CBS have kindly supplied TrekCore with a brand new exclusive still from the upcoming Season 2 blu-ray set of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The set is due to hit stores in just under 4 weeks time on December 4 in the United States (and a few days later in Europe and other territories).

The image features a famous scene from the episode ‘Peak Performance‘ where the Enterprise, in orbit of Braslota and undergoing wargames maneuvers, fires photon torpedos at the U.S.S. Hathaway which in turn jumps to warp just before the torpedos detonate to fool the onlooking Ferengi warship into thinking the Hathaway was destroyed.

The stunning model-work of the Constellation-class U.S.S. Hathaway comes popping off the screen in the HD version. We can now see the registry number clearly on both upper and lower starboard warp nacelles as well as the United Federation of Planets decals. Like many other planets, Braslota has been rendered digitally to replace the old sub-HD resolution planet created in 1989. Thankfully the recreation stays faithful to the original version in color and scale, but with new details such as some atmospheric texture and a hint of land topography on the surface. The Enterprise and the Ferengi Marauder have gone from being blurry and indistinguishable in standard definition to sharp, clear, resolved and colorful in HD. The Ferengi ship seems to look all the more menacing in the remastered version, hanging nose-to-nose with the Enterprise in a scene reminiscent of a western showdown in space! There’s so much happening in this still… we’re sure the shot will look absolutely glorious in motion!

Stay tuned to TrekCore for even more Season 2 news as the release date approaches… it’s going to be a fun ride! If you haven’t already – pre-order Season 2 below so you get it on release date in your country. All Amazon stores have significantly discounted the title – at the time of writing it’s under $65 in the U.S.£47.00 in the U.K. and under 57,00EUR in Germany!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-Ray today!

  • Chris Jay

    I think this picture salvaged the last one. 😀

    • hypnotoad72


      I also looked online a moment ago for season 1 blu-ray screencaps. The Enterprise’s nacelles are not as royal blue as what was shown originally; the cyan tinge is pretty much there as well.

      Season 2 will be a fantastic release, even if there are nitpicks.

  • Matthias Currat

    I like the brighter blue-ish glow on the nacelles and the reg number … wow, I hope all episodes of Season 2 are gunna be like this. That will make even the clipshow (Season 2 finale) worth watching again. 🙂

  • Bart

    I’m less impressed with the season 2 images than I was with the season 1 previews… The planet looks blurry (again, planet from pen pals was blurry too)) and the ship looks too bright. Well, let’s see what the final version will look like once released.

    • Chris Jay

      I think the remastered Hathaway looks bright, because they added that orangish illumination from the explosion, plus the warp nacelles also surge up, if you watch the original frame by frame… but the explosion seems less defined than the original one…

    • Corran

      Yeah it kind of has the same over exposed look that Star Trek V suffers from, it makes the model look its actual size instead of a big ship. I’m not sure if that’s the fault of the remastering team or whoever shot the model originally.

  • Kody Belshe

    Oh yikes. That explosion on the remastered version looks like someone was just casually doodling around with the paintbrush and smudge tools in photoshop. 🙁

    • Quinn

      It’s a still frame from an object in motion, so it’s gonna be a bit smudgy. It’ll probably be okay in the actual playback.

  • archer923

    The explosion is fine. It’s just a still. When it moves it will look fine. They are using the same explosion element. The only complaint I have is the planet is further to right, :P.

    • Chris Jay

      Well, the explosion looks too blurry… compared to the original… and I thought they had to redo VFX elements digitally since the originals were added on tape…

      If that is the original, I think the refraction effect they added is what lowers the detail of the explosion… are they trying to mimic that real world effect… aka the same effect that causes mirages…

      • archer923

        Most explosion elements were still shot on film. They are used for the most part. They could be trying to make the element more life like. They did change some of the explosions cause they looked too fake.

        • Chris Jay

          Yea, I loved the crispness of the new explosions in Season 1…

  • Mike Jones

    Well, they can render a planet that looks good, that’s an improvement I suppose.

  • Ashley Williams

    A still of an explosion isn’t the best shot to show. This should have been a 10 second video or something.

  • Bye bye Hathaway…

  • James

    That looks really good, much better than the previous Season 2 screenshot. Thre rear of the Hathaway looks a little too over-exposed though and might look better with some gamma correction. I recently saw Encounter at Farpoint remastered on Sci-Fi and was very impressed. I blogged about that here:

  • SpaceDwarf

    Shouldn’t the planet have a slight halo, since it has an atmosphere? I’m sorry, but to me this new FX shot looks more like a set of layers stacked on top of each other, but not *blended* with each other. Kind of like a collage: artificial, not natural.

    • hypnotoad72

      To me it looks like a dead planet… I’m hip with that.

  • ROThornhill

    I’m guessing the explosion element didn’t quite hold up after rescanning, and they decided to modify it slightly rather than film a new explosion. This particular shot is on screen for 1 second, if that, so like others have said I don’t think it will be noticeable when watching the episode.

    Here’s the original clip

  • I absolutely love this new still! It looks beautiful and so much clearer.

  • tom

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  • Data

    I thought CBS-D is doing a bit of S2 as well?!? Or does the other company everything???

    • trekcore

      Hi Data. Nope – CBS-D are not involved with Season 2. The other company does everything. On some occasions, CBS-D shared elements with the other team to avoid them having to scan them again… but that’s it.

  • New Horizon

    If the outsourced company can’t match the quality established by CBS-Digital, I would much prefer if CBS handled all of the compositing and effects and simply left it up to this company to scan all of the elements. If seasons 2, 4 and 6 are going to suffer from sloppy work…visible matte lines in a digital composite and blurry planets…then I’m going to be waiting till these seasons are in the bargain bin or not bother buying them at all. Please listen CBS-D, I can forgive the initial goofup with Season 1 and the sound issues but an uneven effort like this from Season to Season is not acceptable for this consumer.

    • trekcore

      There’s a distinction… CBS-D (CBS Digital) is the effects house that produced Season 1. CBS is the parent corporation. CBS-D would have loved to have kept Season 2, 4 and 6 in-house… but the schedule laid out by CBS just didn’t allow for that.

      It’s clear that CBS-D have got the perfect “TNG look”, and it shows in every way with Season 1. HTV (the outsourced company) are NOT an FX house, they are a post-house… and it shows. However I reserve judgement until I’ve seen the finished Season 2, and from the shots I’ve seen I’m happy that it’s still a HUGE leap from the original DVDs to be worthy of the upgrade!

      • New Horizon

        Yes, I should have been clearer. What I meant was that I would like CBS-Digital to push CBS to allow them to have better quality control between the two effects houses. They say in the interview that they are separate…and that simply should not be. One or two of CBS-D’s people should be working directly with HTV-Illuminate. Clearly a decision made by a bean counter and not someone who understands that the visual effects require some form of quality control to be shared for everything to be consistent. This is very worrisome. I do not want to see those 3 seasons to be a blemish on this otherwise incredible project. If CBS is listening to the fans, then do something to prevent season 4 from suffering, please. Switch all of the scanning to HTV-Illuminate and let CBS focus on the effects.

        • trekcore

          In an ideal world, that would be great. However, CBS Digital just doesn’t have the manpower to do ALL the effects in the timescale that CBS have set. People like Eric Bruno, Niel Wray and Max Gabl are already working flat out just to meet the deadlines for the seasons they have…

          • New Horizon

            CBS D are also transferring the footage for the seasons they have, as well as assembling those episodes, right? If they were to offload that work to HTV – Illuminate, bring over a few of their effects people and focus solely on FX, then I think it would create a far more consistent product. Having two separate effects houses is a terrible way to be doing this.

          • hypnotoad72

            If 2015 was the original deadline, with current progress indicated, all will be out by 2014. Without knowing other details (or maybe I’d forgotten 🙂 ), maybe CBS had pushed up the schedule for some reason…

            And I do agree, a consistency in look and feel in the episodes would have been ideal…

      • hypnotoad72

        Aye. Even if 2, 4, and 6 pale by comparison to the others, there is no way they will be worse than the originals. Even if the blue-to-teal color shifting issue was put into every episode. When viewing, it won’t be as noticeable, and the overt royal blue of the nacelles in the original Hathaway pic could be argued as being “too blue” as well. Regardless, the pic shown IS an improvement all around.

        With luck, season 4 will be an improvement on season 2. Season 2 is clearly not a washout, but it will be different when compared to 1, 3, 5, and 7. “Different” is not a synonym to “bad”. 🙂

  • hypnotoad72

    Pretty awesome, thanks!!

    If anything, the blue is borderline teal, and maaaaaaaybe the Enterprise’s red impulse engine glow, but the worst offender of the “let’s turn blue into teal for fun” would be the folks who made the Superman blu-ray releases, turning Supes’ outfit from blue to a dark teal. Yuck!

    And even then, the brighter glow of the Hathaway’s nacelles is much appreciated. The color timing with the blue is debatable, but the improvement with the glowing is a solid improvement.

    And I can see why the shadow of the planet was not recreated. The shadow was nice, but the whole scene (IMHO) looks more fully fleshed out without it.

    After rewatching season 1 again, it was a tad grainy (typical film quality for shows filmed in the 1980s). The level I can spot is really nice.

    Again, seeing the material on disc will yield the full review, but – yeah – this image is most promising.

    Nitpicks or otherwise, this is far better than the original airing and DVD material.

    Thanks, y’all, for this massive undertaking!

    • Chris Jay

      Well, they had they same cyan color in Season 1 too, and CBS-D did Season 1 not HTV… and it’s more cyan than teal… so I imagine it’s just the result of the re-scanning and the absence of the pink hue the original transfers had…×09/thebattle_hd_429.jpg

      I think the lack of noticeable film grain in this shot from “Peak Performance” is what makes things a little less believable, at least with the explosion and planet…

  • overall is quite ok but that explosion is totally ugly. the original one fits better into the whole scene than the new one. i mean look at the enterprise and the marauder – they are clear and sharp. but the explosion is blury and distorted and its much more in the front. sry guys but thats not how it should look like!

  • Neill Stringer

    Trekcore, do you think the quality of Season 2 will still be strong, my friends feel that HTV don’t have the same love as CBS-D do. And feel that love has been sacrificed for a rushed job, is this true? Concerned there will be a mixed quality in two parters over seasons now.

    • trekcore

      I don’t think it’s fair passing judgement on Season 2 until we have a chance to look at it properly. It will clearly be a huge upgrade on the original SD version – that much is certain.

      Equally, I don’t think it’s fair calling it a rushed job. Of course, CBS have deadlines to meet to get the sets out on their schedule. I wouldn’t be concerned about mixed quality in two parters over seasons, I believe those episodes will be handled by the same house for consistency.

      CBS Digital have clearly perfected the “TNG Look”, that shows in every second of Season 1. And you’re right – as we learnt in the “Energized” documentary – Craig, Eric, Max, Niel and the team all give 110% and add in that extra bit of love to scenes that make them special. From the shots that we’ve shown so far, I’d say HTV don’t have that same level of quality. It’s not terrible, it’s just nowhere near CBS Digital standards.

      • Neill Stringer

        I still think the shots are stronger than the original DVDs as they are to blurring, I agree on that.

        I did not mean to sound bad about the rushed job comment. I still think it wil be a great set. What about you?

        • trekcore

          Oh for sure, the bonus material alone makes the set worth it… for me it’s the best bonus content I’ve ever seen on a Trek release.

          Obviously I’d love to have seen CBS Digital do Season 2 with the same love and care they showed with Season 1. It’s such a shame it wasn’t possible.

          • Neill Stringer

            Yea they do looks better and sharper than the DVDs

          • Neill Stringer

            I did mean to speak with ill will, I just want these sets to be the best editions of TNG

          • trekcore

            They will certainly be the best editions ever made so far 🙂

  • Danny

    I’m a little confused, just finished reading the 5 parter CBS-D interviews (awesome) and several times throughout it’s mentioned how the Okudas have been instrumental in not only providing guidance for corrections but also for the feel and tone of the shows. The article also indicates how, because of deadlines, CBS-D couldn’t work on all the seasons and had to get sent out to another house to work in tandem. Are the Okudas not providing any input on those seasons CBS-D isn’t working on? I can’t understand why there would be such incosistencies in coloring and effects and quality if they were. Why would they allow shoddy work to get past them? Am I missing something?