One of the long-standing questions relating to the bonus material on the upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-Rays is whether or not a new interview with Diana Muldaur (Dr. Katherine Pulaski in the second season) will be included. After months of speculation, Robert Meyer Burnett has revealed that he’ll be interviewing Muldaur today for the Season 2 bonus features. In a series of messages on his Twitter feed, Burnett states:

“It’s really [a] great pleasure to meet you, Diana.”

“Interviewing Kate Pulaski! (@ CBS Television City Studios)”

This is truly wonderful news. We know that CBS and Robert Meyer Burnett have been trying their utmost to secure an interview with Muldaur for several months, so their success will undoubtedly delight fans. Muldaur has been notoriously outspoken about her time on TNG, often stating that it was an unhappy period of her acting career. Additionally she has been somewhat illusive when talking about Star Trek, only recently starting to attend the large conventions.

Muldaur’s interview is expected to be intercut with interviews with the principal cast and form the bulk of the main documentary on the Season 2 Blu-Rays.

Season 2 is released on December 4th, you can preorder the set below!

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  • Chris Jay

    So her appearances in TOS weren’t as bad as TNG?

  • I’m quite excited and interested to see what she has to say. As you guys said, she has been quiet on her time in Star Trek.

  • ROThornhill

    That’s good news. Muldaur did a great job on the show. I always hoped she would make an appearance on DS9 at some point but it was not to be.

    It does seem that there was some tension between her and some other members of the cast sadly. She touches on this in this interesting interview

    Can’t wait to see the new interview.

  • archer923

    I really would of loved at least one episode with Pulaski and Crusher. It just felt like a waste of the character.

  • I always wished she could have made at least one cameo return to TNG, perhaps in the episode “Ethics”. She had a special relationship with Worf and it would have been wonderful if she had returned to the Enterprise to help him after his spinal injury. I know it wouldn’t have fit in with the rest of the story regarding Dr. Russell and her use of experimental drugs and procedures, but still, I think it could’ve been made to work. Dr. Crusher and Dr. Pulaski’s contrasting styles and beliefs, and Worf caught in between.

    • hypnotoad72

      Not the utterly contrived and half-baked episode “Ethics”… it’s goal is to prop up Crusher’s idealism rather than properly exploring the many nuances of the concepts being brought in.

      It felt like a “Crusher vs Pulaski” story as well, so I’m glad Muldar did not return. The story did more to blindly insult Pulaski than anything else.

      Yes, mommy said, “real research takes time”. Well, your patient might die during the interim and there may be no choice but to try something new and take a chance, even if it isn’t a cozy comfy one.

      With Crusher, I’d expect far more dead people as a result of her addled indolence – real research takes real chances, with the possibility of failure. Worf even volunteered and that was the crux of the story, but they pegged Crusher as the one who’s supposed to win and Worf can’t leave the show either way… So the guest Doctor gets to be the scapegoat.

      But the outcomes of success or what leads to success over time WILL lead to more saved lives. The episode had no concept of reality, nor would it want to be inclusive of real life situations. Apart from the tear-jerking soap opera and grossly over-contrived ending.

      But, phew, thankfully Worf has a second brain or whatever the daft excuse was scribbled in at the end… it was a laughable episode. Not a laudable one. And it could have been much better, but the writers preferred to preach than to create an organic flow to the story.

    • hypnotoad72

      Having said all that, it would have been cool if Worf had the accident, the commendable “assisted suicide” subplot go through as shown (that part was engaging and good IMHO), but it could have been win-win if all sides were addressed… “Trek” is about optimism and if they could bring back Picard from the borg implants… it could still be experimental, but Pulaski could have been a hero – and Crusher wouldn’t have to be written as “the loser” either… both are competent, but both are human and have their own foibles…

      Worf and Pulaski did indeed share a special relationship during season 2. Had she returned for “Ethics” as it was filmed, that aspect would have been tossed to the side as well… so, thankfully, if “Ethics” as we saw it was supposed to be for Pulaski, I’m glad she did not appear and we had the guest scapegoat instead.

  • Bernd

    “has been somewhat illusive” –> Shouldn’t that read “elusive”?

  • Eva Alfhild Jonsson

    My favorite actress! Her L.A. Law character is the best TV character all times. She did a great job on TNG as well.

  • hypnotoad72

    This is GREAT news, thanks! It’s terrific she’s remembered as part of the lore and that they got to do an interview! (It’s equally great that she wanted to do the interview as well!!)

  • tcalvar

    I’m looking forward to this! I’ve always been a big Diana Muldaur fan. Unfortunately, Dr. Pulaski was not the best fit for TNG and according to reports Diana was pretty poorly treated by a number of the TNG cast.

  • RetroWarbird

    I always liked Pulaski better because I felt the dynamic of the crew needed that little bit of TOS style – they needed an old school voice – and Pulaski as a sort of updated, female Bones … plus Muldaur being a TOS vet twice-over provided it in spades. Her relationships with not just Worf, but every crew member, were so different and worth being revisited in a great guest role later on. Skepticism about Data, completely dominating Picard, the friendship with Riker and oddness of her having been with his dad. It definitely deserved at least an hour-long revisit.