We’ve been deluged with requests for a higher-resolution copy of the cover art from the 3rd Season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-Ray after we trailed it in a recent article on CBS-Digital. The cover art is showcased in the trailer for the Season 3 Blu-Rays which you can see on Disc 1 of the Season 2 set, released this coming week.

The set sports images of Captain Picard, Lt. La Forge and Doctor Crusher surrounded by the familiar design of the Next Generation-era commbadge in bright green colored packaging. Please note, as is usually the case, the cover art is subject to change. TrekCore will keep you updated if the artwork does change and all the latest developments with TNG Remastered.

Tell us what you think about the cover art… are you a fan of the color? Let us know in the comments below!

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Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Blu-Ray today!

  • Chris Jay

    CBS seems to be taking a rainbow deal with the boxes, personally, I like.

    • Matt_Cardiff_UK

      I like rainbows 🙂

    • hypnotoad72

      Just like with the DVD releases.

      I was hoping for a more unified color scheme across the entire range, but it’s not bad.

  • Michael

    Lime green? I love it!

  • DonDonP1

    Looks have yellow to me. I love it. Hate to predict, but better ideas for four more seasons on Blu-ray: Green for Season Four, Blue for Season Five, Indigo for Season Six, and Violet for Season Seven.

  • hypnotoad72

    Good layout, as always. Nice to see they’re keeping the same color scheme used for the DVDs…

    Not fond of the faux reflection off of Picard’s head – the same annoying effect they use for handheld tablet and smartphone adverts. Picard looks like his head is going to split into two…

  • archer923

    So chrusher gets on the cover, for her return. But Pulaski isn’t on season 2. Seems unfair.

    • Ashley Williams

      in all fairness, she was never in the credits. she was only a “special guest star”.

      • archer923

        Guinin isn’t either. She doesn’t deserve the cover art then? Tasha was skipped for Season 1. Which sucked.

        • George

          There are about 6-7 recurrent main characters in the show. I guess the covers will be covered by the main characters, not the others (7 seasons = 7 characters). And i never liked Tasha, i was so happy when she died.. and i think they knew that she needed to be out. It was her or worf, and honestly Worf has a lot more to do than Tasha (even if its only because hes klingon).

          • Thorny

            I think Tasha could have grown into a good character, but she was badly underused in Season 1, and I don’t blame Ms. Crosby for leaving at all. I’m more than a little surprised Marina Sirtis wasn’t fired early on, especially going back and rewatching early Season 1 episodes, where she was really terrible. She grew into the role nicely, and I think the same would have been true of Crosby/Tasha..

        • Ashley Williams

          I’m not sure to expect Nog to appear on the blu-ray covers for DS9, and he had a LOT more scenes than Guinan. Once again who’s names are actually in the main credits?

  • Ashley Williams

    I think they should have continued with the uniform colors before going off like this. I also seem to recall there are actually 2 different blues used for science and medical. Even if true, that would only be 4 colors and what would you do with the other seasons?

  • Sky

    I love what will be insight 🙂 I don’t like the color very much and I don’t know if they thought it to the end cause there are not very much more variations of people left you can put below picard for the coming seasons! In fact all of the most important people where on the covers til season 3! What’s next? It don’t makes really sense to put Obrian or someone on it..! I thought about this until season one!

    • Sky

      I mean SINCE season 1 of course.

    • Neill Stringer

      I thought they might be putting the characters again in a diff combo or something. We would probably get a shot of Riker with the beard

  • Do we know the release date for this yet?!

    • Chris Jay

      I don’t know.

    • trekcore

      April 2013

  • colonel B Tirrell

    how long has star trek the next generation has coming on television and when do we know when it stops coming on

  • Quinn

    Look what just showed up!


  • Stephen

    I have to say I think the bluray packaging is appalling. The front is just dull with difficult-to-see imagery, a weird cheesy 3D effect to the insignia, the stock images of the cast’s gawping faces, and what are those curvy silver bits at the side supposed to be?

    it gets even worse round the back, too busy with 1995 desktop publishing fonts-galore, and what on earth is the purpose of a before-and-after shot (see below), are we supposed to see the difference on a 1 inch by 1 inch print?

    How about the contents on the back so we don’t have to open the box to see the episode guide, or even worse, pull the sleeve out on the six-disk version where it is completely obscured by disc 1.

    My score: D-

  • Laughingman

    Seeings as this is the season with Yesterdays Enterprise, I think it is a grievous error for them not to have Natasha Yar on the cover art. I can see Picard, and sure Crusher because she comes back this Season, but what’s Gordie doing on there? 8o/