Cover Art for On Board the USS Enterprise

Nearly twenty years ago, fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation were transported aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise through the Star Trek: TNG Interactive Technical Manual. Now, in the upcoming On Board the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, authors Denise and Michael Okuda return readers to the flagship of the Federation in a new book and multimedia package sure to bring back fond memories of the 24th Century!

The book/CD-ROM package is released by Barrons Educational Books in North America and Carlton Books in Europe and promises to lead readers on an in-depth tour of the Enterprise-D, from the Bridge to Main Engineering to Captain Picard’s quarters.

Accompanying the wealth of ship information are detailed diagrams of the interior and exterior of the Galaxy-class starship, with glossy pull-out diagrams and dozens of full-color photos.

The package also includes an interactive CD-ROM to lead fans on digital tours of many of the most well-known areas of the Enterprise – these virtual tours will allow fans to experience the next best thing to really being on board the famous starship! 

Tobias Richter – who has contributed digital renders to Trek projects like the annual “Ships of the Line” calendar – has helped design several, all-new 3D renders of many of the Enterprise-D’s famous shipboard locations, like the Bridge, Sickbay, Main Engineering, the Transporter Room, and many more!


onboardent_2These images from the publishers show a previous draft. The text in the final version is fully legible!

Mike and Denise Okuda have written and co-written several outstanding Trek reference guides over the years, which served as the most authoritative and in-depth guides to the 23rd and 24th Centuries before massive online reference sites like Memory Alpha were available to the general public. Many of you probably have one or more of their works on your bookshelves today, and can remember the hours spent pouring through their pages.


TrekCore will be bringing you a range of coverage on this release, including some previews into the book and CD-ROM as well as a full review. On Board the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D is scheduled to hit shelves on March 14, 2013.

  • On Page 14, it’s very hard to read black on black in the left edge. Never the less, this is going to be one of the golden books for TNG lovers. 🙂

    • trekcore

      These images were supplied by the publishers – but they are obviously an old draft. I have the final copy here and the text has been changed and is fully legible!

  • Picard452

    Looks pretty awesome. However, not too sure about black text over a black panel (ie. the “ready” in “ready room”).

  • Chris2027

    Using Tobias’ CG model, coincidentally the same CG model used in some instances in the remastering of TNG. 🙂

  • Frank169

    Is the original designer and expert of the Enterprise-D, Mr. Andrew Probert, involved in this project? Did anybody even bother to ask him? If the answer were “No”, I’ll think I pass.

    • trekcore

      No… Andy is mentioned in the introduction, of course, but he wasn’t involved in the book.

    • To be fair, Andy Probert hasn’t been involved with any Trek things in a very, very long time. I think it was just pure luck that they got him to do an interview for the TNG S1 Blu-rays.

      • Frank169

        Andrew Probert had been heavily involved with the layout and design of the Enterprise-D – which this book is about. Besides I’m not aware of anyone else than him who has done a major contribution to the Enterprise-D in recent years: Andrew Probert made a painting of the the bay with the Captain’s Yacht arriving, a location we had never seen in TNG – and we will probably not see in this book either?

        • Oh, you know, that’s true; I forgot about that painting.

      • Bart

        When the Star Trek online game was introduced Andrew Probert made lots of designs for previously unseen areas of the galaxy class, such as the computer core, the aquatics lab, large sickbay, stellar cartography, crew quarters, etc. You can find the drawings here:

        Would be great if they were to be included in this book/CD-ROM. Wonder why they have never been used in the game…

    • Andy Probert is a legend. I’m dissapointed that he was not involved 🙁

  • daehl

    Looks okay so far, but I’d like to know what’s included on the CD-ROM, are the “digital tours” of the Enterprise just going to be the old Quicktime VR movies taken on the original sets and originally published in the “Star Trek Interactive Technical Manual” CD software? Or are these newly created 3D walkthrus? Hope it doesn’t end up being as totally worthless as the Haynes’ U.S.S. Enterprise owners manual…

    • trekcore

      No, they are not from the old Interactive Technical Manual. They are all newly created and high-resolution. There are numerous different “vantage points” for full 360 degree navigation in each location. We’ll have more soon.

      • Sure would be nice if somebody at Simon & Schuster DID have those old QTVR movies, though!

      • daehl

        Any idea was to what the system requirements will be for the content on the CD-ROM? Will it be HTML based and platform independent, or will it be a Windows and/or Mac application?
        The old QTVR videos were pretty cool at the time, and they still play on the current version of QuickTime player (provided you were able to find the original files on the Technical Manual CD and extract them…)

        • trekcore

          Yes, it’s HTML based – just loads up in your browser. They do list system requirements, but it shouldn’t be an issue – I’ll post them later so you can see.

  • archer9234

    Buying this. I hope it shows locations that aren’t usually visited. I’d really love to see the deflector control room, Photon launcher bays, and the impulse engines. Even the separation decks. What does decks 7-9 do when they split apart.

  • Bart

    Now we know why Season 2 was so badly remastered, Mike and Denise Okuda were working on this book, so no time to supervise the remastering project 😉 Great book for any fan of the USS Enterprise D!

  • Douglas

    I’m just curious looking at the images of the actual actors used in this book and other behind the scene books, are the actors paid anything for the use of their image? I know the original cast had problems years ago not being paid for the use of their actual appearance in merchandise. TNG, DS9, VOYAGER & ENTERPRISE are all now years past their actual production. Do these actors, both living and the estates of the deceased, get residuals for merchandise? I especially wonder about guest stars such as Joanna Cassidy and the like.

    • archer9234

      It depends on each of their contracts.

  • Frequent Guest

    It sure would be great if The Okudas woukd finally make a new Star Trek Encyclopedia that includes Enterprise and TAS and ignores XI and its sequel(s). And finally include an official viewing order like this one:

  • Sherlock Holmes

    I been hoping that Mike and Denise would make a 4th and final upgrade to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, while the prime universe is at a standstill. Get Nemesis, final season of voyager, and 4 seasons of enterprise down. And intergrate the 128 pages from the third edition(well 3rd edition B, it first only had 96 pages of new stuff) into the existing articles from the second edition. yeah yeah , i know we got memory alpha and all that stuff, but theres nothing like having an encyclopedia sitting on your desk to reference. In any case, the Okudas are my heroes!!!

    • Frequent Guest

      Agreed 100%. It would also be great if they included some of the illustrations/diagrams from Ex Astris Scientia and an official viewing order of all of the TV series and movies, similar to this one:

    • just use memory-alpha. Its wiki based so its usually up to date and pretty accurate. I use it all the time and love it.

    • AdmNaismith

      I’d like that, too. I sent an e-mail to Pocket Books a short time after Enterprise ended and all I got back was a terse ‘No, we won’t be doing that’. Don’t know why they wouldn’t, since the 3rd ed is still in print and an integrated update would sell like hotcakes.

      It feels like CBS Consumer is more interested in these light-weight fan-type products instead of in-universe-type stuff.

      Memory Alpha is great, but the Encyclopedia to hold in your hands is peerless.

  • Guest

    After all these years why haven’t The Okudas ever released an official viewing order of all Star Trek episodes and movies?

    • Why would they need to?

  • MTabek

    I just got an email from amazon that said to expect this title to arrive by Feb 21-23rd. Looks like it got moved up?

    • trekcore

      Yes, I think copies are shipping early!

  • Matt_Cardiff_UK

    I’m getting this – I own lots of the Okudu’s books so naturally this will go in the collection. I am worried though – does this new book going to the intricate detail like the amazing Technical Manual does? In terms of content and 3D animations on the CD? Not like it’s going to enhance my life or expand my usefulness to society – just want obsessive attention to detail – because the detail exists to be shown. Like seasons 1 and 3…….ahem…

  • Bart

    IT was only 11 pounds on I’m a bit worried about the low price… Will it look cheap? Let’s hope it continues in the style and quality of all the amazing coffee table books as released by Simon&Schuster.

    • trekcore

      I’m not sure I would call it a coffee table book, Bart – it’s different from the Okudas books we’ve seen in the past. Review coming soon.

  • ThunderBlade

    I loved the old Manual CD-ROM. I still have it in my glass cabinet along with the various DVDs. Looking forward to this new one very much.