TNG Remastered: Season 3 and Beyond

As Star Trek: The Next Generation prepares to boldly go into its second season on Blu-Ray, behind-the-scenes CBS Digital is busy working away on finalizing work for the third season. FX Guide magazine - one of the biggest VFX-centered sites - recently spoke to Craig Weiss, Director at CBS Digital about the company's history and their current efforts to remaster Star Trek: The Next Generation in high definition. You can watch their piece over at FX Guide. The interview gives a very nice insight into the technical elements of the remastering and the kit at CBS Digital's disposal, including their whopping 600 Terabytes of SAN-storage used to store and share elements the team are working on.

TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 TNG Blu-Ray Season 1

Eagled-eyed viewers will spot a few shots (stills above) where CBS-Digital appear to be working on the fourth season (episodes "Reunion" and "In Theory"). It's important to clarify that while CBS-Digital are indeed working on the conform for Season 4, the visual effects portion is being done by another house (however we can confirm that Season 2 post-house HTV are not involved). Season 3 - as we've mentioned previously - is being handled fully in-house at CBS-Digital.

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