ALL 28 seasons of star trek on blu-ray please!

    As for credits for this project you could put them separate from the episodes on the discs themselves somewhere. It seems odd you can’t put it in the episode since the 2001 version of TMP had the director’s edition credits.

  • Harland McTavish

    For people screaming to replace the 4 footer, I feel your pain, but a CGI 6 footer is not the answer. They would never have the time to invest in the shots to make them ‘look’ right.

    Like it or not, the show should be restored ‘as it was’ and not through some revisionist lens.

    The only way to faithfully replace the 4 foot model would be to borrow the 6 foot model from whatever collector bought it, restore it to how it looked in the series and reshoot all of the 4 foot shots.

    • Bjoernar Dohm

      But they already DO have a remarkably accurate cgi 6 foot model. They used it in some shots of “Encounter at Farpoint” and “Sins of the Father”, for example.

      • archer923

        It’s no accurate and easily noticeable. (yellow rings on the Nacelle’s are too bright, not enough windows on the Neck, panel lighting) There are a lot of glaring mistakes that make it look fake. And the side shot that was CGI, was fixed when they found the studio model footage in later S1 episodes. (which they should of fixed for Encounter, in the full set…) So only the forward Saucer Separation sequence footage is the only one left in Encounter. I also heard they used the CGI shot in the Inner light drop out of warp footage by mistake.

        • Data

          They used it by mistake? Or because they didn’t found it?

          • The shot in question is the first 6 screencaps here http://tng.trekcore.com/hd/thumbnails.php?album=3
            They used it to fix a mistake where I believe The captains log said they were at warp, but the footage they used was of the Enterprise at Impulse. It’s not the worst CGI model but it does have that extra sharp edges and plasticy look CGI can have. I’m for keeping the 4 foot model even though I don’t like it because, that is the spirit of this project, if further down the road they want to take a more revisionist rout like they did with TOS then I’d be cool with that, because we already have this set, which is more than we could have reasonably expected, so I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth and get mad at people tasked with faithfully restoring the show for faithfully restoring the show.

          • archer923

            The original episode had the warp footage. http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m314/archer9234/Untitled.png

          • oh I guess it was just lost at the time then, my mistake.

          • archer923

            What I heard was that they had the model shot all completed. But did a CGI version just in case. And screwed up on which one they put in. This is a rumor though.

          • It may have even been a case of putting it in on purpose for the sampler disc just to see what the reaction was to it. That’s obviously pure conjecture though.

          • archer923

            lol possible. But I call the team on lazy. They didn’t fix the side warp shot in encounter at all. Even though they found the model footage for the episodes after it.

          • Bjoernar Dohm

            There was at least one first season episode with a similar mistake that unfortunately wasn’t fixed.

  • Data

    The old “time is money” one, I know that! But scenes have to be finished ANYWAY! Whether there’s someone sitting with a clock behind you or not! And they would have saved A LOT of money if they would have taken MORE TIME to check the Audio on season 1! I mean, they are there own masters and they have earned an schedule where they can work without sweat on there bodies! That’s very old school!

    • archer923

      CBS digital doesn’t do the audio though. Some other idiots failed.

      • Data

        Ah, ok! Who is doing the audio thing?? And are they the same after this mistake?

  • archer923

    Thanks for the great interviews. It really shows the hard process the team has to go through. Sucks the team can’t have their credits put somewhere. They should just allow it on All Good Things. Does the team get free copies of the Blu-ray? I want all the remaining series (DS9, VGR, ENT & TAS) to be released on blu-ray. Regardless of popularity. The entire franchise should be honored.

  • Sad this is the last one, but I know that they really don’t have time to go into detail. Wish there would have been more though.

  • pittrek

    Please don’t listen to the people who want CGI Enterprise 🙁
    For Christ’s sake, NO CGI ! Unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary !

    While I DO like Tobias’ work, a CGI model looks ALWAYS like a CGI model. Only REAL models LOOK real ! That’s the reason why I don’t like the sci-fi movies and TV shows from the last 10 years, all the special effects look incredibly FAKE, because every special effects studio uses CGI animation now 🙁

    • Data

      I ABSOLUTELY agree with that statement! …And like I said below, the 4 food looks just great on the sampler disc! Look at it with new HD eyes, not with the standard def eyes 😉

      • Esmeralda

        In my opinion, 4 foot model looks terrible, even in HD. Because the model by itself is ugly. CGI version of 6 foot model looks much better than that.

        • Data

          I’m sure people would not say the 4 foot looks ugly when it would have been there from the beginning of the show!

          • Xavier_Storma

            That’s a whole different matter… if it was there from the beginning… this WOULD BE the look of the Enterprise.
            The Enterprise is supposed to look like the 6 foot version (also used for GENERATIONS).
            That’s why we demand ONE SINGLE look for the ship.

          • Data

            I know, I understand that! ..If the 6 foot was to big and the 4 foot was easier to shoot, why didn’t they just made an exact copy of the 6 footer in 4 foot?? I don’t understand that!!

          • G-dawg

            They built the four foot model with more “raised” surface detail than the 6-footer, so that the ship would look more detailed on the lower rez TVs of the 90s. Somewhere along the way, there were slight changes to some of the curves and lines (example, the saucer edge was made thicker). Check out Memory Alpha, they have articles on all those little details.

          • yeah it’s a really great resource for all that kind of information http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Galaxy_class_model

          • The opinion at the time was because all the hull detail was painted onto the 6footer you couldn’t push the camera in as close as they wanted, so they decided to put actual physical detail on it, they also had built the Ten forward set by then, ad the windows on the rim of the saucer didn’t match the windows of the set so they altered the model to match and enabled them to put window lights where 10 Forward is. resulting in a much thicker edge.

        • Xavier_Storma

          Agreed. It looks as fake as the Playmates Enterprise-d from 1993.

    • Roberto from Italy

      P E R F E C T!

    • Xavier_Storma

      Bullshit… Sorry, to be so crude.
      But: You can make believeable CGI effects. Look at Prometheus, Look at Revenge of the Sith…
      I do not demand to change the pacing of the scene… heck, I do not even want them to do it… they can use all other models, composite the picture like it was.
      Just: REPLACE THAT UGLY-PRISE with the one and only Enterprise-D (6 footer). Same scenes, same pacing. Just the CORRECTED ship.
      Nothing more do I ask!

      • Look at the budgets for Prometheus, and Revenge of the Sith they spent hundred of millions on 90 minutes of film to get it to look like that, Season one cost 9 million for almost 26 hours, Look at the backlash against George Lucas for tinkering around with the Original trilogy. I understand you really hate the four foot model, I don’t much like it either, but I think there would be much more people complaining about the unnecessary CGIing of scenes when the original footage is available. Not to mention the original FX team put a ton of work into the show on a tight schedule for 7 years, I think they deserve to have their work preserved. Which seems to be one of the big motivations behind the way they are going about the way they’ve gone about this project.

  • pittrek

    And of course – I am buying DS9, VOY, ENT and TAS immediately as they release them on Bluray, and I think most of the fans will do the same 🙂

  • Cruise

    Great job! Do you know if they will be doing all future seasons, or whether they will alternate with the other team and only do 1 3 5 7?

  • Bjoernar Dohm

    Can anyone tell me which FX were corrected for the second batch of the first season blu-rays? I know they added a formerly missing phaser blast on “Heart of Glory”.

    • Data

      I’ve been asking for that as well but it seems nobody knows that :((

  • Bjoernar Dohm

    I hope they get around to create hd effects for the director’s cut of “Star Trek – The Motion Picture”, as well. It was very short-sighted to do it in standard definition only.

    • archer923

      Yes. That was such a bad call back in 2001. It’s a film… finalize the film in it’s full proper resolution.

    • byronotron

      To be fair, the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD and the like weren’t even around yet. Also, you could say the same thing for this project, “WHY NOT 4k?!” Because they’ll milk more money out of you later too.

  • Wes

    DS9 on blu-ray would be awesome and possibly easier to do. Who knows?

    • Data

      It will be harder to do cause I think almost all effects later on the show will have to be redone from scratch with new CGI!

      • Also the model shots were much more complicated in the episodes where DS9 was attacked, and you have CGI Odo shots throughout. but presumably being more recent the negatives would be in better condition and fewer shots would have been misplaced. The big advantage though is they will know ahead of time that the CGI battles are needed so could foreseeably be working on those the whole time, while a different team does the model stuff during the earlier seasons. There’s also the fact that after numerous seasons of TNG the teams would probably have found ways of doing things more efficiently that would benefit DS9

        • Data

          Maybe TOS a little bit helped to remaster TNG as well?! But I think it’s another team? Why actually?

          • It probably did help in some areas, but they had completed cut negatives for TOS so they didn’t need the same amount of editors and archivists and the re-composition of model effects shots, so it required a different set of specialists, I imagine

    • Nah, DS9 will be a good deal more difficult. The first few seasons had ambitious model work and a load of other special effects with the later seasons switching to CGI which won’t be useable for the Blu-rays. So you’ll have some very sophisticated model work to put together and then the need for more and more new CGI work as they go along.

      It’ll happen eventually but IMO Deep Space Nine will be the most difficult to bring to Blu-ray.

      Voyager will get a load of new CGI (with the model work being usable as-is) while Enterprise is probably more or less ready to go straight to Blu-ray.

  • Data

    I don’t need DS9 in HD. My dream is already coming true with this remastering of my favorite show TNG!! BUT I know for sure that all star trek shows will come out in HD! So that makes me happy for all the fans of these shows cause now I know how GREAT it is when your show finally is coming out in the way in must be! Furthermore there’s no reason why the other series should not come out also, cause they are beloved shows as well!

  • Data

    Please, can anybody tell what “little vfx issues” on the season 1 replacement discs have been fixed???

  • Data

    I want a extended version of st:nemesis! It would make the movie much better and stronger as a real star trek movie!!

    • I think that would have to be a call made by Paramount not CBS, I would love to see this team take on the original movies after seeing what they achieved with the spacedock shot. it would probably age them 40 years but seeing that kind of care taken with the interior of V’ger could make for some incredible imagery… And maybe they could even do something with the model shots in Star Trek V.

      • archer923

        They could fix all the lazy effects work ST:V had. Depending if all the model layer elements where actually shot. And it was just a time limit problem. If they didn’t, well, not a lot of fixing could tweak those.

        • From my understanding the problem was when Paramount asked for VFX companies to bid on the project, they got them to audition by doing a test of the God’s face effect, and that company won having no idea they were going to be expected to do model photography as well, and just muddled through having no experience with that sort of thing, so it may never look great, but I’d bank that they could be improved.

          • archer923

            Not really that much. The composting will be improved yes. But if you’re right. The beauty light passes weren’t done. They really can’t fix that. And that god awful shot of the the BOP flying overhead would always be crap.

          • The models all have a blown out over lit look, if broken down into layers they may be able to get a more naturalistic tone, I’m not expecting them to ever compete with the effects done in the other movies, just made slightly less awful 😉

          • archer923

            True. But it just be a basic fix. A bad shot would still be a bad shot. I get really annoyed with ST5. It had beautiful effects for the planet. But then you see the Klingon ship and go “what the junk”.

        • I remember reading somewhere that fewer layers were shot and that’s the main reason the effects look crummy (I’m guessing they skipped a couple of lighting passes).

          • kmart

            Actually they shot MORE camera passes (your ‘layers’) because they had such a hard time compositing the shots, and they needed options for matting the ships. Unfortunately, most of the motion-control shots were done in stop-motion mode rather than with a continuous move, which gives that too smooth no-blur look that causes many shots to appear laughably bad, or at least weird compared to what everybody was used to. If you can find CINEFEX 42 there is a pretty decent article on the various issues relating to the film’s vfx.

            Assuming they could access the original elements (which is a pretty big question, since ILM and Paramount had huge issues finding stock elements and shots from previous movies at this time — they recomped 2 spacedock shots for TFF, the only work ILM did on that show — and also during TUC), you’d still have ship elements without proper motion blur, so it’d still be turd-polishing at best. You could fix the matte line problems, but aesthetically it would still be the same look.

            It’s funny, because with as much effort as they put into the great barrier sequence, I think they’d’ve done much better by just going back and skip-printing a bunch of the vger cloud flythrough from TMP so it would look like they are really hauling through all that weird stuff. You could do some printing at different levels to create a distinctly different visual, or even throw the negatives out of synch to get something really wild & woolly. Then again, we’re talking about VFX people (one of whom went on to be the main guy on THE MATRIX) who were having problems doing stuff that Doug Trumbull had struggled with (and overcome) a decade earlier … and I guess they didn’t bother doing their homework, because they could have avoided a lot of trouble just by reading up on how he and John Dykstra dealt with a lot of the issues, like the warp drive streak shots.

  • David Erickson

    I agree completely with their decision to continue to use the Enterprise model footage as it was originally shot. Keep it as close to the original as possible!

    I would also be interested in a separate music track if it is easy to provide that, would be nice to be able to listen to just music around the house or as I’m driving, etc.

    And of course count me in on purchasing DS9/Voyager/ENT on Blu-ray as soon as they are available… (assuming they are given the same level of quality treatment that TNG has been given so far)

  • Bjoernar Dohm

    Despite the remarkable job that CBS Digital did, does anyone else think they sometimes recreated the old effects too faithfully? I seriously dislike those cartoony rings “ricocheting” off anything a hand phaser hits.

  • John32070

    I would like to see them create some new ships. I was disapointed with them early on using the same alien ship for different races for about the first 4-5 years. Remember the trans-dimensional ship from Justice popping up again in Season 5? And they’d better fix the ultimate fx boo-boo in Darmok.

  • turtletrekker

    DS9! DS9! DS9! DS9! DS9!

  • Dr. Cheis

    I wonder if we’d have to wait for them to finish TNG before starting DS9, or if they’re be released more or less simultaneously like the shows were in the 1990s…

    • trekcore

      It’s an interesting thought, however the work on DS9 – should it be green-lit – would be HUGE. I very much doubt they could pull all that off at the same time as doing the later seasons of TNG (which in themselves are very FX heavy). But we can hope!

  • Platitude

    Most shows don’t get this kind of love 20+ years after they have been on the air. Its so neat that they’re doing this.

  • byronotron



    Deep Space Nine…BLU-RAY. My favorite of all the treks. Just the war arc alone is worth the purchase. Season 4-7 is DS9 at it’s best !!!

  • Jobeleca

    Super interview and great work for the team! I would dearly love DS9 blu-ray and would buy, Ent I can’t figure out why it’s not already on blu-ray given the quality of the aired episodes are higher than on the DVD release.

    I have bought every blu-ray season to date and plan to continue. I never bought the DVDs because I always held out hope for blu-ray.

  • Ian Hayden

    How do we suggest more classics from CBS Home Entertainment on Blu, like I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, and Happy Days?